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Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu

Take note it's a patty, not sliced beef.

The eggs were the true MVP, as they were fluffy and contributed to the texture. Don't request to remove the chili sauce and tomato, they were carrying the flavours. There's some Isaac sauce slathered on the toast but it was a thin layer, really can't taste it at all. Overall it's still a really feel good sandwich, I enjoyed it though I won't say it's special.

Not the first time I had a sweet garlic pizza, mad for garlic has one as well. Very different, this pizza has a moderate garlicky punch and it was q sweet itself, before adding the whipped cream. Works better than expected, if a little weird, but their other sweet pizzas are good too so probably better to try that first

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Usually this tastes very different from the Chinese version, but the one here is very muted in sweetness compared to most Korean versions I've had, which actually reminds me of the Chinese version. Still, quite solid, tho their other items are better and more unique

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A lot more homely tasting than the name suggest, the sauce wasn't anywhere as thick as the picture suggest. In fact it looks like sth you can make at home lol. And the heat was there but it was nowhere near unmanageable. Still tasty, just don't go in with the expectation of sth crazy

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A much smaller piece than the white Whale, this one didnt have as much of a bite but it was still sufficiently. There's a fresh ness from the greens but it was mainly sweet with no heat despite the name(think it's referring to capsicum)

Take note it's not evenly sliced so this piece(the ends) are actl q significantly bigger than the usual slices

Really good bite, very satisfying to chew on for something thats cold, but it's gonna be so much better if it were warm

Chicken wasnt too spicy, and the mozz had a nice crispy layer. However once u mix it up the crispiness goes away.

Surprisingly the rice ball wasnt a gimmick, it's to make space for the Cheese to caramelise. The rice ball itself was seasoned, so rlly can eat by itself, u dont have to worry about using the chicken In the tortilla wrap. I was surprised it's an actual tortilla(i tot it's gonna be some variant of their pizza crust actl), but the sour cream was literally cream that is slightly sour and is rlly sth i cant get used to, not to mention it completely overpowers the sweet spicy chicken sauce when taken tgt.

The Base of the plate was oily and while each individual component on the plate was at least decent, it tasted too greasy when mixed tgt. I even used Tissue to remove some of the oil and it was still too much afterwards.

Not that its bad, but i would suggest not mixing everything if u order this. Then it wouldnt be so overwhelming and the Cheese can remain crispy

Got the dry one, diff from picture

In their usual Nipong naepong style, it's a soy based sauce with quite a bit of heat. While it was sweet i had to keep taking sips of water between bites, and took a while to finish the plate. Bokchoy was slightly bitter, but otherwise everything was not bad. Taste profile is not exactly what you would expect due to the soy based sauce with mala.

PSA Take note they are extremely rigid with their items, i asked for a few customisations(less spicy, less Noodles, more pork, add beef) and got rejected every single time. U rlly get the exact portion as the chef intended, no wiggle room

Finally got around to trying their new items

The pork was reminiscent of the normal Onion and pork, but better even before considering the touch of heat. And somehow after mixing everything there was still some heat there.

I like that u can make ur own ssam with the lettuce leaves and trio of accompaniments. Since the sauce is very flavourful, u dont have to worry about the rice being tasteless after u mix everything up even if u remove a few slices of pork

P.S. I suggest dissolving the dry bean paste on top of the rice in the pork sauce first, else it's hard to mix evenly

P. S. Im def coming back to try the other hotplate items

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Mom was sharp and noticed weve never ordered this before(i mistakenly thought weve been here so often that we definitely have ordered it before, or maybe i just forgot to review lol)

Anyway wth this was good as well. Im inclined to believe anything coming out of their kitchen is good. It's supposed to be a light sauce but the wok hei, seafood umami(not the main flavour) and the generous garlic was enough to make any Broth a winner. Absolutely delish, tho idk what the Broth is(it just seems like an average Stock lol)

Take note theres a bit of heat in the broth

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Despite the generous portion of egg and a bit of cheese on top, after it's all mixed the kimchi flavour still prevails easily. With the kick of their home made kimchi, it made for a really comforting kimchi Fried rice since it wasnt too greasy

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Would travel for food

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