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Featuring Sunday Folks, Matchaya (Icon Village), A Poke Theory (Telok Ayer), An Acai Affair (Katong), Project Açaí (Ngee Ann City), Holland Village, Châteraisé (NEX), Seed & Soil, the açaí craft, Dhoby Ghaut
Karen T
Karen T

•Moyen Do Your Own Froyo ($7.50)
•Premium Sauce (+$1)
Frozen yoghurt, matcha crumbled 🍵 , earl grey jello, brownie, coconut crunch sauce
Used to love their signature matcha froyo when they still had their outlet in Northpoint and City Square Mall long time ago so when I saw this in Jewel, I decided to give this a try although I’m really sad that they didn’t have the matcha one and macaroons now 😥
The froyo is actually not bad, it’s light and not too sweet but I chose the wrong sauce (coconut crunch). I expected it to taste like llaollao/yole’s white chocorock sauce but this one is very watery and diluted, doesn’t taste that pleasing to me.
For the topping I liked the earl grey jello, it tasted like starbucks’ earl grey jelly for those that have tried it! The matcha crumble’s matcha tasted abit artificial but hmm I can still accept bah... not too bad. Lastly the brownie, average uh nothing much to say
Overall, it’s pretty ok but if you decide to do your own froyo 🍦, be smart about the topping you choose! 💡
Verdict: I have little interest on going back for their froyo, but if I go back, I would most likely buy their waffle and froyo. Would want to go back to try their acai and waffle though!😬

Regular Açaí Swirl ($5)
*bought 2 for $10 student disc
Home crafted açaí swirl + 3 toppings of your choice (mine was banana, granola, cashew nut butter)
There was a time when I was OBSESSED with eating acai but its always so far!! I can only get it either in town or the east side of Singapore. Always wished that someone will open an açaí shop in the north side of SG and yay! My wish turned into reality!🙌
The acai swirl is basically acai smoothie in the form of swirl, it’s not an acai ice cream. It’s very comparable to the acai bowls we get from town. Price wise, its slightly cheaper or equal to those in town. -

From what I tasted, it tasted “pure” meaning they might not have added alot of extra things in the blend (which I think is good so its not too sweet if they don’t to it well and will retain the acai flavour) - my guess is they just blended the frozen acai with water/coconut water and put it through the ice cream machine. -

For the topping, I think granola is essential in any acai bowl! The granola here taste exactly the same with @projectacai’s Vegan granola which I like hehe🙆🏻‍♀️. The cashew butter here is pretty special because its abit salty and sticky, acceptable.
This is abit unrelated to their food but my friend liked their music playlist 🎶🤣
Verdict: I think this might be my new dessert go to place hehe 😍. They did a great job keeping their swirl “pure” 👍 and I loved how they gave us a variety of toppings to choose from, unlike other places where toppings were already set by them.
They also offer delivery via FoodPanda or GRAB if you wanna indluge but still wanna practice social distancing !🛵

•Signature roasted Pistachio baked waffles ($11.50)
•Add waffle ($2.80)
*price excludes svc charge & gst
Roasted pistachio ice cream, roasted pistachio nuts, lotus biscoff biscuit, maple syrup and chocolate sauce
If you guys don’t know, Sunday Folks and Creamier is under the same company🍦. The first time I went to SF, I went straight to choosing my creamier go-to flavour - Earl grey lavender (no doubt its good!) but I’m really glad I opted for roasted pistachio this time round!😁
I was surprised I liked the roasted pistachio ice cream better than the earl grey lavender one in SF because in creamier, I like the earl grey lavender better, maybe because of the texture. SF serve softserve while creamier is like gelato🍨, so they scoop from a tub.
The roasted pistachio ice cream is not too overpowering at all, its very mild but still impactful which I like (I don’t like rich, zhong kou wei stuff)👍 Presentation, gooddd! I didn’t need much effort to beautify it🤓
The waffle😍.... It doesn’t only smell good but taste very good too! They did a really great job on the batter! The waffle is soft and not so cripsy on the outside so don’t expect those big, hard, crunchy kind of waffle.
Price wise, tbh I’m a little sad they only gave us 1 waffle for $11.50/$13.50 if you wanna DIY your own but maybe the ice cream here is bigger and they gave toppings? I personally think creamier is way more affordable with the same quality/satisfaction, just no topping lot which tbh I don’t care about
Verdict: will definitely come back if I’m around Holland V la although the price is kinda steep haha 💸. That’s why in f&b business, the most important thing is the taste because if your food is good, most Singaporeans would be willing to pay.

