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Cheap N' Good

Featuring Puchong Yong Tau Fu (Batu 14), Pu Yuan Restaurant (檏苑小食馆), Makirito, Restoran Kwai Sun 桂生餐館, Kedai Kopi Tai Choong, Restoran Fu Jee Ulu Yam Loh Mee (Kota Damansara), Simple Chicken Rice and Noodle Cafe, Restoran Good Tea (好茶茶餐室), Nasi Ayam Hainan Chee Meng (Bukit Bintang), Uppercase (Metro Hotel)
Erica Jioe
Erica Jioe

Another awesome pan mee place! Savour with their kick ass chili sauce that will make you burst in tear of joy 😂 RM8 for a bowl of hand teared pan mee, you definitely want to put this in your cheap eat list! :)

Go 2 Pan Mee by Madam Lee: No. 125, Jalan SS2/6 47300 Petaling Jaya


Much satisfying, delicious claypot chicken rice! As you can see from the picture, the serving is huge… Nothing fancy about the kopitiam itself, little did I know too they serve one of the good tasting claypot chicken rice in town.

The claypot chicken rice in here is packed with flavors and the rice is deliciously cooked together with its generous servings of sweet soy sauce, tender chicken chunks, Chinese sausage and chopped spring onion made my tummy feel happy and satisfied. Try to have this with chopped garlic and soy sauce for en extra kick. The people at this claypot chicken rice stall are actually Indonesian which are very well versed in Cantonese language! Try to order their fried chicken wings and soups too by the way, I heard that they serve good chicken wings too :)
If you are looking for claypot chicken rice, try to visit this place and you won’t be disappointed ;)

Payment: cash only
Parking: Tough
Air-conditioned: No
Children friendly: Yes


This chicken rice restaurant started off as a humble chicken rice and porridge stall in Old Klang Road, now Chee Meng Chicken Rice has multiple branches in Klang Valley. I came here for quick Saturday lunch before running some errands in the area. When chicken rice shops are typically visited by Chinese patrons, to my surprise this chicken rice restaurant is certified halal and I saw Chinese, Indian and Malay patrons gather in here to enjoy good chicken rice in one roof (1 Malaysia much! :D).

I ordered their steamed chicken rice (RM11) for the day. The steamed chicken has smooth texture and tasty inside out! Dip those chicken in their kick ass ginger dip and chili sauce. It was soo good I can tell you that! I always been eating chicken rice at Kar Heong SS14 and thought that it was the best chicken rice in Klang Valley, but after today’s visit to Chee Meng, it proves to me that I’m wrong…

They also serves other local delights such as sambal prawns, kangkung belacan, stir fried kailan with oyster sauce, etc to accompany your lip smacking plate of chicken rice :)

Will definitely come back (perhaps to the nearer branch) for their chicken rice!

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We visited Kedai Kopi Tai Choong over the weekend and ordered the fish head noodle. Kedai Kopi Tai Choong is located at Old Klang Road, nothing fancy about the kopitiam itself but definitely the fish head noodle is worth the try (the fish head noodle is originated from Cheras btw)!

They serves generous portion of fish head noodle in here, we decided to order one bowl for sharing so we ordered the large bowl instead. The noodle is soft and slightly chewy (not like normal rice vermicelli noodle), the broth is super yumss! Milky and flavourful from the fish bones, how i wish they could give more soup for us! They gave us half a lime to squeeze into our noodle, just in case we prefer a little kick of zesty flavour in your noodle. But oh well, fish head noodle is always a hassle to eat because the fish has so many bones, i would prefer to get fish paste next time.

Their fish head noodle is good tbh, but due to the stuffy coffeeshop (it’s hot and stuffy in there, not the most comfortable dining experience you can get :/), I would still prefer to go back to Cheras Woo Pin next time… or XO Fish Head Noodle at Guan Wah (next to Atria mall) :3


Located hidden inside one of the alley in Old Klang Road (the road leading to SJK(C) Choong Wen and it’s just before the post office), Pu Yuan Restaurant is like a “speakeasy” version of traditional Hokkien restaurant spot. Finding this place is kinda tricky, because the place is quite secluded and the restaurant’s door is shut all the time, restaurant signboard is just merely a simple one too..

When we arrived at the doorstep, I was like ” This is a restaurant? For real??“. The crowd inside are regular Chinese people, it was not too crowded during our visit.

