Featuring Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory (Raffles City), Châteraisé (Junction 8), Châteraisé (ION Orchard), Selegie Soya Bean (Kovan), McDonald's (White Sands), Hiap Huat Cake Shop, Chocolate Origin (Jurong Point), 1KS, Châteraisé (CityLink Mall), Home's Favourite
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu

Take note burpple beyond can only be used on the premium flavours. Yes it's the more expensive ones so it's more worth it but it also means your options are cut in half

Unfortunately this didn't fair as well. I mean it's still not too bad, but it's weird in that it's chocolate with honey, there's no honeycomb at all. The texture is also slightly worse than the grilled scamorza, but that's holding it to too high a standard.

Get something else, this doesn't taste like anything you're familiar with. There's a taste but at the same time it's not anything in particular

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Their cones have a good texture, it's thin and crispy.

Grilled scamorza is absolutely stunning. Their gelato has a nice sticky almost marshmallowy kind of texture. The grilled scamorza(an Italian cheese) comes through very strongly and is extremely legit. I asked them how they sourced such a great cheese and what a surprise, they make it in house! Talented crew

Must try, even tho it's abit ulu. The biggest gem here after classic cakes, if you love cheese

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This was surprisingly not bad. In particular the hazelnut flavour is very prominent

Their cupcakes are ridiculously decadent as usual. One might be too much for 1 pax but it's delicious. Both choc and coconut not too strong, mainly you taste the buttery cupcake

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It's alright for their standard, the banana bring fruitiness surprisingly, I didn't really figure out what it is. The banana and choc don't combine particularly well but that didn't really impact the overall taste

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Honestly not sure which branch this is from, but they probably have a central kitchen anyway right

This was delicious. There's enough zest, the curd had a strong creamy/buttery aftertaste, and it was sufficiently dense and smooth. The glaze works really well, you can discern that it's a separate layer. I don't like the crust tho, it does it's job and doesn't crumble but somehow i felt it doesn't add too much

Solid stuff from tiong Bahru bakery

Honey pecan can't taste the honey, pecans were neither crunchy nor aromatic(their nuts are not good, macadamia wasn't top quality either)

Yuzu choc is not too bad, the aroma of the yuzu combines w the brownie to give a strong freshness, without the usual dominant yuzu fruitiness. Quite unique(not sure how they did it) and her fav of the lot

It's their chendol with yam puree. U know it's gonna be good

Chendol was solid as ever, with the most impressive element still being the kaya-ish chendol that's rlly fragrant. Ofc coconut cream and the rest were good too but the red bean was not as impressive as the rest.

However it's worth thinking if you want to top up 2.3nett just for yam puree. I like yam but for most ppl idt it's worth if the portion with or without the yam is the same(as it seems to be based on the receipt)

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Dried raspberry was quite alright but the white chocolate is way too sweet

For 85g, really tiny.

When I first had it I tot it's really really good, now that I've eaten more I'm less easily impressed. This is still delicious though, the centre has a texture that requires some chew which leads to the fruitiness and the chocolatey-ness lingering in your mouth, good quality ingredients too. A delicious if pricey snack

From Le dessert diary

Well executed, the lemon aroma was pronounced but it wasn't too sour

Finally got to try since they don't sell single slices

It's really good, I'm surprised the blueberry filling tasted so full and the lavender comes through nicely, just at the edge of coming across as too floral. The base was good too, suitable hardness and not too messy to eat.

I can't rmb how good windowsill's pies were but lately their multilayered base is not up my alley at all(did they always have such a bad base?) I firmly believe Elijah is much more superior currently

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Would travel for food

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