Featuring Flor Patisserie (Duxton Hill), Peranakan Khek, Johan Paris (Westgate), Kohi-Koji (Emporium Shokuhin), Chocolate Origin (Jurong Point), Emicakes (Bukit Batok Central), The 1872 Clipper Tea Co. (Raffles City), Nunsongyee (Upper Thomson), Châteraisé (ION Orchard), Châteraisé (CityLink Mall)
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu

There's really nothing to say about their execution. It's almost boring how the ice creams are always gonna be perfect basically. Lol

Anyway for a less crazy flavour compared to the others we got, this one was v enjoyable too as the black tea was clearly distinct from the usual flavours like earl Grey. Safe and damn good

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Wth this was so good. The smokiness and the honey combined so well, as well as this complex yet familiar aroma(idk what sort of hay it is). MUST TRY

This place's overwhelming strength lies in making innovative, almost outrageous flavours work, beyond some's imagimation almost. The olive Oil taste is strong, yet not misplaced at all. The aroma, without any saltiness, is alr better than i can imagine, yet somehow i had a feeling they might still be able to refine it lol. Must try if youre an adventure seeker, before the menu changes again

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1 For 1 on 1st jan, which is their anniversary. Super lucky as i didnt know about it at all, and it's my first visit here after wanting to come here for so long.

Comes with Blueberry swirls, the Cheese was damn good as it's really just right, not too savoury but with a distinct flavour. Loved it

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This is why we're here and they absolutely nailed it. I think it's my number one in a different sort of way from Amoy street chendol. So bloody good

The coconut cream is home churned apparently and it's so rich. Absolutely incredible with their gula melaka that they sourced. And their chendol itself had a strong pandan flavour as it's made in house. The pandan flavour, creaminess and sweetness of the chendol is almost remniscent of the Kaya layer in many kuehs, instead of the usual tasteless limp artificial chendol u get elsewhere.

Lets just say if they werent in fortune centre they would be an institution. Must try!

P. S. My friend adorably asked why a cantonese dessert place sells chendol and i told him dont question if it's this good. But the nice chef said they're a small place without much human traffic so really need to diversify lol

It's smooth but it doesnt taste like a dessert. It's like chawanmushi with sugar. Not really my thing, and it's served really hot. My friend burned his mouth on the first bite lol(always let your dining partner try the hot stuff first hahaha)

The chocolate wasnt oozing but it was soft enough to Melt as you chew on it. The matcha comes thru slightly at the end of each pieces. Another winner by johan paris

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Very fragrant and the melon taste was super strong. Pretty good

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Rather milky, but can get overpowered by the melon if u chose to taste that first

Citymapper doesnt show the correct one if u search so be careful. Btw you can get Double portion of a certain topping

Gula melaka and coconut milk were decent but the chendol and grass jelly were v fragrant.

Ice is packed tightly according to how long you will take before you're gonna eat it so thats q cool

Durian was q Plain and not sweet, but as always it goes super well with chendol so go for it

Please freeze as it turns into puree if not frozen

Flavour was not bad, strong and sweet enough and slightly bitter. Really liked the Charcoal skin too which had some taste, at first i tot it was black sesame lol


Mango syrup was nice and not overpowering so you get to taste the other syrups as well. Cant really taste the condensed milk for some reason but still really good overall


Would travel for food

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