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Fusion food

Fusion food

Featuring Dumpling Darlings, Joo Bar, Paddy Hills, Vatos Urban Tacos (South Beach), GRUB (Bishan), Hambaobao, Nipong Naepong ([email protected]), habitat by honestbee, Sinpopo Brand (Joo Chiat), KARA Cafe & Dessert Bar
Ethel Tan
Ethel Tan
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These were slightly spicy but very flavourful. There’s also a sweet and slightly sour sauce in this too. Tacos/burritos are one for one with burpple beyond!

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This has a mix of Korean sauces and ingredients commonly used in Mexican food. The beef was flavourful and tender as well. Tacos/burritos are one for one with burpple beyond!

Nacho’s Mama Nachos with our choice of meat (beef) and this was really heavy and large portion but it was good! There was a good amount of jalapeños, black bean paste, cheese and guac in this 😋 this is good to share between 3-4 people.

These were flavourful plus not too greasy like how some quesadillas can be too!

This is my favourite dish here, the honey tequila wings. They’re crispy and both sweet and spicy in flavour too!

The Soft Shell Crab Burger has crispy soft shell crab perched on green mango and a prawn patty, with squid ink buns and served with curly fries and squid ink aioli. Everything complemented each other well and this reminds me of Thai fusion food. The curly fries had a sour twist to it which helped to add flavour to this as well.

Thank you for the invite and for feeding us well 🥰🥰

The ramen risotto is risotto cooked with ramen ingredients such as pork belly, pickled black fungus, tonkotsu snow, soy foam, spring onion and raw quail yolk. This was very tasty and I could taste umami in this indeed. This is part of Paddy Hill’s new menu which was just launched this week!

Thank you for the invite and for feeding us well 🥰🥰

I’ve missed these chewy noodles from @nipongnaepongsg! We had keu ppong cream which has noodles with seafood and tobiko in rich cream sauce and il-ppong (like Japanese champon) which has noodles with seafood, vegetables and quail egg in a tasty spicy broth. They help to balance each other’s flavours well and we enjoyed them a lot too. So satisfied especially when these are one for one with #burpplebeyond 🤗

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The pork lovers ($19) is a mixture of braised and crispy pork. The braised pork belly is Taiwanese style marinated with Coca Cola for a slight sweetness. The crispy pork belly was cooked Guangzhou style. They were both tender and flavourful. I would think they’re good but they don’t exactly stand out.

The salt and pepper squid ($19) was pretty good and they used tapioca flour as batter. It’s something familiar with a little twist to it too.

The short ribs ($29) were quite light in flavour. The meat was quite beefy and the papaya salad on top is like somtam with a twist. I was hoping for the papaya salad to be more sour and spicy though.

The chilli sea salt wings ($14) were rather tasty and crispy. They remind me of har cheong gai with a twist and they use Szechuan pepper in this. It wasn’t as spicy as I expected though, the chef mentioned he reduced spiciness after receiving feedback from his customers so his dishes aren’t as spicy as he hoped.

Always on the hunt for good food More food photos on instagram and dayre: @flyeetelfly

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