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Kimchi ramen 🍜

For days when I have absolutely no idea what to eat ( extremely rare but could be because of the haze ... ...🥺), I would go “ shopping” at the food court at Ngee ann city because there’s a wide myriad of choices .

From red bean pancakes to steamed buns to cooked food .

Thinking of something spicy and soupy - this kim Chi ramen from Togi korean food at the food court caught my eye .

I am Glad I tried because this bowl of kim Chi ramen was well balanced in flavour - not too spicy or sourish or salty . It was perfect for what I needed in this dreaded weather .

Filled with crunchy vegetables and a springy good quality ramen - this was absolutely a delight .

If I could call this the best bowl of noodles in the universe .

Chef’s special slight sweet and savoury sauce , Bonito flakes , perfectly crisped and slightly glazed ikan billis, crunchy preserved vegetables ,huge bean sprouts and aromatic whole peanuts.

Paired with noodles that are of a perfect chewy texture.

Slap on some house made chilli oil for an added spicy kick .

I can eat this all day , every day .

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I have tried so many plates of wanton noodles and my persistency finally led me to what I deem as a perfect plate of old school Wanton mee.

Every element on this plate is yums!
The char siew is well seasoned and lean but still moist and the noodles are QQ without imparting too much of an alkaline taste. The wantons are plump and juicy and the homemade chilli is so addictive .

Not exactly the most convenient to get to but for this I would come back anytime.

Jin jin Hokkien prawn noodles

What an unexpected find in this Hawker nested within Aljunied.

This Hokkien prawn mee has hit all the right notes for me and when you see that this shop has many regulars - you know why .

The prawn slices were very fresh and the pork slices were very tender and non fatty .

The star of the dish was the QQ kway Teow and kudos to these broader kway teow . Paired with the homemade sambal , each mouthful is such
an enjoyment. Simply un un-believable.

Mix in some prawn soup into your noodles and mix up all that sambal - really the best tasting prawn mee for me that’s not too greasy and not too salty .

For 3 dollars - this is really a gem .

At the food court situated within Zhongshan park is a lost and found old timer wanton mee stall which was previously situated along Balestier road in an old coffee shop next to boon tong kee.

Thanks to a friend’s recommendation because in a place so ulu - I wouldn’t have crossed paths with this wanton noodles.

The char siew is nicely roasted and the noodles are one of the better quality ones I have tasted - springy and void of the alkaline test . The homemade chilli is also pretty good .

Lots of care taken in this preparation of this old school style wanton mee .

Worth a try 👍

The service at Pete’s Place is so accommodating.
The original order of this pasta was a tomato based pasta but I didn’t have a feel for that .

So I asked for one to be cooked with white wine and lots and lots of garlic - almost like a cross over between an aglio olio and a vongole pasta .

The result was something that was very delicious .

Al dente and firm pasta , aromatic garlic , moist crab meat that has soaked in all the white wine sauce .

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Any fresher you have to do it yourself

What an unexpected find in this sleepy shaw centre building .

At xi yan casual dining ( an offshoot of xi yan one dining ), you get a good variety of choices but the Star is always the homemade niang dou fu .

This niang dou fu with noodles set comes with a huge bowl of extremely springy noodles and 2 huge slices of yong Tau Hu .

It’s weird to link niang dou fu with fine dining but at xi yan , this niang dou fu is done just like how my Hakka grandma would do hers .

The accompanying soup broth was light and refreshing .

Ask for some chilli oil to mix into your noodles -
Extremely satisfying .

Just like dining at home .

Miso mushroom noodles and veggie dumplings and pierogi dumplings

If any noodles should be given a Michelin award , this would be it .

I haven’t had a bowl of noodles that is this good in such a Long time. Every element in the bowl screams handmade . From the springy noodles to the well braised mushrooms. The Fried shallots , Fresh spring onions and the seaweed as as well as the creamy onsen eggs all came together in a unmami-ous party 🎉

The dumplings were ok - I would prefer for the skin to be slightly thinner - my favourite gyozas are still the ones by hakkata ikkoushu ramen at Chijmes - with that delish Yuzu sauce !

Quite a waste that they are opened on Sundays so do take note 👌

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The simpler the pasta dish, the better.
Black truffle served over pasta in a light butter lemon base .

Topped with generous shavings of parmesan .

Great week to kick start the weekend 🐶

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At fatty cheong’s noodles stall ( next to nanyang coffee ), you can expect a a plate of excellent noodles.

While most would go for his char siew rice ( at his first stall ), there has been a steady build up of followers for his Wanton Mee at his second stall that does mainly noodles.

The char siew is roasted to perfection with a slightly sweet and glistering ✨ exterior . The Char siew is moist and succulent. The noodles are springy and cooked “‘al -dente” and accompanied by sambal chilli on the side and drenched with a tasty and saucy broth .

Portions are very generous and that is an added plus point 😊


Princess terrace cafe really has lots of buffet highlights .

One of them is surely this prawn noodles soup.
My partner hails this as the best bowl of prawn soup he has had and I agree too .

I have asked my bowl sans prawns .
Served with 2 mini quail eggs and some greens , this bowl of prawn noodles soup was full of umami goodness and a pronounced prawn flavour .

It was really really satisfying - even for a non prawn mee person like me :)


Hidden in a quiet corner of the basement of Raffles City is marugame udon - perfect place for me as I like to shy again from the crowd :)

This bowl of chewy udon in rich tomato broth was perfect for the rainy weather . I would have preferred a little more soup and less udon because the udon portion is simply too huge .

The beef slices were a little hard to chew because they had a little too much tendon .

At 50 percent via eatigo , this made a very yummy and pocket Friendly lunch .

I dream of food .

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