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🧁Pastry • Tart • Sandwich • Bread • Street Eats

🧁Pastry • Tart • Sandwich • Bread • Street Eats

Featuring Park Bench Deli, Rich & Good Cake Shop (Kandahar), Hattendo Cafe, Dona Manis Cake Shop, Lokkee, April's Bakery (Tampines), Swatow (Toa Payoh), LE Castella (Tampines 1), Suzette, Loong Fatt Tau Sar Piah
Yan Fang Lim
Yan Fang Lim
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House turkey breast, crispy bacon, tomato, romaine lettuce, raspberry vinaigrette, sweet chili mayo, turkish pide bread.


Buttermilk fried chicken, shredded lettuce, garlic aioli, chipotle honey dressing, brioche bun.


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Pork belly sous vide for 48hrs and braised in “Dong Po” sauce, topped with crushed peanuts and served in a steamed bun.


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A crispy buttery flaky pie filled with milky cheese cream. It was surprising light and sweet.


Crispy battered fried chicken thigh coated with chili powder. Crispy battered tofu fries, tofu itself is tasteless. Osmanthus honey green tea.


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The filling was a bit dry but there’s a nice crunch from all the grated coconut. It’s not overly sweet too which was good. Overall, better than I expected and in fact, I think it tastes better than their original egg tart.


The crystal skin was a little hard even though I ate it immediately once served, disappointing. Generous filling of red bean and the sweetness was perfect for me.

Location: Changi Jewel Airport

(5 pcs for S$7.80)

Unlike their usual puffs, this kaya butter puff comes in a squarish rectangular shaped with crispy, crumbly crust that resembles Malay stall curry puffs. The kaya fillings are like those found on kaya toast, doesn’t really have a buttery taste but this is good (just that I find the kaya fillings abit too sweet).

(1 for S$1.40; 2 for S$2.50)

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There’s bits of bacon & octopus in it but I can’t taste any cheese (S$5.90).

There isn’t anyone queuing when I reached during weekend noon. So sadly, the auntie gave me the pre-packed one which is still slightly warm. However when I opened, the putu piring were stuck together due to condensation. Also, the gula melaka leaked and has hardened up. Nevertheless, this stall is one of the best putu piring I’ve tasted. Soft, fluffy and appropriate amount of gula melaka fillings.

(5 pcs for S$2.50)

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The Gula Melaka in the ondeh is not fully melted yet, the skin is chewy with slight coconut fragrant.

(A box of 6, S$3.20)

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