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Fusion Food

Fusion Food

Featuring Artichoke, NINJA CUT, Xiao Ya Tou, The Masses, Nassim Hill Bakery Bistro Bar, redpan, Nipong Naepong, Pluck, Omoomodon (The Star Vista), NY Night Market
Miss Ha ~
Miss Ha ~
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I had my reservations for this creamy dish initially but was still really curious upon reading reviews. It was served on a hot pan with a swirl of whipped cream that looked like a big fluffy cloud. The flame was then lit so that the cream would start melting.

As the cream melts, you could stir to give it an even mix into the red curry. Interestingly, the sweetness of the cream blends well into the curry and even reduced the spicy heat of the curry, although it was still pretty spicy! The curry really got my lips and tongue burning. Thought it might get jelak, but surprisingly the cream was quite tantalizing. A sinful indulgence, but worth it for the chewy Tteok-bokki (Korean rice cakes), diced mushrooms, green and red bell peppers as well as some broccoli. Sadly, the beef portion was quite little.


Whether it is classic Mac and cheese, with seafood or meat, NY Night Market has it all covered!

I am not exactly a cheese lover but even the photo Iooked so enticing. We had the M.A.C feat bacon which seemed to be a popular choice. Served on a hot plate, the macaroni was cooked till firm and chewy. The best part of enjoyment was to see the cheese melt over the macaroni, bubble and slightly overflowing when it was presented right in front of my eyes. Indulge in the hot melted cheese as it gets pulled for intense satisfaction.

Crispy deep-fried potato strips were topped on the dish, it was as though I was eating the crispy ee mian. The bacon strips were deep fried till a little too dry though the oily meaty flavour was well coupled with the cheesiness.

Back at Nipong Naepong for the second time within a month. Dry Ppongs are limited on the menu, with Tae Ppong being one of the two.

Stir fried in a brown addictive sauce as they put it on the menu, the Jjolmyeon was nicely soaked up with the sauce's flavour. It's stated to be mild spicy but to me it tended to the savory side, hence being a sweet savory sauce, suitable for non-spicy lovers. The noodles were chewy too.

Nipong Naepong is generous with their portion, and that includes the ingredients especially seafood. Prawns, mussels, squid, cabbage, sliced onions and even the fish roe topped on the noodles which had a bursting texture. I really like the smokiness and wok hei of the wheat flour noodles that got me all hooked!

I underestimated the spiciness of even the level 1 of this top-selling Cha Ppong. So I can't really imagine how spicy level 2 could get! If you aren't a spicy lover, beware.

The Cha Ppong is a very classic seafood noodle in a spicy broth that has a slightly smoky taste in addition to the spiciness. The noodles were chewy and there was a wide variety of ingredients from mussels, prawns, cabbage, onions and even quail eggs! The portions at Nipong Naepong are usually good for sharing between 2. With such spiciness that really sent heat down my throat and tummy, it's probably a dish that I would only crave in cold weather.


A traditional chicken kebab, or skewered chicken dish in the Middle Eastern Cuisine. Served with grape vinegar, this 300g Lebanese grilled chicken was pretty well marinated with spices, grilled to a beautiful color and a slightly charred skin but juicy meat beneath. The taste of paprika and a tinge of sweetness reminds me of the New Orleans Roasted Chicken. Not that outstanding but more of a reminiscence dish.

Thank you @Burpple for the invite and @artichoke_sg for the hosting! Appreciate the kind gesture to serve the Shish Taouk as a replacement for non-beef eaters!

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When I first saw this dish, I got reminded of a rather popular home-cooked dish in China, Coca Cola Chicken Wings. Have been wanting to recreate the dish but it's been dragging for some time. Using Coca Cola for cooking isn't a surprise, but to have it in a pork dish, in fact atas pork, was something that made me look forward to.

The marvelous pork marbling gives each chunky piece of the 300g grilled ibérico pork a delicate and exquisite flavour and mouthfeel, especially when the meat is so tender that's easily torn apart while the fatty parts melt in the mouth. Caramelizing with Coca Cola sets a layer of sweet and savory glaze on the pork, a combination that's just right. If you, like me, find that the caramelized flavour isn't strong enough, dip it into the braising Cola sauce for an enhancement. The shallots add a mild onion but sweet flavour as well.

Thank you @burpple for the invite and @artichoke_sg for the hosting!

