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My Gastronomical Journey

My Gastronomical Journey

Featuring People's Park Complex Food Centre, BeerThai House Restaurant (Golden Mile Tower), Beo Crescent Market & Food Centre, Soei Restaurant (ร้านเส่ย), Oriental Cravings, 秦小姐豆漿店, Kopenhagen Coffee, 茂園餐廳, 醐同燒肉夜食-胡同燒肉5號店-, 御品元冰火湯圓-台北總店
Blueskies Cottonclouds
Blueskies Cottonclouds
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Still the best! The pepper has enough KICK to it but it’s so good that you just keep going back for more and I like that they can achieve all that flavour without the dish feeling oily. Finger licking good and worth every bit of hard work.

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Steamed to perfection and adorned with crispy garlic and resting on a bed of tong fun, this is seriously good. One is the best I’ve had. Perfectly executed.

I wouldn’t have thought of ordering this but thanks to @sakeambrosia, we did and I absolutely loved it. Utterly yummy and nourishing. Nothing like a good soup.

Love their beef and the heart attack fried rice. Now there’s no need to trek all the way to Sin Ming. It’s right in town. Still as good.

Seafood lovers will love how the textures and flavours come together in this pasta and you can taste the sweetness of the seafood and the brininess of the sea.

Topped with a sprinkling of pistachios and mascarpone, one nite and all thoughts of a harried day dissipate and you can’t help by just be present to savour the richness of summer.

I’ve never had a plate of pasta that’s so delicious and no, there’s no meat in it at all or seafood. Just the best bounty that Mother Nature has to offer during summer from the plant kingdom. Utterly surprised by the layers of flavour from this caponata and absolutely loved it. Hope it makes it to @barcicheti’s summer menu soon and since it’s summer all year round here, please can it stay on? Also a little tip from the Chef. Taste the pasta first on its own and then only mix in the ricotta

That’s what Chef Jason did here with this antipasti. These amazing crustaceans are not from Italy but Vietnam. When he explained to us,it made perfect sense given the logistics and flavour and honestly, if he didn’t share this nugget of information with us, we can’t tell the difference. Served with saffron aioli and some bread, it just hits the spot. Bellissimo!

So appetising especially with a little lemon juice magic. Perfect for the balmy and hot evenings in Singapore.

, asks Veronica. One pasta each. Sure, was my reply. Somehow a pasta each turned out to be a wonderful Italian version of letting the chefs serve us, yes, Omakase style. So we started with these lovely toasted focaccia topped with tomato tapenade and straciatella. So good!!

At SGD 25 this may seem steep but they do it so well here. This place is perpetually packed with Japanese so be prepared to wait if you didn’t make a reservation.

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