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to fuel my carbs and bread obsession 🙊🙉🙈
Lorraine Ge
Lorraine Ge

Missing this lovely toast I had last week. The addition of sage into the cream cheese was subtle, and paired together with their homemade berry compote that wasn't overly sweet, with a adequate amount of tang, made this a really homely combination. I love how they make the toppings not overly fanciful, but really as authentic and organic as possible. And their Sourdough is sooo good, it's perfectly crisp on the outside and yet just chewy and airy enough on the inside. I wanted to get a loaf that day but they were all sold out!!! (You really have to get there early to get your hands on one!) 🍞


If this toast doesn't scream 'eat meeee' I don't know what does. The hummus here is insanely good, being creamy and fragrant. That's the power of pure, homemade goodness. I may be really loyal to their nut butter, honey and sea salt (which is simply divine) but this savoury option also sits well in my books. On a side note, their Sourdough bread is soooo good but I see on Instagram that the owners are still trying to perfect their bread. Really goes to show their dedication and effort in making their bread. More for me please 🙋🏻!!


Newly opened in Serene Centre, the store occupies a small space, with hole-in-the wall vibes. Seating is all outdoors, so it's more of a take-away concept rather than an actual store. Really wanted to try this because it was HOMEMADE nut butter, and I can't resist anything slathered with nut butter. Also saw interesting items like Salted Chocolate Rye Cookies which I definitely will be back to try, as well as their naturally leavened donuts and sourdough bread. Despite looking simple, the humble toast was generously slathered in nut butter. The ratio of bread to nut butter was 1:1, I'm not kidding! Expect to wait for about a few minutes for the friendly staff to make and serve you the food, as everything is prepared fresh upon order. I whipped out my computer to finish up some extra work, and when the staff served me my warm toast he actually asked me whether I needed the Wifi Password and filled me a glass of water. I think Singapore's cafe scene is truly expanding, and options are simply endless. For me - service is definitely one of my main deciding factors on whether I would go back to a cafe again. And Woodlands Sourdough has ticked all my good books in terms of service and good food! Best of all, it's so near school for me, that I can pop by anytime!


Huge sweet-tooth, and yes - I do attempt to eat dessert for every meal.

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