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Featuring Singapore, Paddy Hills, Seven & Ate, Kanshoku Ramen Bar (orchardgateway), HANS IM GLÜCK German Burgergrill (Orchard), Ramen Dining Keisuke Tokyo (Suntec City), Chirashi King Kong (Tanjong Pagar), Tokyo Joe, Ichikokudo Hokkaido Ramen (Suntec City), Henri Charpentier (Tanjong Pagar Centre)
Ethel Tan
Ethel Tan
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Had the feels for mentaiko salmon recently so I dropped by the millennia walk outlet to have it. It’s still good, I love mentaiko salmon 😍 This is the mentaiko salmon spaghetti and the truffle pasta is served cold so it’s great on a hot day 😋


I got the Birkenwald, which is a beef burger with mushrooms topped with sour cream scallion sauce. I found it to be pretty tasty but I thought the mustard in this clashed with the sour cream scallion sauce. Even though I would have liked it more if the patty was more juicy, I still thought it was pretty good 😋

Kishimen is one of Nagoya’s specialties and the noodles were really smooth and silky, Ioved it. The soup was miso based and it was really flavourful too! This was one of my food highlights of Nagoya indeed 😍🤤

😊 Was busy eating and playing overcook today but I remembered to take a picture before having dinner! Always looking forward to eating my grandmothers’ cooking hehe 🥰🥰

The portion here is meant for 15 people but it can feed much more, and we were also given an additional mala xiang guo and limited edition dim sum set.

I generally found the food to be yummy but some items stood out more than the rest. I especially liked the mala xiang guo, the buttery salted egg yolk fish, Malaysian style creamy butter chicken and the black pepper beef with bell peppers. This was an enjoyable meal and I would definitely consider them again when I need to look for a caterer in the future!

Thank you @onandondiners for the collab!! ☺️

They recently started a buffet held every first weekend of the month and it has a mix of their signature dishes plus some new dishes as well. Here are a few of my favourites, Signature Berry Ball, Mala Xiang Guo, 黑rice!, Tandoori Wings and the Chocolate Fountain (the chocolate’s so good that it was the first thing I smelled when I entered) 😍
Serving portions are small so you can try a variety and I liked that a lot. We got to try everything on the menu! Some items stood out more than the others but I generally liked the food and service here. We enjoyed this buffet a lot and I would come back again in the future!

Thank you @paddyhills.sg for the invite, the yummy food and the great service! 😊

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The buns were light and fluffy and the patties were juicy too. We had a Peppa pig, which comes with a cheese stuffed fried jalapeño, and a Three Little Pigs, which has a bacon wrapped sausage and luncheon meat in it. We enjoyed these even more because they were at one for one with #burpplebeyond yay!


The broth had a curry flavour to it but it wasn’t spicy enough for my liking (especially since Jigoku means hell). The noodles are thicker and resemble yellow noodles for this one while the noodles for the shoyu broth are thinner. I’m not a fan of the thicker noodles too so maybe I have to come back and try the other broths 😂


Always on the hunt for good food More food photos on instagram and dayre: @flyeetelfly

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