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Very oily and salty. Fried. Fake meat. Expensive 👎👎👎

Always wanted to try out this DIY roll from @rollwithmakisan . Saw that @foodpandasg had it with extremely high ratings and positive reviews so i decided to try it for lunch today. It wasn't good.

Rating: 3.5/10

Will i return/recommend: No/No

Pros: Healthy, able to switch to soy skin (avoiding seaweed as i'm hyperthyroid), customizable or ready selections for both sushi and salads. Wide selection of ingredients. Super cute quality packaging.

Cons: The moment i ate the 1st pc, my mind went blank, then "eew"! Dramatic much, but i really had high hopes for this. The soy skin looks so unappetizing! Weird texture, bland, unable to taste any of the sauce (maybe my tastebuds spoil from too much junk food? 😂). It could also be that i don't know how to customize it well but really did not enjoy either rolls. For the price paid, there are so many other better options.

Price: S$22.80 total - DIY Little & Mega San Sushi's, Soy skin +$1 each, Foodpanda delivery +$3

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Needed something healthy for a change, @veganburg to the rescue! In all honesty, my experience with vegan food is mostly just average, i do like a few stalls at Fortune Centre, but vegan food often utilizes a lot of beans, and i do not like beans. I wasn't expecting much from this burger but it exceeded my expectations by a long mile! Had the "Avocado Beetroot" and "Smoky BBQ" burgers.

Rating: 7.9/10

Will i return/recommend: Yes/Yes

Pros: Very delicious yet healthy! Everything i tried was nice! The buns were not limp and stale but very flavourful. The patty was simple and good, not too complex tasting. The hotdogs were made of tofu, not a fan but nice to snack on. Can't speak for the ambience as i ordered via Ubereats.

Cons: Certain items might need some getting used to for eg., strong mushroom flavour in "Avocado Beetroot's" patty and beet paste. Tofu hotdogs tasted weird initially.

Price: S$33.50 for everything pictured

Poke bowl is all the rage now! @rollieoliesg Pasarbella outlet. Had the brown rice "Wild about Wasabi" for multiple times already. Refreshing and light yet filling! Perfect if you are at Suntec and just "don't know what to eat" 😂

Rating: 8/10

Will i return/recommend: Yes/Yes

Pros: Tasty, fresh and healthy. Filling. Love the wasabi one. Generous amounts of sashimi. Dos amigos roll they have is really good too.

Cons: Inconsistent with ingredient quantity, sometimes they add too much/little of certain ingredients. The tamago can get quite "lumpy" and wet (in a bad way). Wasabi sauce was pretty gritty on occasion.

Price: S$14.95 Wild about Wasabi, regular bowl

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