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Fusion Food

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Miss Ha ~
Miss Ha ~

Another dish that was under the National Day Promotion was this Rougie Foie Gras Tobiko Fried Rice, priced originally at $34. As my friend was pregnant and had to avoid raw food, we asked for the tobiko to be removed. Surprisingly I enjoyed this more than the whole lobster golden salted egg yolk rice, given the wok hei of the rice. They weren’t stingy with the diced foie gras, though texture was dry and not too much of flavour in there.


Had this whole lobster golden salted egg yolk rice at Le Fusion as part of their National Day Promotion at 50% off (usual price at $46). Read the mixed reviews but still was curious about how it would turned out to be.

Unfortunately, like some others who mentioned, the thick sauce tasted more like pumpkin than salted egg yolk. Upon verification with the staff, we were told that pumpkin was blended together with the salted egg yolk. For a heavy flavour like salted egg yolk to be undetectable, it’s not difficult to guess the ratio of pumpkin to salted egg yolk used in there. Pretty disappointed. There were also bits of bacon, squid tentacles and tobiko. While a whole lobster sounds attractive, but its flesh was too dry after grilling. Perhaps they should work on the naming of dishes to avoid customers being misled.

I would probably just stick to their main menu items the next visit.

Air flown from Ireland, roasted Chinese style. The duck meat was slightly over-roasted, resulting in tougher bites. I also wished the skin was a little crispier. Nonetheless, the portion was reasonable for the price, and a good balance between meat and fats. Colour of the dipping duck sauce looked rather perculiar, but it was actually more fruity than sweet-savoury.

Not a signature dish on the menu but it was surely unordinary with the spicy fried chicken that was extremely addictive! Stir-fried with Sichuan chili peppers, kang kong tempura, bean paste, garlic, ginger and peanuts. Fine balance between the heat spiciness and numbness. Each piece of chicken was chunky, juicy and ridiculously crispy. Happy that they didn’t leave out the peanuts! Interesting to see a kang kong tempura for the first time, although there wasn’t any strong flavour.

Chefs at Mimi seem to favour truffle quite a little as you can spot several signature truffle dishes on the menu. For this particular one, black truffle Kurobuta pork potstickers encased in squid ink dumpling skin. As I bit off the skin, the earthy truffle aroma came through from the marinated tender pork meat. Pan-fried till crispy with a thin, crackling crisp skirt that falls apart easily.


As its name suggests, this steamed dish was creatively constructed into a garden of mushrooms literally. A medley of char siew (barbecued pork) buns that were painted with cocoa powder to look just like mushrooms and the white fluffy steamed buns served on Oreos crumbs as soil. The staff recommended that we eat this quickly before the buns hardened. While the presentation really caught my attention, the taste was ordinary. In fact, steamed buns with crushed Oreo just didn’t seem to go hand-in-hand. It’s not like you could mop up the Oreo crumbs with the buns. It was plain dry.

See what I mean by playful? One of their signature stir-fried dishes; a stack of housemade almond tofu (though I don’t really taste the characteristic almondy note), topped with crab meat and olive oil caviar which pops lightly in your mouth. Not a pumpkin fan and that pool of pumpkin sauce below looked seemingly jelak, but its lightness surprisingly worked well for the braising of the tofu. Rather than calling it a sauce, I would think its texture was akin to a cream.

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Preorder restaurant ibid’s roast duck, which is only available 8-10 ducks per week as they are aged and stored over a week. The entire duck was first brought in front of us before it was sliced.

Pretty juicy meat with a glistening reddish brown roasted skin, the roast duck was served as a whole alongside some condiments and their house made steamed pancakes. Instead of the usual cucumber strips, Ibid served Celtuce, or celery lettuce. Similarly crunchy like cucumber, but mildly flavoured. Intrigued to hear and taste Celtuce for the first time.

While the duck sauce was provided as a pairing condiment, I felt that it could be richer in taste to match against the gamey duck meat. A separate plate of duck skin was served, with sugar dusted lightly. Unfortunately we were disappointed, as it was soft and a little soggy, unlike the crispy type that we were expecting.

Unlike their Creatures Crayfish Hokkien Mee which was really impressive, the Urban Baba Babi Pongteh was rather mediocre. When asked for recommendations, we were told that this was one of the recommended dishes but the staff couldn’t explain why.

A very traditional peranakan dish; thick slabs of slow-cooked pork belly sitting nicely in the middle of a pool of tao jio, or fermented bean paste. You could guess the long hours of cooking as the tender meat could be easily torn away from the fatty portion. One thing, however, to note was that the fermented bean paste was probably too thick. Yes rich in flavour, slightly yeasty but because of it’s assertive flavour, the entire meat dish became way too salty. Barely touched the fermented bean paste after a few dips.

Served along with the nyonya chap chye of cabbage, black fungus, red dates (that’s a first that I have ever come across in a chap chye!) and dried shrimps that added a kick of umami.

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Are you team sio bak or team lor bak? Get the best of both worlds in this pork belly platter! Deemed as Chef’s personal favourite, savour the Guangzhou style roasted pork belly that has its crispy skin rubbed with Sichuan pepper or the Taiwanese style braised pork belly that’s marinated with coca cola and soy sauce for its sweet caramelic savoriness. Seated near the kitchen, we could already smell the fragrant aroma of the roasted pork belly before it was served. Would have even been better if the pork bellies, both cooking methods, were cooked till tender and not as tough.

Served with herb cucumber and greens. Dip in the in-house chili sauce for a complete experience.

Thank you @burpple for the invitation and @mamasoisg for the hosting!



On first look when it was served, I thought the beef short rib looked like a block of steamed fish with shredded ginger. Apparently, preparing this dish is no easy feat. The New Zealand short rib is first marinated in coconut milk and kecap manis for 2 days before slow cooking it for 12 hours. This results in its tenderness such that the meat can be pulled off easily, except that it was rather gamey. Finishing off the dish with a som tam, shaved papaya herb salad, and Thai basil. However, the green papaya seemed to be overcooked, lacking crunchiness and freshness.

Thank you @burpple for the invitation and @mamasoisg for the hosting!



The salt and pepper feels like a typical Taiwanese street snack combination, but addition of sliced chili and squid ink gives the dish a different fusion identity instead of just value-adding aesthetically. Coated in a crispy tapioca flour batter and tossed lightly in salt and pepper are reasons for addiction to squid chewing. Perfect to pair with a mug of 🍺.

Thanks @burpple for inviting and @mamasoisg for hosting!


Foodie for life <3

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