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Fusion Food

Fusion Food

Featuring NINJA CUT, Xiao Ya Tou, The Masses, Nassim Hill Bakery Bistro Bar, redpan, Nipong Naepong, Pluck, Omoomodon (The Star Vista), 49 Seats (The Centrepoint), Coalesce
Miss Ha ~
Miss Ha ~
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Look at that pool of shredded mozzarella cheese, made me oomph literally! The Ro ppong-roje wasn't my first choice because I am not a cream-based pasta person. But this is really the first that changed my opinion on that.

I really have to agree that it's the heartiest ppong at Nipong Naepong, not just for its portion, but how magically the blend of tomato and cream sauces turned out, as though I was having a lobster bisque. The tanginess of the tomato sauce and tomato chunks was really pleasing. The highlight was when the mozzarella cheese melted as it was mixed into the pasta sauces, where it gets pulled along with the pasta. I liked how they added 2 slices of the crisp tortilla base, used for their pizzas, on top of the pasta. Dipping that in the sauces gives a good judgement of the sauce flavours.

Also a seafood pasta, where there's a generous lot of mussels and squids. The flying fish roe adds on to the umami seafood flavour, as well as a bursting texture amidst the creaminess. Surprisingly, I didn't find it jelak till the end!

I had some difficulty deciding on which ppong because they all looked so enticing! Eventually decided on one of the top sellers, vongole ppong. Vongole is a pretty much safe choice for a seafood lover like me, especially in pastas.

Although stated as mild spicy, the heat gets burning gradually. I would say, it's actually quite spicy, because of those dried chilies. But the clear broth with white wine was addictive, very umami and strong seafood flavour. You will understand why when you see the amount of mussels and bring clams inside. The garlic fried till golden brown, leek, onions and cabbage play a part in contributing to the fragrance and sweetness of the soup. The chewy noodles, quite a reasonable portion for the price, and reminded me of that used for jjajang myeon. What could have been better, was probably to have a stronger white wine flavour.

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I always like trying food with fusion element. The star of this dish was the pulled pork that's cooked for long hours till so soft that it felt like it was torn literally. Ninja cut always has a way with designing their grain bowls, having a mixture of ingredients that I have a love-hate relationship with. Not a fan of pickled purple cabbage but the other sides like the corn kernels, the wobbly onsen egg and especially the fried wanton skin were those that I enjoyed. Though deep fried, the wanton skin pieces weren't oily. In fact, I liked how the floury taste reduces the savory flavour of the heap of pulled pork when it got too salty towards the end.


Fusion food has always been an interesting cuisine concept to me and Xiao Ya Tou is the first place that comes to my mind. Not only because of their retro interior design and old school decoration, but also how the play with common food ingredients and local flavours leads to innovative creations. Also, there's novelty from the 2 different Brunch and Dinner menus.

Easily my favorite of all, I was won over by the teriyaki-glazed eel that was grilled to such intense flavour, and its charred ends. Such a blast of umami-ness. I would prefer this over the usual smoked salmon benedict anytime. Sandwiched between the 2 fluffy deep fried flower mantous were some buttery mushroom duxelles and oozing low temperature eggs that filled the plate so quickly once cut. I love mopping up the luscious hollandaise sauce and the creamy eggs to make the fried buns soggy and flavourful, but the overall creaminess could get a little overpowering. Probably a stronger citrus yuzu flavour in the hollandaise sauce would add in a refreshing element.

Thank you @burpple and for the invite and hosting!

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Taking over the adjacent space of Ramen Atelier at Savourworld, Modus has now revamped their menu, expanded and renamed themselves as Create Kitchen. Business started since 8 January.

I am more than happy to welcome their reopening with customized grain bowls priced from $12 to $18. You get to choose 1 protein, 1 carb, 2 hot vegetables and 1 cold vegetables in each bowl. Protein selection includes western such as Grilled Australian Striploin and Sous-vide Salmon, as well as Asian styled Garlic and Sesame Chicken, Gong Bao Chicken.

Decided to go with the Thai Stirfry Basil Pork and was delighted that the minced pork was indeed fragrantly fried with the peppery aromatic flavour of basil. Had the healthy quinoa as my carb, but perhaps I would try having their wanton noodles/you mian in my grain bowl the next time.

