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Rainy Day Comforts

Rainy Day Comforts

Featuring Kimchi Korean Restaurant, ParaThai, SBCD Korean Tofu House (Guoco Tower), Pistachio Grill, Kin Cow, Ho Rang I
Kelly Wong
Kelly Wong

Tucked away at a corner in Zhongshan Mall, this restaurant couldn’t be more obscure. I’m sharing it because we had such a great experience there that it would be a waste not to discover this place! Besides their other typical middle-eastern dishes, this Fish Singary ($95) is an off-the-menu item that you HAVE TO TRY. And I didn’t make a mistake with the name, nor the price. No, it’s not stingray (I don’t know about you but I kept reading the name that way intially). And yes, it’s pricey. But it’s so good, it’s absolutely worth the money!!! Incredibly fresh, plump red snapper that just falls apart when you dig into it with a fork, served with prawns on a hot pan with a bubbling, spicy, tangy and savory sauce. It is such a feast for the senses. Despite this being served at the end of the meal, we felt like we couldn’t get enough of it! TRY.IT. This dish is only available via pre-order.

Chock full of ingredients, such as enoki mushrooms, tofu, kimchi and veggies, this was similar to army stew except that you get real meat rather than hotdogs and spam. Wish the pork ribs could be a lot more tender though! They were a tad disappointing, but the soup was satisfying, and we could even ask for top ups which was great! #burpple #korean #stew

They might have looked small, but we were absolutely stuffed at the end of the meal! Lots of love for the sweet-savoury beef #bulgogi especially, and I do recommend the #kimchi #jjigae and andong #jjimdak as well. #burpple

Our server warned us that the famous beef brisket ($11.90) was unfortunately a bit hard that day as it just came out of the fridge, so I opted for the Short Ribs noodle soup ($12.90) instead. Slices of shabu shabu beef that were just slightly pink, with your choice of noodles (and they had plenty!). The highlight definitely had to be the soup which had the right balance of savory and herbs, though I felt it was too oily and should've opted out of pork lard. #burpple

Luckily for us, we made the right decision to order the Spicy BBQ Pork combo ($25.90 during lunch) which came with a smaller portion of the soup as well. We selected the assorted tofu stew which came with beef, clams, prawns and squid and chose the medium spiciness level. I don't think it was anything to do with the spicy level, but rather, the soup just tasted awfully watered down and lacked the oomph that we would have expected in a place that specializes in this dish. The BBQ spicy pork stole the show with a contrasting depth of flavour though! #burpple #tofustew #korean

The cosy restaurant was packed with locals even before 6pm when we arrived - a good indication of its authenticity. We thoroughly enjoyed the piping hot Gamja Tang Signature pork rib stew ($46) which was deliciously flavourful and rich #burpple


The Roast Duck with Red Curry is one of my favourites, with its delicious coconut-y flavour that is well-balanced with other spices. For chilli padi lovers, challenge yourselves with the "normal" spicy tomyam soup that will give you that powerful kick to make even the most seasoned chili fans sweat 👍🏼🔥 #burpple #thai #redcurry


Bite-sized *burps* on the go. More foodporn on the blog ;) IG: xuannykelly

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