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The  Food Compendium
The Food Compendium

The small amount of gula melaka inside was intense, but the chewy skin was way too thick, the balance is off

PSA no more pecan tart

This one was well executed too, quite balanced but not particularly inspired either

Their tart shells are thin and hard, like Cheryl koh's

The mango and passsionfruit flavours mix very well. Safe and good execution, as expected of keong saik

Crowd pleaser, but not particularly unique

Inexplicably delicious, the smooth viscous liquid was pronounced in its durian aroma, yet the milkiness comes through nicely and works amicably w the durian.

It's really something that's hard to describe perfectly but it is a must try, the nata de Coco cubes also produces bursts of mad fragrance when combined w the durian liquid

It's so strong it's only slightly weaker than the pure durian paste, definitely one for durian lovers

Must try

The apple was soft and well cooked, the ratio is abit off tho there's too much pastry for the amount of apple


Burpple's search algo can't find this place since it's not in English...

It's legit. The white peach taste is really strong, the only problem is that it's not defrosted properly and is still abit icy, best to wait awhile if it feels quite cold

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Popup in clementi mal

The layered pastry was really thin, supremely crunchy and had a nice bite, the custard was pleasant too

Overall quite solid, worth a try if you see it

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Closed in Westgate and reopened in jem B1

The lemon pie was super tangy, I quite liked how intense it was but ofc it's not for everyone. The raspberry? blobs were sweet and it balances the lemon very well and adds more fruitiness. Crust was decent

Overall pretty good

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Le gf wanted to try for her bday so here we are

Citrus: the citrus takes the front seat and the tea comes thru a little at the back, on paper it seems like the balance is off but I found it quite decent
Earl grey lemon? It's passable
Matcha was pretty solid
The last one had jam inside which I didn't really like, the tea taste doesn't come through either, slightly better than the earl grey lemon

The base is more of the hard side than the crumbly kind, more crumbly than Tarte by Cheryl koh's ones tho

Overall it's decent, slightly ex, but annoying that you can't buy one small one. Very ulu too

Curd was very mild and silky, strawberries were really soft, overall the sum is greater than it's parts. Very well balanced and worth a try, for someone who isn't into strawberry desserts


I wasn't particularly impressed by this, the cashew taste is very mild, it's more the chocolate feuilletine and the uneven salted caramel that is coming through.

Esp for this price

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