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Featuring Jonker 88 (大寶小食), Klebang Original Coconut Shake, Lorong Hang Jebat,75200 Melaka,Malaysia
Wen Qi
Wen Qi

We headed from the Nonya Cake Shop to the cafe. Arrived at 2pm plus, and was told that we would need to wait for at least one hour. There were at least 4 big tables which were still waiting for their food to be served. We decided to just wait and thankfully the food was good! But definitely not worth the 1 hour wait. Even after the meal, we still couldn't figure out why the kitchen was so slow in the food preparations.

Tips: If you are thinking of going to their nonya cake shop, send someone over to the cafe to place order and get seats first! Otherwise you would need to wait for at least an hour too.

Dishes ordered: kueh pie ti, fu yong omelette, salted veg duck soup, otah, rendang chicken, chap chai, sambal fish

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Personally I don't understand the hype about the chicken rice balls other than them being rolled to size like fried fishballs. The rice balls didn't taste like rice, I couldn't even feel the rice grains in my mouth. Chili wasn't fantastic and somehow It's true that the chicken smells good when served - you could smell the sesame oil. However, I think the steamed chicken that my mum cooks tastes better than this. Chicken rice balls are just not to my liking.

Note: It's a LONG queue outside. If you are curious about chicken rice balls, you can try but don't have too high expectations for it.

I love their thick gula melaka! And look how the coconut milk coating makes the ice ball look just like a coconut. Interestingly, they have 2 bowl sizes on weekdays but only offer the big bowls (RM7.40) during the weekends. It's definitely too much for one person to finish, perhaps 2 or 3 would be alright!

Coconut milk shake with vanilla ice cream for just RM2.70. It's pretty interesting to notice that they have a production line set up in that small area: (1) opening of coconuts, (2) collecting the coconut water, (3) blending the coconut flesh, coconut water and vanilla ice cream, (4) dispensing the blended mixture into individual cups, (5) top up ice cream accordingly.

Wen Qi

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