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Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu

The great: wok hei. Wok hei was really superb

Mussels were good, prawn was good

Squid ring sucks, crab was mushy and salty, though passable for this price.

Noodle portion was immense. Nearly 40% of the bowl by volume

Overall this place was fine. Apparently my girl's favourite Korean place so I came in with high expectations. Idk why they're so popular but they are so be prepared to queue, else come before 6pm

Beef was alright, ingredients weren't too generous and the whole thing was very sweet. Quite average

Quite savoury and there's a slightly seafood taste. Not bad and quite comforting. Nothing too special though

Quite a unique set that I enjoyed a lot. Kimchi was fine but the rest stunned. Cream corn was well executed and it's the first time I've seen one at a Korean place. I really like corn so I appreciate this alot

The pickled daikon was good too, I liked how there's crunch and you can taste the daikon, it's not the usual saccharine overly marinated stuff that doesn't even taste like vegetables. Last one is seaweed I think, but probably fresh because the texture is quite unique. Very savoury and goes well w rice

Was quite impressed by their banchan overall

Their beef is really really good for this price. It's everything a gyudon should be apart from the rice lol.

I didn't think something this delicate would work well in the cream based sauce but yes, the umami is actually amplified.

Only problem is the insane waiting time now, many tables didn't have food and dinner only just started at about 6pm. The waiting time really does affect the experience, we came without having to queue so imagine maybe an hour from standing to getting food on the table?

Why is this more expensive when mussels and clams aren't even that expensive?

Nonetheless its been a while since we had this and it's still good. There's a change with the current version including a lot of preserved veg which doesn't alter the taste too much but introduces a bite into each spoon, quite impressive because they are suspended in the soup. On top of this improvement it's good as always

Unlike some of their other stuff, luckily this wasn't very spicy. Well executed, creamy seafood flavour(not overly creamy) and the rice was soft(not your normal risotto at all, more like a cross with porridge). Generous amounts of cabbage and seafood

Finally finished the original series. Overhyped. It's not bad, it's exactly what you expect and it's satisfying enough if this is what you're looking for. Not nothing particularly stunning at all, and the Nutella taste is on the milder side

Could be limited edition, dude wasn't sure either

The cream was very lightly flavoured with pumpkin. Not recommended, bun was also abit hard

The beef was spectacular, well marinated and very tender. It needs to be strong to go with the thick tomato and mozz sauce. Delicious, would like the beef over rice too

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Apologies for the photo

Otherwise it's just like a normal Korean hawker standard

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Portion was fine, comes with glass noodles inside. Beef was tough but acceptable for this price

Would travel for food

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