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Fusion Food

Fusion Food

Featuring Artichoke, The Masses, Nassim Hill Bakery Bistro Bar, Pasta Supremo, NINJA CUT, Xiao Ya Tou, Som Tam, Nipong Naepong (Jem), Full of Luck Restaurant, redpan
Miss Ha ~
Miss Ha ~

Unlike their Creatures Crayfish Hokkien Mee which was really impressive, the Urban Baba Babi Pongteh was rather mediocre. When asked for recommendations, we were told that this was one of the recommended dishes but the staff couldn’t explain why.

A very traditional peranakan dish; thick slabs of slow-cooked pork belly sitting nicely in the middle of a pool of tao jio, or fermented bean paste. You could guess the long hours of cooking as the tender meat could be easily torn away from the fatty portion. One thing, however, to note was that the fermented bean paste was probably too thick. Yes rich in flavour, slightly yeasty but because of it’s assertive flavour, the entire meat dish became way too salty. Barely touched the fermented bean paste after a few dips.

Served along with the nyonya chap chye of cabbage, black fungus, red dates (that’s a first that I have ever come across in a chap chye!) and dried shrimps that added a kick of umami.

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Are you team sio bak or team lor bak? Get the best of both worlds in this pork belly platter! Deemed as Chef’s personal favourite, savour the Guangzhou style roasted pork belly that has its crispy skin rubbed with Sichuan pepper or the Taiwanese style braised pork belly that’s marinated with coca cola and soy sauce for its sweet caramelic savoriness. Seated near the kitchen, we could already smell the fragrant aroma of the roasted pork belly before it was served. Would have even been better if the pork bellies, both cooking methods, were cooked till tender and not as tough.

Served with herb cucumber and greens. Dip in the in-house chili sauce for a complete experience.

Thank you @burpple for the invitation and @mamasoisg for the hosting!



On first look when it was served, I thought the beef short rib looked like a block of steamed fish with shredded ginger. Apparently, preparing this dish is no easy feat. The New Zealand short rib is first marinated in coconut milk and kecap manis for 2 days before slow cooking it for 12 hours. This results in its tenderness such that the meat can be pulled off easily, except that it was rather gamey. Finishing off the dish with a som tam, shaved papaya herb salad, and Thai basil. However, the green papaya seemed to be overcooked, lacking crunchiness and freshness.

Thank you @burpple for the invitation and @mamasoisg for the hosting!



The salt and pepper feels like a typical Taiwanese street snack combination, but addition of sliced chili and squid ink gives the dish a different fusion identity instead of just value-adding aesthetically. Coated in a crispy tapioca flour batter and tossed lightly in salt and pepper are reasons for addiction to squid chewing. Perfect to pair with a mug of 🍺.

Thanks @burpple for inviting and @mamasoisg for hosting!


One of the four risottos launched newly this year, She’s risotto, a spicy cream-based risotto with deep fried soft shell crab, fried onion and coriander. Was actually expecting the cream base to be moderately spicy and more tangy. Gosh, it was way too spicy and it doesn’t really help when the rest of the dish was oily, easily causing jelak-ness. Fried onion was sharp and pungent. I couldn’t help but to give up on it just halfway through. But I like the texture of the risotto and the portion overall was reasonable.

Boasting about serving fresh handmade pasta, the relatively new Pasta Supremo has not fallen short of expectations in terms of taste. You would find the different types of pastas in different colours because they use natural ingredients for colouring; long pasta infused with activated charcoal, short with beetroot and curly with butterfly pea flower. They have a range of Haus Pastas for people who have difficulty choosing what they want, but I decided to do it myself by making a twist to their Prawn Olio Olio ($20).

So here’s what I got; Curly pasta in Asian pesto sauce ($10), topped with confit garlic prawns ($5) and lup cheong crumble ($2). The Asian pesto was fantastic, especially if you are into greens. They used candlenuts for the defining Asian character of the pesto, in addition to a strong herbaceous mix of basil and peppermint. Garlic prawns were juicy while the lup cheong crumble adds a tinge of sweetness and crispiness to the pasta. Only downside, the portion of their pastas in general was rather small, doesn’t really justify for the pricing.