We ordered their famous Chao Shu Fen (of course) and Fried Tang Hoon. Their Chao Shu Fen looks almost similar to fried kuey tiao, it is fried with bean sprouts, cabbage, pork slices, and crispy lards. The taste is definitely not like fried kuey tiao taste, it was tender and chewy with the “burnt wok” taste =D
My favourite is still their Fried Tang Hoon, which is basically fried glass vermicelli noodles loaded with prawn, pork slices and chinese cabbage. The noodle is soft but quite chewy too compared to normal rice vermicelli, it was rich in flavour in overall.

Despite of their shabby looking restaurant, this place serves very delicious and definitely authentic Hokkien dish in town! Would definitely come back for their other interesting dishes like Oatmeal Popcorn Chicken and Honey Pork dish!

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Good cafe to chill out in the midst of busy Puchong road. Located at the 2nd floor, this peaceful cafe often goes unnoticed. The cafe is rather quiet during dinner time, but the whole cafe is decorated cosy-ly, more of the homey feeling with all the sofas and free board and card games that you can play with your bunch of friends while waiting for the food.

I wasn’t too hungry and felt like having something light for the dinner. I ordered a plate of their “No Name Noodle” (RM 10). It is basically a huge serving of bamboo noodle (looks like meehoon, but it tastes like wanton mee noodle), with lots of Chinese sausage bits, fish roe, lightly drenched in special chef sauce and topped with crushed tofu skin. To me this is a very interesting dish, I’ve never tasted such dish before! I ended up finishing the whole plate of their huge bamboo noodle serving!

For the drink, I ordered their Peanut Butter Milkshake (RM13). It was really good too! If you visited Inside Scoop , this milkshake basically tastes very similar to Inside Scoop Peanut Butter ice cream, no kidding!!

Overall: Price is super decent for a cafe food, servings are quite huge too.. Worth to come back!
Payment: Cash and credit card accepted
Smoking: No
Children friendly: Yes
Air-conditioning: Yes
Parking: Quite tough to find a decent one…


Check out this newly opened sushi burito place in town! They serves healthy and filling (but not too heavy) meals on the go!

Located at the APW Bangsar, this humble, minimalist place serves a really good sushi rolls with a twist! The founder named it Makirito because it is basically the combination between maki (sushi) + rito (burrito), that’s a clever one!

We ordered Signature Salmon (RM 16) and Spi-Seafood rolls (RM15). Both are reallyyy nice, feels healthy, however Spi-Seafood is still my favorite though XD Spi-Seafood roll is loaded with mixed seafood (salmon + jellyfish), pineapple, chili flakes, crab salad, masago (fish roe) and drizzled with generous amount of flaming mayo sauce. The combination is just nice and I would say this one is the bomb! A must try roll in here, yea! The Signature Salmon roll is stuffed with salmon chunks, masago, chuka wakame (seaweed) and shoyu mayo sauce. This one taste lighter than Spi-Salmon but I still prefer the one with a little kick of spiciness 😜 If you’re ordering Spi-Seafood, it can be a little messy towards the end, i’ve warned you (but it’s worth it)!

I think this is a perfect place if you feels like having a quick solo lunch or if you’re on the rush and need something to grab & go. Definitely will come back again for their Spi-Seafood! ❤️

P.S: Parking could be a little problematic here, just pray hard that you are lucky to get a decent parking…


Simple yet satisfying lunch :) Located at the rooftop level of Metro Hotel in KL Sentral, this simple outdoor cafe could be your next chill out spot. The menu itself is nothing to shout about, they serves ala cart meal and lunch set for only RM10.90 (food + drink) from Monday to Sunday until 3 pm.

We decided to order their salted fish fried rice set meal that came with one piece of fried chicken and ice lemon tea, and the fettuccine carbonara set meal (RM10.90 each). Fried rice was good, they cook it in very Chinese style, except that the fried chicken was too dry to my liking. Fettuccine carbonara is nothing to shout about, but i can tell you that it's not a plate of carbonara that will make you feel "jelak", the sauce that they use tasted more of like mushroom soup rather than the creamy carbonara sauce too me, maybe that's why it's not so "jelak-ing" 😂

We had a long chat after our meal because the place is just less crowded and cosy :) if you're working somewhere in KL Sentral and always have to compete for seat during lunch time in NU Sentral, go check this place out! Could be your next hideout spot for lunch!


