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The  Food Compendium
The Food Compendium

Weak fire, and the meats were of slightly below avg quality

Prices are reasonable for the quality

Mee rebus is sold out at 11am on a weekday, quite ridiculous

Beef was tough

Curry ckn was alright, the sauce was good but not mind-blowing

Cuttlefish was abit tough and quite spicy

Sambal goreng was surprisingly quite mild

Overall it's alright, worth a try if you're in the area. Also thr queue gets crazy so only if you avoid peak hours(before 11)

Ayam merah was alright

The satay sauce/ curry sauce beef was abit weird, the sauce was tangy or sth I can't quite recall but I just rmbed it being very unconventional, but edible it's not particularly bad

Beef lung was good! Nice chew and flavour was pleasant, no stench

Small piece of fish but the veggies were cooked in a sauce that's quite creamy from the coconut milk and there's quite some heat.

Overall the food here is pretty pricey, and it's good but not spectacular. Tables are limited, queue is reasonable. No reason to specially visit

Here is 2 portions, one portion is maybe one small squid. The sauce was pretty thick, not bad but the sotong was tough and chewy


Chicken was tender, the sauce forms a soft layer encapsulating the meat. However it's kinda cold and there's barely any char.


Jackfruit curry. This one is slightly thinner than what I had previously, but it's got a seafood base. Decently executed, the jackfruit was tender(maybe abit more tender than ideal)

Very well braised and very well balanced, the potatoes were soft and absorbed the gravy wonderfully

Stingray curry was good too, it's abit spicy tho

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Was rather sweet, and the batter wasn't very good too. Quite average. Honestly idk what it is but I hope it's not ayam merah, ayam merah is usually much much more delicious

Bitterguord was abit undercooked


The pepper ckn tastes very, very unique. Can barely tell that's what it is. The portion is smaller than their drumstick tho, for the same price


Has a very strong lemon fragrance, more sweet than sour tho. There's actl chunks of lemon in the sauce

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The beef was USDA prime I believe but it's terribly tender from the slow cooking. It turned into an almost jammy texture, no chew at all. Get this to share as it's extremely strong, one of the few times I needed rice. It does tastes like char siew because of the sweet, savoury and sticky glaze. Go w the original cos I'm afraid the sambal one is even more intense

Complimentary nasi lemak was nice, the rice was very fragrant and coconutty and the sambal was punchy, being very sweet and carrying quite a bit of heat

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