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Thrilled to learn about the new menu launched by Nipong Naepong that features a wide range of new flavours, mostly Asian inspired! One of the two newly created ppongs is this Tom Yum Ppong where the ever popular Thai Tom Yum marries the Korean Ppong.

Had an expectation of a creamy sour-spicy tom yum flavour in mind especially when the herbal aroma was so powerful once the noodles was served. There was a thick stalk of lemongrass, some kaffir lime leaves and coriander leaves to fuel that herbaceous taste. I was really delighted by the mixture of sour and herbal flavours that greeted me. However, it was lacking on the spiciness, and the sourness could also be stronger. In fact, the underlying sweetness started to surface and eventually became overwhelming that made the dish jelak. Perhaps the sweetness was conflicting with the creaminess. That being said, they were really generous with the amount of seafood; several mussels, squid and a plump prawn.

Expanded menu by @nipongnaepongsg now presents 2 new ppongs and a selection of 4 risottos! How does a tom yum or a curry ppong sound? Or get adventurous with their soft shell crab She’s risotto, spicy keu risotto, pork “Po-Tae-To” risotto and Soi Chicken risotto! •

I have always enjoyed their ppongs for the chewy jjolmyeon (wheat noodles) that are made in Korea exclusively. Tried both new ppongs, both the bf and I clearly gave our votes to this curry ppong! A rich Thai-inspired yellow curry cream sauce base, dunked with chicken chunks and spinach leaves. Not too sure why it’s described as Thai-inspired, but the sweetness and mild spiciness left an impression of a Japanese curry instead. Like its top seller Ro Ppong-Roje, shredded mozzarella cheese spammed on top intensified the richness without stealing the limelight of the main curry flavour. Toss and slurp the noodles as they get coated thickly for a hearty experience. What’s more, there’s flying fish roe and fried shallots, oomph! •

Nipong Naepong is one of the few places that I would like to have my noodles in a cream base. Confidence in their food gives me a reason to return for their risottos!

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Have you ever thought of what can happen when east meets west? This deep fried prawns had us all wow-ed by the magical use of laksa leaf in the pesto sauce that was nicely coated on the outside. Might seem overly herbaceous with all the greens, but the overall flavour was balanced and fresh. Can’t deny the usage of herbs helped to lift the overall taste of the dish. Strawberries and figs added a fruity sweetness to the dish that surprised us even further.

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Highly recommending this appetizer from @fulloflucksg as it features a savoury twist to the usual cheese tart! Shredded crab meat piled on a tangy, little spicy chili sauce. That’s the topping you get for this buttery cheese tart of crumbly base tart and abundant cream cheese filling. Refreshing hits as the pomelo bursts amidst the savoury flavours. Local flavour-inspired cheese tart.

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All the more if you are a fan of ma la xiang guo and ma la hot pot. Take your pick from the variety of ingredients that include meat, vegetables, noodles, seafood and more, where they will first be cooked before the soup broth is poured over. There are now 4 soup bases available; definitely the spicy option of a flavorful mala broth which I believe spicy lovers would enjoy. And non-spicy options that include pork bone (found it a little heavy), pickled vegetables (acidic and rather strong preserved taste) and a new tomato broth which I was so looking forward to try but it was unavailable. Pricing goes by weight for all ingredients at $2.88/100g.

Thank you @burpple for inviting and @gongyuansg for hosting!

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Pizza Maru has an extensive menu of fusion creations ranging from pizzas, pastas, risottos, bibimbap towers, Korean fried chicken and more. I was really expecting some nice flavours here but was disappointed instead.

Firstly, the supposed green tea dough didn’t have much of the green tea taste and aroma, probably just a pale green colour.

Though there were seafood, broccoli, black olives, mango drizzled with spicy buldak sauce and pilaf sauce, it was obvious that the seafood was frozen as they were hard.

Now to the crust. Since we ordered the double cheese crust, we expected a really cheesy crust with those thick cheese pullsy. Instead, there wasn’t any when we took a slice out, and cream cheese was actually used to stuff the pizza crust, making the entire pizza really really sweet. Not my kinda thing.

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Foodie for life <3

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