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Gave our palette a treat this afternoon. The verdict: a happy customer! :) Good food, good ambience.
Clockwise: Goo Cuon Tom(Fresh summer roll with prawns), Banh Knot (Mini pancakes), and of course, Pho No (Vietnamese Beef Noodles).
Especially liked the Banh Knot - something new to us given that we've never tried this dish in other Vietnamese restaurants previously; little chunks of minced pork and green beans, fried together with the pan cake batter - to be eaten with fresh lettuce and mint leaves, not forgetting its dipping sauce to go with - a sweet sour sauce mix of garlic and carrots.
Best of all? Very reasonable price! Happy pallets and happy pocket!
P/s: can't find the location from the geolocation...so, as the picture tells, its VN Banh Mi Cafe (Puchong Jaya) - they've moved from Bandar Puteri to puchong Jaya now.

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Came across a newly opened Vietnamese restaurant in Bandar Puteri Puchong one day - and in short, we'll be back for more!
Welcomed by the friendly and humble owner of this restaurant, we decided to try something a little different. Rather than going for beef noodles (pho), we decided on chicken instead. Not knowing what to expect, our taste buds were in for a delightful surprise! Its broth was flavorful and the white radish add extra oomph. Generous amounts of chicken meat, mint leaves, basil and silky rice noodles tantalizes your taste buds, definitely leaving us wanting more. RM7 for the precious bowl of noodles.
Next, we also tried the famous Vietnamese rolls. We were pleasantly surprised with its portion. Some say the mint leaves were over generous for these pretty rolls, but I for one am a fan of herbs, so no problemo even with lotsa mint! :) love the dipping sauce to go with these rolls. It comes with peanuts for an extra crunch and texture. RM6 only, can your believe it?!
Very decent portion and price, I would say the only area for improvement is, well..the language barrier. Having only to be able to converse is very very basic English, it can potentially be a set back for the owner to recommended more delicious items in the menu. But that's fine, the politeness and humble ways of the owner and staff here says it all, and that extra TLC that goes in each dish certainly goes a long way :)

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