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Featuring Milk & Honey Gelato (Bukit Batok HomeTeam NS), Kim Lotus Dessert, Sticks N' Stones, The Salad Corner (Westgate)
Moshimoshi Tan
Moshimoshi Tan
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was looking forward to try "50 shades of (earl) grey", only to be disappointed at first taste by its thoroughly icy texture. on the other hand, every spoonful of the taro coconut flavour was creamy and a good balance of taro and coconut.
red velvet and charcoal waffles are also available! we had the red velvet one - crispy outer layer and the inside had a density similar to that of red velvet cake. not the best waffle around, but somewhat true to the taste of red velvet. quite expensive at $6 for two pieces ($5 for plain waffles) but can try if you have a buddy to split cost with.

Comfortingly filled with red rubies (only for hot version), red beans, chunky sweet potatoes and yam, in a light coconut milk!

Don't confuse this with Milk & Honey Frozen Yogurt - this is Milk & Honey Gelato, with only 2 outlets: Bukit Batok (HomeTeamNS) & Bedok.

Service was a tad bit slow, but the Quaffles (+$3 for half, +$5 for whole) & delicious ice cream more than made up for it. As with most gelato places, you can try flavours before you commit to buying them - I had the Shy Green Nut (pistachio) & Earl Grey Bergamot. Strong flavours, & there were actual nutty bits in the former! Will definitely be back; already have a loyalty card in my wallet, ready to be used.

💵 Cash & NETS only
🌬 Air-conditioned seats
💦 Self-service water in plastic cups
🚫 No WiFi

Gotta love having a choice for more affordable salad. This generous serving costs $5.90 and you can add premium toppings such as chicken or salmon for $1-$2. They also have lot of dressing options. My go-to is the Honey Soy one.