9 Best Burgers in KL

9 Best Burgers in KL

A good burger — of scrumptious patties, punch-packed toppings and warm, fluffy buns — is a fun, messy and delicious affair, and we have here nine reasons to prove that burgers are really bundles of joy. From a truffled beef burger to salted egg yolk chicken burger and Wagyu beef burger, get your hands on this guide to KL's best.
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Think of myBurgerlab and inventive, mouthwatering burgers will come to mind (read: watermelon lychee burger). But unconventional recipes aside, it is the consistent quality that keeps the lines long at this burger joint. Drop in for a rewarding dinner with friends after class or post-sports sesh in the area's many sport centres! The Beautiful Mess 5.0 (RM19.90) is an all-time favourite that kills it with deep-fried portobello mushroom with a beef patty AND a runny fried egg. Having recently earned a permanent spot on the menu, the Ultraman (RM18.80) also garners much love for its crispy-skin chicken thigh slathered in salted egg yolk sauce — laced with a clever tinge of heat that gives balance to the rich flavours. If seasonal names like the fried oyster-topped Cthulhu (RM19.90) and Petai (RM18.80) burgers make an appearance, make sure to order them while you can! Get all burgers with the set (additional RM4.50) for a bottomless drink and their Awesome Fries, served with an excellent cocktail sauce.
Avg price per person: RM25
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KGB may breathe the vibes of an American fast food joint, but really, it's a gourmet burger restaurant at heart. The small, diner-like space is great for quick lunches with a colleague, but the speedy service makes it even better for takeaways back to the office — where you can take your time to savour the burger. Skip the chicken options, as these guys handle their beef with more finesse. The Truffle'd Swiss (RM21.90) is luscious, featuring portobello mushrooms, swiss cheese and a striking truffle fragrance. Find this in the menu for grilled beef burgers, which sees patties grilled to juicy perfection. If you like your beef with a little sear, have it crust-seared like in the KGB Spiked (RM16.90). This signature burger is packed with beef bacon, cheddar cheese and a sharp, spicy sauce to boot. Make it a meal for an additional RM5.90, which gets you a drink and their flavoured fries — opt for the umami-packed spicy Cajun or kimchi.
Avg price per person: RM20
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Where tasty burgers and tapas are concerned, Buns has it down pat. We're surprised not more have discovered this burger bar, although we actually like that it affords some peace and quiet on weeknights. Mark this cosy corner down for a discreet dinner date. For a burger joint, their tapas are stuff to impress. Start with the Garlic Prawns (RM18.50) that features five deshelled tiger prawns with a splash of garlic, lime and chilli oil. If the garlicky aftertaste is something you want to avoid on date night, the panko-fried Chicken Strips (RM12) also delights with sriracha mayo. The burger buns here are denser than usual, but also flatter so it's mostly fillings you taste with every bite. The Guac (RM22) is irresistible, incorporating Tex-Mex elements like guacomole, tangy salsa and onion rings with medium-well beef for a foolproof combo. Ask for more of the smokey chipotle mayo to finish the burger with a bang.
Avg price per person: RM35
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Wagyu is the way at Wild Wild East, where two young cooks strive to deliver quality steaks and burgers at a curbside stall. When the weather allows for an alfresco evening, take a close friend here to catch up over a meaty dinner. The wagyu burgers are what you should come for, and these come in two varieties: Wagyu Steak (RM30) and Wagyu Patty (RM16). RM30 is a small price to pay for the premium steak — a beautiful, tender slab of grilled meat sandwiched by soft buns. It's tempting to compare the two, but we found that latter surprises in its own way. The juicy 120gm Wagyu beef patty boasts scrumptious flavours, and is great value for money at a reasonable RM16. Burgers aside, one can also slice into Wagyu Steak here from just RM29/100g!
Avg price per person: RM30
