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Food I Want To Try

Food I Want To Try

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Janice Yip
Janice Yip
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From The Rice Bowl; the Chinese economy stall that also sells tzechar items just beside Roast Master and two doors away from Taste Good (aka the more famous Salted Egg Chicken Rice in Sim Lim Square).

I liked the version at Taste Good, but I found the variant at The Rice Bowl even more appealing β€” a good balance of sweet and savoury; saucy but not overly creamy (it maintains a gritty texture of mashed salted egg yolk) while carrying a good amount of chili powder for that occasional spiciness when one chews on them. They seem to be generous with the fried chicken chunks; crisp and served piping hot, along with warm rice and a good amount of sauce. Quite value for money now given their current promotion at $4.50; a dollar off the usual $5.50 that is listed on the menu board. Worth going for!

cookie texture was off, but still makes for a good dessert cos the ice cream was good and the lava flowed πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

Really enjoyed the harmonious combination of the various elements here - fresh and crunchy tiger prawns, strips of goma kombu, crispy rich sakura shrimps, all with a slight garlicky based al dente spaghetti plus a tinge of heat. Easily a very likeable dish!

Thank you @artistrysg for hosting us and @burpple for the kind invite! πŸ™†πŸ»

My heart fluttered when I spotted this on @birdbirdsg's instagram yesterday. So flittered over to make a reservation I did.
Happy as a lark to report the "5-Cheese Grilled Cheese with Kimchi Tomato Soup" tern-ed out to be everything I hoped it would.
As tasty as the crunchy toast was solo, it had me really crowing in delight after a dunk in the tangy kimchi-tomato soup. I am sure the siege of brie, herb & garlic cream cheese, Grana Padano, haloumi and cheddar within had something to do with that.
Owl definitely recommend this to anyone who loves a good grilled cheese toast.
Toucan even share it if the pair of you order another item from the "Brunch Plate" section of the menu.

The "must try" dish/dessert here β€” its rare to find a cheese-based dessert much less such an innovative use of cheese here. It hits all the right notes β€” from temperature contrast with hot (the deep fried Camembert) and cold (Vanilla ice-cream) elements to the varied textures such as the crunchy Gula Melaka granola, crisp batter and gooey, melted Camembert and smooth ice-cream and even the flavours β€” the sweet floral flavours of the lavender honey, savory cheese, aromatic vanilla ice-creamy and nutty granola; probably one of the most dynamic desserts I have had in recent times. If one is to have a meal at The Masses, please please do yourself a favour and leave some stomach space for this β€” it's something I am really planning to make a revisit for!

From Enchanted Cafe, a newly-opened Magic Garden-themed cafe in Rangoon 88; it's situated right beside Old Hen Coffee (the first outlet; not to be confused with Old Hen Kitchen at Owen Road) serving brunch in the form of pasta and burgers as well as breakfast platters β€” they also do offer a drink which they call "The Sorcerer's Elixir".

Was recommended the French Vanilla Mille Crepe by a staff and it didn't disappoint. Liked how the layers of crepes are packed tightly so one can feel the different layers as they dig into the cake. The vanilla pastry cream slathered onto the Crepe were also fragrant and pairs very well with the Flat White β€” brewed with a blend of 70% Brazilian and 30% Sumatran beans, it carries a medium body with a chocolatey flavour profile.

If you love your waffles crispy, this is one of the best around.
Waffles served hot with ice cream cold, it was a party of temperature and texture contrast due to the whimsical toppings of banana, melted sharp cheddar cheese, caramel gelato, grilled marshmellows, fresh summer berries, maple syrup and salted caramel sauce.

Looooooooove this space. It's a quaint little shop, but one so warm and homely you'd never wanna leave - we didn't at least. And honestly, with their selection of lovely gelatos, it really isn't hard to spend an entire afternoon there. Our fave was the Earl Grey Tie Guan Yin ice cream, which was so delicate, fragrant, yet intense all at the same time! The tart (frangipane, I believe) could be more moist and buttery, but it's a wonderful idea, and one that'd be perfect with few improvements!

On top of their classic collections, we also got to sample a couple of their seasonal collections. My personal favourites includes Ispahan, Tahitian Vanilla & Pecans, Banana & Walnut and Hazelnut Praline.

And Porta's Valrhona Chocolate ($14) was just that - combining the elements of a rich flourless cake and soft soufflΓ©. You can't go wrong with this!

Her flagship store: Tarte by Cheryl Koh at Shaw Centre serves one of most delectable tart desserts one palette could crave for.

We had the Tarte Bourdaloure($9) & Hojicha creme Brulee($9) for desserts, accompanied with Earl Grey Latte ($6.50) & Chocolate Mint Latte($6.50) from Caveau Bar. It has certainly elevated our afternoon tea experience.
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