A not-so-expansive list of all there is to eat in the small island with big eats!

This was surprisingly delicious! Beef is tender and flavourful and rest of the toppings were quality stuff (oh those sweeeeet, juicy cherry tomatoes).

We opted to switch to a salad base for an additional $2, but can imagine the nice and rich beef juices would’ve done better if there were a bed of rice to soak it up. Also got this with Burpple Beyond; killer deal!

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This unassuming eatery within Macpherson CC serves up really simple, hearty food. Great for something after a ballgame or when visiting in the neighbourhood.

The pasta is done decently well, with ample slivers of savoury bacon and mushrooms. Seasoning is commendable, though it gets a tad oily towards the end. Used Burpple Beyond for 1-for-1 mains, which means we scored this for less than $8!


Favourite dish at this new joint has to be their mainstay roast chicken, which comes to your table hot off the spit. Nicely browned skin, tender flesh and lots of flavour going on. I really enjoyed this with the sweet, smoky barbecue sauce (the habanero has a touch of heat, goes better with the lamb!)

Also meeting the mark is the ChicoSlaw! A fresh, spicy and loaded slaw consisting of cabbage, mango, green papaya and macadamia.

This spanking new joint by the Super Loco group exudes nice vibes for dinner with friends, especially if you like chicken. From the Sandwiches section of the menu, this massive burger rocks a delicious, spicy dressing with slaw and jalapeno. Some parts of the burger (that doesn’t benefit from the sauce) tend to be a bit dry, but it’s overall a good one.

Kovan’s Soon Soon porridge uncle is now running the show at this White House in Boon Keng. The variety of dishes to go with rice or porridge is great, from braised duck to steamed fish.

Skip the latter that didn’t really impress (slightly bland and overcooked) and go for the cheaper and flavour-packed black bean fish instead. Cabbage was especially yummy, while pork belly and fish cake were not too shabby.


Fizzy and mildly sweet, with a zing from the pineapple enzyme. A refreshing drink for when you’re stuffed but still want something to sip on! Helps that it’s got good-for-your-tummy digestive properties too.

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Supplied by the good guys at Carpenter & Cook, this baby sees some seriously good lamination. Love that the flavours are savoury and nutty, though I wish they would’ve given this a toast before serving.

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A tad pricey at $8, Glyph’s Ethiopian filter coffee is a funky and rather interesting cuppa. The floral fragrance hits you first, then the crisp but slightly ferment-y flavour. A good one to try!


Roasted chicken, corn, black beans, salsa and tortilla chips — their take on a Mexican-inspired wrap. Tasty and tangy, although I suspect it would’ve been more enjoyable as a bowl instead.

Yep, you can get most of the dishes here either as wraps or bowls.


What seems to be the top dish to order at Keong Saik’s Loloku, this sees a delicious combi of marinated salmon, kimchi, avo, tobiko and jalapenos on red rice. There’s a good amount of avo and sesame tahini dressing, which gives it a nice and creamy touch.

And while the chillies and kimchi sound like quite a handful, the similarly spicy, zesty toppings hit it off together to add a good kick!


This beautiful spot of an African-inspired cafe is a quaint new addition to Jiak Chuan road! Fancy yet down-to-earth woody decor aside, the drinks are worth paying a visit for. And if you’re here for just drinks, sit upstairs at the lounge where plush leather couches await.

Pink peppercorn and peanut butter doesn’t sound like a pair, but it works when rimmed on this cup of hot mocha. The result is interesting; shocking at first, but definitely grows on you.

Cheerful guys doling out all things duck at this Geylang coffeeshop. Pretty awesome braised duck — every piece was tender and bathed in that rockin’ sweet and hearty dark gravy. Innards like intestines and liver were also done well, sans the unpleasant offal taste. Love that it comes packed with eggs, beansprouts, peanuts, fish cakes and the oh so flavourful tofu.

Extra points for that punchy sambal and lime chilli mixture!



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