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To make their famous burgers, The Daily Grind makes their patties from fresh meat ground in-house daily — hence the name. The restaurant's chic, elegant ambience makes it a versatile venue, fit for family lunches in the day and burger dates in the night. For brunch, get the All-Day Breakfast Burger (RM27): a beef patty topped with beef bacon and fried egg. This breakfast burger sees the use of toasty English muffins instead of buns, and it's a switch we will gladly take any time of day! Come dinner, an Avocado Bacon Burger (RM32) will satiate. The wholesome beef burger features a flavour-packed combination of avocado cream, bacon and barbecue sauce. If you like both mushrooms and cheese, the Japanese Yodel Burger (RM35) has a pleasant overload of both, with tempura mushrooms and cheese fondue sauce on beef patty. The establishment also serves a wonderful Old Fashioned Waffles (RM18) with fresh strawberries and cream — get this for a dessert to share!
Avg price per person: RM45
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For supper with the gang, head down to The Burger Shop for cheap and good burgers. While the food truck has now expanded to a shoplot to seat their regulars in SS15, these guys still flip their burgers at the truck parked outside — just like old times. The menu is comprehensive for a food truck, spanning from the usual beef and chicken to prawn burgers and pita breads. Go for the classic Beef Burger Special (RM6) that melds egg, cheese and sweet, caramelised onions. The beef patty is of the frozen meat variety, but they somehow make it work with their flavoursome seasoning and unbelievably crisp edges. Have this delicious mess with your hands — just be mindful of the signature black pepper sauce that comes oozing out.
Avg price per person: RM10
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Located in the busy SS15 neighbourhood, this joint quietly doles out incredible pork burgers in their first-floor space. Bring a friend, make them promise not to judge and then, head up here to binge on guilty pork pleasures. The specialty burger's a Bacon Paradise (RM19). Expect a tasty pork patty, bacon bits and two strips of crispy, candied bacon jutting out of the buns — definitely a party in your mouth! For something less lavish but still delicious, get the Mascarpone Curry & Cheese (RM15). The unique mascarpone curry sauce is a winner, and meets mild cheddar cheese on pork for a yummy indulgence. On sides, the Cheesy Smash Potatoes (RM7) fits all the definitions for comfort food, with hints of cheese in soft, warming mash. In case it all sounds too rich and sinful, opt for an Apple Waldorf Salad + Free Flow Drinks (RM6) set to refresh palates.
Avg price per person: RM25
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This snazzy diner on Jalan Batai may be new, but it's fast becoming one of the top spots for burgers, beers and more. Set in an airy, outdoor area with large tables, Barbenque will make a superb choice for your next after-work group gathering. The Barbenque Burger (RM12) provides simple satisfaction with what Tastemaker Alyssia describes as "a juicy beef patty with ultra-soft brioche bun". The burger's a classic, seeking to please with familiar trimmings like iceberg lettuce, tomatoes and ketchup. Forgo the ordinary fries and go instead for the life-changing Avocado Wedges (RM15) — thick, creamy cuts of avocado coated in a crunchy batter. For drinks, grab a beer (from RM15) on tap from the pop-up Belly Beer Bar. Pro tip: Snag a seat once you've ordered — the service staff will holler when your food is ready to be picked up at the window.
Avg price per person: RM20


If a fried chicken burger is what makes you happy, discover joy at Burger Bakar Abang Burn. This local franchise has over 14 outlets across Klang Valley, but we favour this particular location for its rustic environment in the city centre. When work keeps you out late, swing by for a sinful supper! The must-try here is a humble chicken burger, Burn Chicken (RM7.50). Expect minimal trimmings on a deep-fried, skin-on chicken thigh that will surely put all chicken cravings to bed. Alternatively, get the all-around favourite Burn Special Beef (RM10.50) that packs beef bacon, cheese, egg and beef patty into soft buns. Abang Burn's burgers are trademarked by a generous slathering of sauce and a side of Cheesy Sausage. You will have to pay another RM1.50 for one of these, but it's absolutely worth the buck; get two.
Avg price per person: RM15
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