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Entertainer App Deals

Entertainer App Deals

Featuring Rakki Bowl, working title - Burger Bar, Carpenter and Cook, Tolido's Espresso Nook, The Pelican, Mischief, DePizza, Full of Luck Restaurant, Gemmills, Tabbouleh (Arab Street)
Ethel Tan
Ethel Tan

We got a mixed grill platter and we were surprised there was so much rice. The meat was a bit dry though. I liked the chilli because it was quite spicy hehe. Their mains are on #burpplebeyond and entertainer so they’re one for one.

We ordered two types of flatbread and they were cheese and thyme flavoured. The cheesy one had a chewy texture and the thyme one was pretty fragrant. It was good we got a variety too. Mains are one for one on both burpple beyond and entertainer!

We had falafel and it was tasty, going well with the tahini sauce too. Mains are one for one in both burpple beyond and entertainer as well!

The mezza platter has the following:
• hummus
• baba ganoush (eggplant with herbs, garlic, tomato, and seasoning)
• labneh (Lebanese yogurt with olive oil and mint)
• moussaka (eggplant, chickpeas, onion, tomato, garlic and green pepper)
• fattoush salad (chopped fresh vegetables topped with toasted Arabic bread).

They were served with the flat bread and was very yummy as an appetiser. They’re all quite different in flavour too.

This honey glazed char siew was good, it was crisp outside, very flavourful and the meat was tender. It reminded me of Mitzo’s char siew too. This takes 45mins to roast so we preordered it when I booked the place on Chope.

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The noodles are made of fish meat so they were chewy and slightly spicy from the XO sauce. Mains here are one for one with the entertainer app too.

This was a portion for 2-4, depending on how many dishes you order.The chicken wasn’t over cooked and it was flavourful. The rice was crispy at the burnt parts too! Mains are one for one with entertainer app as well.

The spinach tofu was pretty normal but the sauce was good, it has dried scallop in it. The mains here are one for one with entertainer app too!

The meat is tender and juicy, making it very enjoyable as well. This is included in @entertainersg so you can get this at one for one too!

The Pelican Lobster Burger has lobster chunks, a generous serving of cheese and bacon, making the burger very tasty 😋 This is on @entertainersg so it’s a great deal too! 🤗

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The noodles were pretty smooth and the soup was quite flavourful but there were only 2 slices of beef in this! The herbal duck mee sua was good though, I’ll order that if I ever eat here again haha. They have one for one with entertainer so the price was pretty ok.

Always having a good time here indeed. Got to eat my usual Good Time Carbonara, which is actually carbonara with meepok instead of pasta. I like how the cream wasn’t too creamy and yet there was rich flavour too. This is my favourite dish from this place and they have many other yummy fusion dishes as well 😋 They’re on #burpplebeyond and #entertainerapp so food here is a good deal indeed 🤗

Always on the hunt for good food More food photos on instagram and dayre: @flyeetelfly

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