Featuring PABLO (Wisma Atria), Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory (Raffles City), Fruce (Wisma Atria), Châteraisé (ION Orchard), Selegie Soya Bean (Kovan), Châteraisé (Junction 8), McDonald's (White Sands), Chocolate Origin (Jurong Point), 1KS, Châteraisé (CityLink Mall)
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu

I liked the mild sweetness of the filling, but again didn't feel like it's particularly impressive. Gf said she can do better lol

Abit underwhelmed, the peanut was finer than normal so it's kind of like a paste, the skin was thin and soft but otherwise not mind-blowing. Maybe just too high expectations. Not complaining for 1 buck though

DK what's the fancy name but it's just a pastry with very crispy top, then got abit chocolate. MSW puree was very good, only problem is D24 is 2nett per PC. And this thing is tiny. One biter is an overstatement, it's half a bite. Saw a couple having to share it haha, so cute.

Anyway so ridiculously overpriced. You can do work here though

With any purchase of dessert

How is this place not reviewed? The queue is endless and it's quite literally packed at 9pm on a weekday lol

This was pretty good, I would have loved it if I didn't order the crystal jelly already lol. The watermelon is very sweet(and doesn't taste artificial) and it's sweet till the last sip. Do add on if you're coming as a pair!

Pretty good dessert, mango pudding was solid, crystal jelly was slightly crunchy, and mangoes were fine. The only link that's slightly weaker was the mango ice cream, taste abit artificial.

The yoghurt balls were great on their own, reminiscent of JC1's legendary canteen drinks stall(still the best fruits drink stall I've ever had, feel free to challenge). Probably the same supplier and this isn't a knock by any means, this fruits drink stall is of supreme quality

HOWEVER, it doesn't mix well with the rest of the dessert and I regret adding it. Please don't customise your order, they designed the desserts to be balanced already and I paid dearly for my choice

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The decor here is minimalist and boo loved it

A perfect cup for basic b like me. Sweet and creamy enough, chocolatey, and damned satisfying. The generous portion and the reasonable price doesn't hurt either, I'm so glad burpple beyond requires you to choose a drink and equally glad I went for the ice choc against my better judgment. Get this!

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Amongst the eclairs highly acclaimed, this one was the one that stunned me. Roasted character of the pistachio was evident, but the sheer brilliance to pair it with strawberries, and the attention to detail to make it work. It's a mark of genius to bring together two things that are common yet not associated, much less pull it off effortlessly.

Surprised the stuff here are nett

Tiramisu was decent, it's not spiked tho so that's perfect for me. The stuff here are pretty similar, I think sharing 2 per couple should be enough. Getting 2 each was kind of an overkill lol, gets a bit boring after a while(it's not like any of the flavours are seasonal I believe)

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They got this discrimination against burpple beyond users where you can't reserve, but it's not packed at all so everything is fine and dandy, you can still sit if they're have free seats

This was not bad too, none of the eclairs are too pronounced, all quite well balanced. Slightly annoying to eat with a fork and spoon tho

Maps are pretty accurate, this place is located on the perimeter of the building so you can't have to enter the building

Kaya eclair was fine, quite safe and well executed. Their execution is pretty on point, worth a trip

They've been around for many years and for damned good reason. It's spectacular

The whole bowl wasn't overly sweet, the mango was super juicy and naturally sweet. The coconut was glazed w a mango sauce so that it's more prominent. Cream was decent, and the coconut ice cream was very creamy. I've of the best mango desserts I've had in recent memory. Must try!

Custard was super eggy, I loved it. The pastry was neither the flaky kind or the buttery kind, slightly dry though. Overall still pretty good

Would travel for food

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