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Featuring Mitzo, TungLok Seafood (Orchard Central), Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant, Ladyboy - Mookata/Steamboat Cheese, Kushi Japanese Dining Bar, Old House
Amy Yuan
Amy Yuan
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Prepare your belly for this all-you-can-eat dim sum brunch of fine dining quality. Mitzo is not an average yum cha place. They beautify dim sum with an artisanal flair and serve contemporary Cantonese cuisine. We enjoyed so many delectable dishes and regretted for not visiting sooner.

One of the highlights is definitely Mitzo's signature char siew which made so many of us falling in love with that caramelized bbq exterior and tender meat layered with devilishly delicious fat. Feast on the usual dim sum suspects, wok dishes, soup and desserts. Let me remind you, it is free flow. 😄 And don't miss out on indulging in delicacies like lobsters, abalone, and bamboo clams too (even though these can be ordered once only). #BurppleBestBuffet

This noodle dish has a slightly starchy soup made from seafood and clams. Cooked with the soft ramen-like noodles are skinny strips of pork belly, vegetables, prawns and clams. Available in $6, $9 and $12 portions, this is comfort food done well.

An EXTREMELY sinful indulgence with free flow lamb racks, crayfishes, prawns, pork belly, bacons etc etc!
Not to mention the drinks which also include Thai iced tea, coke and others as well!
Extremely helpful staff and there is also basket to put your bags and a transparent plastic to mask over it to prevent the smell of the BBQ also!
Really loved how big the portion is, extremely the lamb racks! It's sooooo good! Definitely worth a try over if your a cheese lover, oh ~ the sinfulness!
Finally a good meal after weeks of assignments and projects, exam up next!

our must-go every week! a jap buffet we totally swear by...

Hokkaido Sushi Restaurant Buffet
Lunch: $38++ Dinner: $43++

Thought that this was super worth it and their sashimi is air flown from Tsukiji Market twice a week SAY WHATTT 😛 Limited 1 scallop and prawn sashimi per person but they were SUPER sweet and fresh 😍 The menu has a wide variety of food as well and there's aburi sushi too 😉
📍M hotel, 9th floor [Tanjong Pagar]

Part of the spread of the Japanese & Chinese buffet. Come with an empty stomach 😋😃😄😅 Load on these omega-rich 🐟🐟 and get your money's worth 😌 You can order however many portions you want till you have a baby belly (like I did 😬😁), but do not waste the food 🐷🐽 $28.80 per 👤 excl. service charges & gst on weekends! Weekdays $2 less and kids $10 less respectively.