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🥣Kopitiam / Foodcourt

🥣Kopitiam / Foodcourt

Featuring Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodle, Happy Chef Western Food, Mr Lorbak (Ubi), Shi Xiang Ge, Our Tampines Hub Hawker Centre, Bai Nian Niang Dou Fu (Viva Business Park), Hai Kee Soy Sauce Chicken (Bedok), The Food Market by Food Junction (Century Square), Kapitans by Kopitiam (Tampines 1), L32 Handmade Noodles (Tampines)
Yan Fang Lim
Yan Fang Lim

Crispy mid-wings. Quite pricey as the size of the mid-wing is small.

(S$5 - 5pcs)

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There’s “mud” smell for the grilled fish, most probably because it’s frozen. Tomato based pasta, served with coleslaw and bun.



The pork was well braised and it’s tender enough to melts in your mouth. The sauce is not too oily and sweet, but there’s a particular spice (which I suspect is tangerine) used in marinating. They ran out of the usual black fungus and replaced it with the choice of braised mushrooms or peanuts. Wanted to add-on preserved veggies but they ran out of that too, so I add-on the tau pok instead which I wouldn’t order it next time, tastes pretty average and not worth it.

(S$3.50, add-on Tau Pok additional of $0.50)

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The kway teow is tossed in their black sauce, accompanied with soup that consists of 2 pork balls, 2 small slices of pig liver and some minced meat (S$3.50).

M’sia style wanton mee - al dental egg noddles with black sauce. The char siew was sweet and fragrant with slightly charred at the side. Wanton fillings was decent too. (S$3.80)

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Chicken slices with a few small pieces of taupok and long beans found in this much watery curry but is quite fragrant (S$4).

M’sia style fried carrot cake which is quite fragrant and is stir-fried with bean sprouts & pork lard (S$3).

Quite a decent Assam laksa, sour soup base with bits of sardine and veggies. Would prefer it if the chef adds more “hei ko” into the laksa, it would be perfect! (S$4)

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Lacking of wok-hei flavor. Too little chives are added to this plate, more of eggy and bean sprouts flavor Penang Char Kway Teow. (S$4.50)

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The texture of the mee hoon kuey is chewy and “Q”. The chef actually “tear” the dough to cook instead of using machine. The soup is tasty, spinach and two slices of braised mushrooms can be found. (S$3.50)

Packed a flavorful punch in every mouthful. The al dente noodles in the sweet and savory brown gravy with minced meat, remember to add some of their homemade chili into it, it will taste even better!


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