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Vietnamese Please!

Vietnamese Please!

Starting to fall in love with the flavours of Vietnam! Let's see what else we can find.
Dex Neo
Dex Neo

My usual at Mrs Pho, I’m soooo glad they’re now open at Vivocity! My recommendation is to add some of their intense housemade chilli into the accompanying sauce before mixing it all in. Spicy, funky and the grilled pork chop and meatballs are a delight.


Usually order the noods here but a bit of variety is always good. Well charred, tender chicken thigh was a pleasure to eat together with the funky, sour sauce that comes with it.


My go-to at Mrs Pho, this never fails to satisfy with a refreshing mix of noodles, crisp lettuce and variety of meat. Pour in that sweet, sour and funky sauce and mix it all up for this noodle/salad bowl that won’t leave you feeling lethargic for the whole day. The meat balls and pork chop are both really tasty, but I love that crisp, meaty spring roll that soaks up the sauce really well.


SG PHO HOUSE is a great new Viet place to get your pho on! A lot of similarities to Mrs. Pho in terms of menu and space but with not as much of a crowd.

Definitely get their dry noodles; vermicelli tossed in a fragrant spicy, sweet sauce with a grilled pork chop. Refreshing thanks to the herbs and shredded pickled root vegetables too. Will be back pho sure!


The Vietnamese craving has been real recently! And if there’s a spicy option on the menu, it’s a no-brainer for me. Quán Cô Ba’s second branch at Broadway Food Centre along Jalan Basar has a wide range of awesome Viet food all in a little coffeeshop stall. The spicy noodles is all kinds of fiery in a clear broth that’s just addictive, the tender beef slices are just a bonus. 😛


Ohhh, finally got the chance to try their cockles and damn, they’re worth getting your hands dirty for! It looks pretty normal, but there’s an oily, saucy pool at the bottom that’s full of garlicky, basily goodness. Even better is the crazy good pork lard that’s soaked all those flavours up and is perfect with the cockles. If you’re a cockle fan, this will be right up your alley.


Otherwise also known as item number 7 on Long Phung’s menu. We really wanted to try another Vietnamese hawker stall but as is our fate, it was closed when we went down. 😪

That said, This bowl definitely still satisfied any Viet cravings I had! The brothy, beefy soup was intensely rich with a deep spicy flavour, but luckily it didn’t go overboard with the flavours. Even the beef itself impressed, tearing apart with just our chopsticks. Good and something I’ll consider again if I’m in the area though I wouldn’t make any special detours.

Another day, another lunch at Super Ngon. This is becoming a regular thing when we're just looking for a comforting meal near the office (with aircon).😂

Kuay teow, a flavourful broth and fresh herbs is good enough for me! Simple but satisfying though I wished the beef was just a tiny bit more exciting cause it didn't leave much of an impression. The value set meal also comes with two fresh spring rolls (the clear kind that's stuffed with prawns and bee hoon) and a refreshing iced tea. You can upgrade that to a Vietnamese coffee (+$2.50) which you should if you're pining for a strong hit of caffeine. ☕️


The other main we tried (can't have Vietnamese without trying their pho, amirite) is their pho with beef shin, tenderloin and balls.🐮

Not your typical beef pho with the thin slices cooking in the hot soup, the meat probably comes pre-cooked. If you're expecting slender, springy pieces of meat, it might disappoint but the meat was still nubbad. I did like the beef balls though which had this smoky quality.

Overall, an acceptable bowl of pho that'll satisfy you if you need to nip that noodles craving, but I'll be trying more of their rice bowls here instead. 🍚


New lunch option for you lucky Tanjong Pagar peeps! Just opened, this fuss-free Vietnamese stall from Fat Saigon Boy (beside Two Men Bagel House) is serving up pho and rice bowls.

Tried their beef pho & their roasted lemongrass pork bowl, and the clear winner is definitely this rice bowl. 🤤Tender and roasty pork that was a pleasure. The Vietnamese slaw packed with refreshing stuff like mint, coriander, fried shallots, spring onions and nuts will keep you diving back in for more. And even that simple fried egg was done really well – crisp edges while still soft on the inside? I'm sold! 👅💦💦