Hong Kong

Hong Kong

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Janice Yip
Janice Yip

Ho Hung Kee is a 1 star Michelin restaurant in Hong Kong famous for their wonton noodles just like Mak's Noodles. I however feel that the must have is actually the sliced fish congee which is by far the best congee I've tried. The congee is smooth and you can't really feel the rice grains yet so flavourful you feel like you are drinking fish broth brewed for hours. You won't regret eating this.

This is a Michelin Bib Gourmand in Hong Kong famous for local comfort food. I personally don't think it's that fantastic but I guess it definitely makes for an affordable and decently delicious meal. This is comfort food for the tired legs if you are a tourist and definitely comfort food for the locals after a hard days work.

I actually visited the same restaurant twice in one trip. That says a lot. Honestly you need to request for goose thigh if you want to have a positive experience. The two visits gave me contrasting opinions about this 1 star Michelin establishment. One goose was tender and addictive. The other hard, bony and frustrating to eat. Not sure, if I'll do a round 3.

The scrambled eggs and the steamed milk are a two must have! I have no idea how did they make the scrambled eggs taste so milky and buttery but it's uniquely Hong Kong. I tried a copy cat steamed milk in singapore but it's nowhere comparable to this one. The steamed milk here makes you feel like you just flown to heaven and came back.

I almost always must have high tea when I'm overseas and picked the Lobby Lounge during my last hk visit. This is a Christmas themed high tea and I found the food to be not only good, but the thematic high tea display is something that Singapore has plenty to learn from.

Tomato noodles is another popular Hong Kong invention. This particular cafe appears to serve mainly Singaporeans given the Cafe being filled with Singaporeans when I was there. This Tomato cheese noodles here gives off a comfy feeling amidst the cold weather. I'll eat it again when I am back in Hong Kong!

The only 3 star Michelin dim sum restaurant in Hong Kong. Personally while the execution is spotless, it failed to deliver the satisfaction I was expecting. Imagine I even called the staff out to ask specifically which are the Michelin dishes? Perhaps the ambience, the expensive ingredients and the fact that all the staff can speak fluent English.

This is my must have noodles every time I visit Hong Kong. The irony is because I have no clue how to order this, I'll always just show the waitress and managers this photo and say I want this in Cantonese. It's really the best Ee fu noodles I have eaten period!

I live for the best experiences. Pursuing the most enjoyable food and sharing with everyone.

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