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Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Featuring Australia Dairy Company 澳洲牛奶公司, Kam Wah Cafe 金華冰廳, One Dim Sum 一點心, Yum Cha 朗豪坊, Capital Café 華星冰室, Sun Kee (新記餐廳), Ten Ren's Tea 天仁茗茶 (天仁茗茶), Guschlbauer 麥上日光, Modos (摩豆), Café Life × PMQ
Ethel Tan
Ethel Tan

The french toast was good too! This had condensed milk on it as well to add flavour to the toast.

I tried watercress with honey and lemon and it was less sweet than the usual. Tastes good though, this is such a unique drink.

Had their famous char siew rice with egg because I saw everyone eating it and it didn’t disappoint. The char siew was flavourful with a burnt flavour and the rice was so fragrant as well from the char siew sauce.

The egg tart was served hot and tasted really good, the crust was crumbly 😋

I felt that the bun used to be crispier on top and softer inside but it was still pretty good as compared to the rest.

These were really crispy but really big too. These was a large amount of prawn and meat in this.

This is quite a unique flavour so we decided to try it. It was really tasty and it has cilantro in it 😋

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The prawns were fresh and the skin wasn’t too thick too.

This liu sha bao is the custard kind so we didn’t like it much. The bao was nice and soft though 😋

This was humongous from being stuffed with many ingredients such as chicken, fish maw, mushroom and luncheon meat. It tasted good!

I had mi xian with mala soup and chicken slices plus cumin chicken wings! This was quite shiok I enjoyed it 😋 I thought the cumin chicken wings was rather unique too.

The egg tarts had a crispy crust and were really fragrant too. They were good even after they turned cold 😋

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