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Food I Want To Try

Food I Want To Try

Featuring Sunday Folks, Wheeler's Yard, The Masses, L'eclair by Sarah Michelle, Porta, Creamery Boutique Ice Creams, Citrus By The Pool, Kane Mochi (Bugis+), Geometry, Caffe Fernet
Janice Yip
Janice Yip
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Using custom-made and licensed Ramly burger patties, you can finally have an authentic Ramly burger with options of beef, chicken and fish starting from $3.90 for a single patty burger and $6.10 for a combo meal which comes with standard fries and drink. All burgers come wrapped in egg and you can even customize further by pimping your burger with add-ons such as egg, cheese and additional patty. As they are still in their soft launch phase, expect more things to come from Ministry of Burgers as they will be looking to offer more East meets West creations.
Ministry of Burgers
Address: 1, Pasir Ris Central Street 3, White Sands Shopping Centre, Unit 01-30, Singapore 518457
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🍧 There isn't a particular stall I go to but the one near my place has won my heart, and this has always been my dessert when dining at the hawker. Thankful that it's still available today though not everywhere has it and my parents know how much I adore this bowl of old school red bean ice. The key thing is the condensed milk and well cooked red beans which gives a soft and smooth azuki texture. Imma big fan of this and glad that I have family and friends who shares the same joy as me. |
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Knowing I can now pop into Caffe Fernet for lunch on a weekday is a big YAY!
It’s great to see they offer a Set Lunch menu with 2 and 3 course options priced at $36++ and $45++ respectively (coffee or tea is included in the latter) but I chose to have a couple of items from the a la carte menu instead when I visited today. One of which was this “Cauliflower Risotto Style” ($22++), something I’ve been lusting after since I spotted it on co-owner @indra_kantono’s instagram post. Very pleased to say it more than met my expectations.
The key differentiating factor of their risotto is it’s carb-free because the “grains” are actually shaved cauliflower. Therefore, they sit lighter on the stomach and isn’t as likely to trigger the dreaded post-lunch “food coma”. I also loved how aromatic and perfectly seasoned the saffron-perfumed, pecorino romano-thickened sauce was. Strewn with toasted pine nuts, fresh herbs, some chargrilled cauliflower and a few sweet sundried tomatoes, it’s as far from being mono-textural as you can imagine.

Flavours: Pistachio almond/ Jasmine/ Blueberry/ Melon/ Banana milk/ Thai milk tea

The cheery colours of the mochi did manage to perk the mood of the eater!

Something light that i would recommend if ones need to satisfy their sweet tooth without being feeling too stuffed or bloated after eating.

It looks set to be the next popular dining spot among Muslim friends.

The Halal dining place seems to be able to capture the sweet spot with the provision of Western favourites and Asian comfort food, in an almost-hipster environment. Several of the dishes did remind me of Spize though.

I previously thought that the menu at Rayz Bistro would deter price-sensitive diners. It appeared there was some adjustment on the pricing to be more mass-market friendly.

Crispy fried chicken chunks that were flavourful and easy to eat. The waffle came looking impressive - tall and well browned, and indeed it was crispy outside, fluffy inside. The batter is on the sweet side, closer in taste to pancakes. Douse the maple syrup for added sweetness though I find the waffle to be good enough on its own.

Chee cheong fun - The rice roll was a little springier and firmer, and had a delicate eggy aroma.

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Fried Mac and Cheese.

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Girls too, because bourbon doesn’t discriminate 😊

Thick like melted ice-cream but zapped with a big shot of bourbon whisky, this S’mores milkshake is great for the “kidult”. It’s an irresistible union of alcohol and a fun drink, torched marshmallows, sugared biscuits and all.

Chewy meringue style. Served with a dollop of whipped cream.

Loaded up with almonds and dark bittersweet chocolate, this airy and fudgy decadent classic Italian dessert came with a flaky paper thin crisp meringue top crust bursting with flavor. The orange zest lifted and lighten up the dessert by giving that refreshing citrusy hint.

You’ll enjoy this if you’re not wild about really dense chocolate tortes.

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After the mad cravings for weeks or maybe months, I FINALLY MET MY LOVE AGAIN, but this time it was even better because of the double shot durian! 😍 It's less icy than I remembered it to be but still oh so satisfying~ Every spoon will send you right up to durian heaven with its richness and creaminess. I love that there's no hint of artificial durian flavours and slurping the whole bowl down wasn't jerlat because of the very well balanced sweetness. Durian purée on top is the perfect icing on the cake. After trying this, not many other similar durian desserts would be able to impress you the same way!

Upon reaching the coffeeshop, there was already a long line forming and we waited approximately 20 minutes before we got to the front of queue. With a total of 6 different kind of noodles with 3 being handmade ones such as mee hoon kueh, you mian and ban mian, it’s uncommon to see anyone not ordering either one of them. There’s the soup ($3.50/$4.00) or dried version ($4.00/$4.50), and I got the dried one which you will have toss the noodles with the black sauce hidden at the bottom of the bowl until each strand of noodle is coated evenly. The egg with runny yolk creates a creamy consistency while the other ingredients such as cabbage, minced pork, anchovies and especially the braised mushroom complete the dish. You can definitely taste the passion the young chef puts into every bowl of this handmade noodles.
456 Mian Fen Guo
Address: 59, New Upper Changi Road, 59 Food Court, Singapore 461059

I live for the best experiences. Pursuing the most enjoyable food and sharing with everyone.

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