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P.Osh Chewy Brownie🍫 ($3.30)
I will only be reviewing the bare brownie without the topping because that’s my fav way to eat it, fuss-free😋 But if you decide to choose the one with topping, I think its not bad that you get to add whatever it is, made fresh on the spot below $1 👍
THIS BROWNIE IS THE BEST BROWNIE IN SG!!!! This place is super underrated!! This brownie is unique because its both chewy and fudgy, it’s super good and not too sweet!! The packaging for the bare brownie is super cute too, it’s like a prescription😂 (I forgot to take pic😭)
If you are unsure if $3.30 is worth it, they do provide free tester so you can try and decide before buying😊
Verdict: Me, my friend and my brothers love it!😍❤️ My bro always ask me to buy it when I go back to Batam. Its really worth the calories!! MUST TRY! They now offer delivery for only $4.80 too
Ps: They super cute, they created earrings that look like their brownies😂 // There is only 2 outlets - kovan and dhoby ghaut
Directions to P.Osh Dhoby Ghaut: go to your right and take the escalator up when you exit from the North-South (red) line and when you see Mr Bean, go straight inside, it’s around there

ACAI CHIA PARFAIT-right side($14.30 If I'm not wrong)

•the acai is nice but I felt that the ratio between chia and acai is abit unbalanced
•again, super good service. I waited for my friend around 30mins and they allowed it. They also helped us take pictures😊
•will definetely opt for this for a healthier option dessert 😋


Base: banana, raw cacao, soya milk
Topping:coconut and dark chocolate drizzle, cacao nibs, blueberries and quinoa puffs

•the base taste more banana than chocolate
•the coconut and dark chocolate drizzle is nice
•I didnt like the pieces of frozen banana inside
•its not super delicious but its still ok

Overall, trying once is enough

ACAI BOWL-medium ($12)

•first of all, the place was hard to find so I had no choice but to call them. They were friendly :)
•the acai base tasted like its not blended using apple juice or whatsoever. The medium one got 3 scoops
•the topping was a bit overwhelming compared to the acai base. Its too much on the bottom too but if you like a lots of topping then its good for you. The toppings are oats, seeds, grapes, strawberries, shredded coconut, b&w sesame seeds, and some idk what is it

•it was quite filling because of the oats, pumpkin seed(I think), etc on the bottom
•take note there is no space for you and your friends to sit unless you are alone, but its gonna be quite awkward
•its not as addictive as project acai(HAHA)

Ps: they thought I'm taking away thats why its like covered and flattened

Overall, I'm okay. I'm not mad at it😅

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•I don't think it deserve to be the #2 best selling HAHA
•its has quite a bitter taste
•Its below my expectation


•ordered using ubereats
•I was craving for project acai's acai bowl but I didn't have time to go there thats why I used uber eats but I didn't satisfy my craving at all
•its too cakey. The mix contain too much coconut I felt like I was eating coconut cake
•its too dry

Overall I didn't like it.

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•there was too many toppings on top and too little acai below
•it felt too dry. I choose cashew butter and I just felt it was too much
•it is a late post so idk if they still have this in their menu

Overall, I didn't liked it 🙁 I strongly prefer the normal acai bowl


•the place is a bit hard to find, especially at night but it has a nice ambiance
•I lovvvEeedd it!!😋😁
•generous amount of fruits and the granola goes really well with the acai
•try it by yourself! Its really addicting😍❤❤❤❤❤❤


•it taste ok, just like regular cheese cake with an earl grey flavour
•felt like its kept in the fridge for a while already

Karen T

Level 4 Burppler · 30 Reviews

Just a girl that likes to eat with hopes of not becoming fat, HAHA😂 Food 'blogging' is a new hobby

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