This mouthwatering baby is easily one of the hot favorites. Savour those plump and succulent fresh prawns plunged in a sea of green harissa and split cream. I like how the entire pan is filled with spices and garnish; creamy, aromatic, flavourful but not overwhelming. Felt that it was more like a Southeast Asia-inspired dish though, as it reminded us of Thai Green Curry while the coriander and raw onion reminded me of those in a bowl of Vietnamese pho. Highly addictive with the fried onion that had a tinge of sweetness as I couldn't stop eating it as a dip with bread.

Thank you @burpple for the invite and @artichoke_sg for the hosting!

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Mentaiko lovers rejoice! A unique pairing of the fish roe dip with charcoal-grilled garlic bread. Don't be intimidated by the green peas yet, for the real gem is hidden beneath; Creamy mentaiko mixed with olive oil that gives a good mouthfeel. Added satisfaction when the umaminess meets the slightly charred and buttery flavours of the garlic bread. Generally I love the aroma of charcoal grilled food, and in this case, resulting also in a crispy exterior but fluffy interior of the bread. I prefer slicing in between the bread to spread the dip instead of just dipping, because the feeling of letting the mentaiko cream ooze inside your mouth is just awesome.
Thank you @burpple for the invite and @artichoke_sg's chef @bjornshen and sheena for hosting!

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Look at that pool of shredded mozzarella cheese, made me oomph literally! The Ro ppong-roje wasn't my first choice because I am not a cream-based pasta person. But this is really the first that changed my opinion on that.

I really have to agree that it's the heartiest ppong at Nipong Naepong, not just for its portion, but how magically the blend of tomato and cream sauces turned out, as though I was having a lobster bisque. The tanginess of the tomato sauce and tomato chunks was really pleasing. The highlight was when the mozzarella cheese melted as it was mixed into the pasta sauces, where it gets pulled along with the pasta. I liked how they added 2 slices of the crisp tortilla base, used for their pizzas, on top of the pasta. Dipping that in the sauces gives a good judgement of the sauce flavours.

Also a seafood pasta, where there's a generous lot of mussels and squids. The flying fish roe adds on to the umami seafood flavour, as well as a bursting texture amidst the creaminess. Surprisingly, I didn't find it jelak till the end!


I had some difficulty deciding on which ppong because they all looked so enticing! Eventually decided on one of the top sellers, vongole ppong. Vongole is a pretty much safe choice for a seafood lover like me, especially in pastas.

Although stated as mild spicy, the heat gets burning gradually. I would say, it's actually quite spicy, because of those dried chilies. But the clear broth with white wine was addictive, very umami and strong seafood flavour. You will understand why when you see the amount of mussels and bring clams inside. The garlic fried till golden brown, leek, onions and cabbage play a part in contributing to the fragrance and sweetness of the soup. The chewy noodles, quite a reasonable portion for the price, and reminded me of that used for jjajang myeon. What could have been better, was probably to have a stronger white wine flavour.

Thanks Burpple for the 1-for-1 Promo!

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I always like trying food with fusion element. The star of this dish was the pulled pork that's cooked for long hours till so soft that it felt like it was torn literally. Ninja cut always has a way with designing their grain bowls, having a mixture of ingredients that I have a love-hate relationship with. Not a fan of pickled purple cabbage but the other sides like the corn kernels, the wobbly onsen egg and especially the fried wanton skin were those that I enjoyed. Though deep fried, the wanton skin pieces weren't oily. In fact, I liked how the floury taste reduces the savory flavour of the heap of pulled pork when it got too salty towards the end.

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Fusion food has always been an interesting cuisine concept to me and Xiao Ya Tou is the first place that comes to my mind. Not only because of their retro interior design and old school decoration, but also how the play with common food ingredients and local flavours leads to innovative creations. Also, there's novelty from the 2 different Brunch and Dinner menus.

Easily my favorite of all, I was won over by the teriyaki-glazed eel that was grilled to such intense flavour, and its charred ends. Such a blast of umami-ness. I would prefer this over the usual smoked salmon benedict anytime. Sandwiched between the 2 fluffy deep fried flower mantous were some buttery mushroom duxelles and oozing low temperature eggs that filled the plate so quickly once cut. I love mopping up the luscious hollandaise sauce and the creamy eggs to make the fried buns soggy and flavourful, but the overall creaminess could get a little overpowering. Probably a stronger citrus yuzu flavour in the hollandaise sauce would add in a refreshing element.

Thank you @burpple and for the invite and hosting!

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