Usually Lian Heng Pan Mee is always my go to spot whenever I’m craving for a bowl of comforting pan mee. Unfortunately, I was craving for it yesterday and Lian Heng Pan Mee was closed for public holiday :disappointed: After minutes of some Googling work, I found this humble pan mee restaurant in Aman Suria, so I head there right away…

Cha Cha Original Pan Mee is a family run restaurant that serves really good panmee that get very much underrated I would say! I ordered their Original Pan Mee (RM9/big bowl plus egg), they offer 3 different noodle types: pinch, flat and thin noodle. I am very particular with the noodle type and I would say a proper bowl of pan mee should be served with pinched noodle. The noodle is silky smooth with perfect texture and consistency, slippery but not too soft nor too hard like uncooked dough. The soup is really the bomb, to be honest I can’t really tell the goodness difference between theirs and Lian Heng’s one, okay they might have different soup taste but both taste super good! They serve the pan mee with other condiments such as toufu skin and pork balls, I just can’t.. I gulped down the whole bowl of satisfying pan mee and I’m totally sold off!!

Overall: I will definitely come back here! Well, it’s kinda far from my place, but it’s worth it! :smile:
Smoking: No
Child friendly: Yes
Parking: Relatively easy
Air-conditioning: Yes
Halal: No


I was craving for a good Sarawak kolomee today. Then I remembered I passed by this restaurant before on the way to One City, hence I decided to give it a try 😆

I ordered their prawn kolomee and it lived up to my expectation, ain't disappointing at all! The noodle is with perfect consistency and not too dry (by the way they served a bowl of chicken soup separately). Please.. order their Chai Kuey too! It's super good beyond imagination (although it's abit oily, but nah! I'll definitely come back for the Chai Kuey again!). Dip those babies (4pcs per serving) in their special chili sauce, it's darn good I warned ya! (I even end up eating my kolomee with the Chai Kuey chili sauce 😂, the chili sauce is the bomb 💣)

Get their house specialty pineapple sour plum too! It tastes refreshingly different from any other sour plum drink you ever had. Inside they includes chunks of pineapple too! Good for digestion, yummms 👅

P.S. They also serves tong sui of the day (weekend only). Pay attention to the board near the cashier, they serves menu of the day that changes daily too :)

Airconditioning: yes
Children friendly: yes
Price: very much affordable
Parking: need some effort to find one
Smoking: no

Spot this vegetarian chapfan stall deep inside the Kwai Sun Restaurant in SS15. The vegetarian chapfan stall serves about 20 variety of vegetarian dishes you can choose from, just point out which one you are craving for and the friendly auntie will scoop for you :)

They also serve fried mee hoon and noodle besides rice. I chose to have rice today and decided to pick vegetarian charsiew, steam potatoes, fu chuk and hard boiled egg (RM8) as my lunch companion. I also ask the auntie to "flood" my rice with curry. But to my disappointment the curry (and the dishes I chose) wasn't hot at all 😞 In general the chapfan is nothing to shout about but it is good for you that just want to have a quick lunch in SS15. Price wise it's kinda pricey for a vegetarian chapfan in my opinion 😅 Mind you that parking is never easy in SS15...


Before this I was always have this skeptical thinking with Loh Mee, thick vinegarish tasting noodle. It's not the best meal that I would go for if I were to have other choices. But after today, my perception of Loh Mee has changed.

We visited Hock Kee Ulu Yam Loh Mee Restaurant and ordered their Loh Mee (duh? lol RM6.9) and their Homemade Mee Soup (RM6.9). Our dishes came pretty fast in a pretty big portion for one person and I couldn't wait to dig in right away. The Loh Mee gravy wasn't very thick it's rather a bit liquid, nor too vinegarish taste (I don't fancy thick vinegar taste in my meal) which is perfect in my opinion. Scoop on their homemade chili paste inside their small containers and trust me, it'll become the most mind blowing Loh Mee experience you'll ever had!

The Homemade Mee Soup was made using the Loh Mee thick noodle too, rather than using the thick gravy, they use soupy, pepperish tasting pork broth served with handful of veggies and egg inside. It'll make a real perfect "sick day" meal I would say :)

For the drink you might want to give their roselle tea (RM3) a try. Roselle tea tastes a bit sourish and packed with lots of antioxidant. They serves it both warm or cold, with sea bird nest bits that they say is rich in natural collagen 😁

Tip: Cash only, children friendly, non-air-conditioned, finding parking was relatively easy.


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