Unfortunately they ran out of poached egg as one of their hot vegetables, thus the grilled king oyster mushrooms and baby corns. Seems like they really like mushrooms because mushrooms keep appearing in menu, as both hot and cold vegetables, cooked differently. Lastly, I really liked the spicy marinated bean sprouts as my cold vegetable. It had a slight kimchi taste, sour spicy crunchy, made my grain bowl far from mundane.

So the hype for Nasi Lemak burgers is over, then how about some Nasi Lemak Pizza? Literally a hidden gem because it's available at DOME's IMM outlet exclusively. The friendly trainee waiter let us in on a secret to enjoy this pizza and that's to dip into the oozy egg yolk with each pizza slice. Pretty much a success I would say, I could taste the coconut milk flavour, which he also explained that it was present in the chili sambal base. Overall it was an experience filled with crispiness, from the biscuity pizza crust, to the fishy Ikan bilis and watery diced cucumbers. Something that was lacking was the puffed rice stated on the menu but nowhere to be found in the pizza itself.

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An Indian cuisine-inspired main dish on Coalesce's menu. I like its presentation and pairing of the pan-seared fish with the tower of Tumeric infused pilaf rice. The fish was pan seared till crispy on top while still tender fresh underneath. Drizzling curry foam on it worked wonder for adding an earthy savory flavor to the fish, yet not masking the original freshness of the fish as in the case if a sauce was poured over. The pilaf rice was moist, had a spicy tumeric aroma and sweet from the brown raisins.

Laksa pasta seems to be one of the hot favorites at Coalesce. A whopping plate of linguine tossed in mild spicy laksa sauce, where you can even taste the chopped laksa leaves. I would have liked it better with a stronger laksa taste though. Served with chewy squid and juicy prawns, they aren't stingy with the seafood at all. A familiar laksa ingredient, tau pok, could also be found, just that there's no gravy to soak it up. You could also create thickness in the pasta by breaking the soft poached egg and let the oozy egg yolk flow.

My first try on a vegetarian version of chili crab pasta! Tastes really similar to a non-vegetarian version, alike to the usual pasta sauce of a sweet spicy tomato base, except that there was no crab meat. Unexpectedly, it got pretty spicy gradually, leaving tongues on fire. Linguine was a good choice of pasta to absorb the flavour of the chili crab sauce. Probably added for its unique and intense peppery taste, the wild rocket helped in balancing the thickness in texture and flavour of the sauce but I would still think that it's an acquired taste as I am really not a fan of it. What's uncommon was the addition of deep fried croutons slices, which were rather greasy and tasted like deep fried mantous. I enjoyed initially, but was too oily towards the end. The pasta was finished off by topping a jiggly poached egg.

Generally an all right attempt in creating a vegetarian chili crab pasta, but being a seafood lover, I would still stick to the conventional chili crab pasta for my crab meat.

Also another favorite starter of mine at The Masses. I wouldn't exactly say it's affordable for a starter but it's worth the price. Grilled to a perfect extent, the octopus tentacle offered succulence and chewiness. I liked how the gochujang aioli added a tinge of fresh spiciness to the monotony of the octopus tentacle, together with the sour pickled radish. End off the dish with a soft texture by the confit baby potatoes.

The thought of chicken breast might sometimes be associated with tough and dry meat. But this dish at The Masses, was surprisingly the opposite. 2 pieces of chicken breast cooked till light pink colour, juicy and tender. The accompanying truffle mousseline was lightly flavored, and instead tasted like mashed potato. Topped with slightly charred but sweet sautéed baby kai lan and chicken floss that added some sweetness to the dish. It's my first time seeing purple baby kai lan!

One of the many Chef's Recommendations at The Masses.

This dish depicts a symphony of flavors really well. You won't feel any monotony because there's a good balance of savory from the perfectly roasted pork belly, with crackling pig skin in each bite, and the truffle scrambled eggs. The pork belly was not fatty, but instead tender. The generous amount of truffle oil complemented the buttery scrambled eggs. So heavenly.

Some sweet element came particularly from the soft plum slices and semi-dried tomatoes. The citrus flavour of the tomatoes was refreshing. And not forgetting the greens, some roasted brussel sprouts. Pretty well roasted to get rid of the raw green taste.

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