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Featuring Flor Patisserie (Duxton Hill), The Marmalade Pantry (Novena), Old Hen Kitchen, Peranakan Khek, Johan Paris (Westgate), Rochor Beancurd House (Upper Thomson), Kohi-Koji (Emporium Shokuhin), Emicakes (Bukit Batok Central), Nunsongyee (Upper Thomson), Chocolate Origin (Jurong Point)
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
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The durian puree was so rich and divine. Portion was really generous as well, however the durian ice cream in the middle was way too icy


Texture was on point as it was soft yet firm to a certain extent. The milk taste was rich and distinct. Really good with the cookie crumbles

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Despite the overwhelming bread to filling ratio it's surprisingly moist enough and you can taste the yam. That's probably more magical than the magical milk bread lol

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Quite liked the sponge itself which had a dense texture approaching that of brownies and there's little chocolate balls inside to switch things up a little

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Not really magical as the bread was dry and the custard filling was rather tasteless and had an unexpected mochi-esque texture to it

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The roasted aroma is absolutely intense and the pistachio taste is nothing like the ordinary again. According to chef friend it's because the pistachios themselves are of very high quality being from Sicily.

Btw yes their ice cream texture is extremely on point. Really smooth, rich, and doesn't melt easily while not being cloying in any way.

It's funny that the flavour bearing the name of the shop is the least impressive one we've tried. Honeycomb with almond sponge sounded promising but the honey flavour was too light, and at the temperature the almond sponge is served it doesn't taste like much either.

A definite upgrade from the usual chocolate chip mint, this was yet another stunning ice cream with delectable bits of chocolate ice cream. The fresh mint was also extremely fragrant and very different from the generic mint flavour

Really milky ice cream. Quite different from just an extremely creamy ice cream in the sense that everything is geared towards the milkiness, including the extremely faint saltiness which is almost imperceptible. I personally loved it for what it was and I felt the tiny bit of saltiness does its job though many people may prefer the saltiness to be more distinct

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Didn't help that this place is quite hard to find, prices were increased, they turned into some hipster vegetarian place and the baking took damn long but one bite of that flesh made everything better. Durian itself was really good, fragrant and creamy but the hot and charred exterior was incredibly stunning, esp when contrasted with the ice cream like interior. Quite worth it not only because of the novelty but simply because of the quality of the durian


So 3 pieces like this costed me 2.35. quite worth it I must say

I confess that though I'm not the biggest fan of strawberry, I actually liked this more than the blueberry one due to the more distinguishable textural contrast from the crunchy bits, the pronounced flavour of the strawberry jam as well as the increased chewiness of the mochi. Really really moreish

An above average bowl with a nice firm, slightly coarse texture, unlike those run of the mill shapeless and overly smooth ones. Sugar syrup was also just sweet enough

Would travel for food

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