Chinese/Modern Chinese

Chinese/Modern Chinese

Featuring Yàn (National Gallery Singapore), Stellar at 1-Altitude, Mak's Noodle (The Centrepoint), Biang Biang Noodles Xi'an Famous Food (Toa Payoh Central), Chin Lee Restaurant, MYO restobar (Oxley Tower), Empress Porridge ([email protected]), Tan Ser Seng Herbs Restaurant, Food Emporium (Changi Airport Terminal 4), Kai Xiang Seafood Restaurant
The  Food Compendium
The Food Compendium

This wasn't anywhere near as good as it was, it's not as ridiculously tender and juicy, probably not sous vide-d before anymore

It's still decent skewers, good flavour and esp because the exterior has a noticeable crunch

Intentionally provided this lousy literal translation cos their naming is absolutely meaningless, and very misleading(there's no beef at all)

The difference between this and the 4 in 1 toppings is the meat filling in the mo. The three meats are cubed meat(that's sour), meat sauce, and the meat filling. The sour meat is not up my alley, overall it's slurpy and decent but not particularly flavourful, you can't taste the individual elements either

Brilliant as ever. The sweet slightly viscous sauce is very enticing, and the pork soft bones were so soft, slightly sticky, and not dry at all


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Tbh the creamy broth doesn't mix well w the sourness in this case

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The spring onion oil taste was damn weak but their light savoury base sauce is quite good, so overall it's not bad

You can also add their signature minced meat

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The beef skewers were much better, there's this bounce unlike most beef skewers I've had, and it was still tender.

Would have been perfect with more crisp, but definitely worth a try

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The potato? noodles were chewy but there werent much ingredients otherwise, the soup is like the rest of their spicy soups

The braised intestines were soft and didn't have much stench, very mildly braised

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The pork was fatty but abit dry, seasoning was relatively mild for Chinese skewers

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This is one of the rare savoury styles of pork and chestnut stew that I've had, there's some spice? inside that gives a mild unique underlying savouriness and otherwise the gravy was good

Abit oily tho, overall competent

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Pretty tasteless, but nice that it's got meat inside

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Choice of sides: we chose bacon and chive mash here, the bacon and chive was really mild so the mash was pretty AVG

The cod though, it's really steamed absolutely gorgeously. I didn't even realise how most cod I've had were overcooked until now, this was so incredibly tender, it melted in my mouth more than all other cod I've had before

Plus the soy sauce was strong and deep, it's insane

The best dish we've had here, by a mile

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This was mala soup base, medium spicy. Their medium spicy is alr pretty spicy, proceed with caution. I recommend one lower than medium. Again the soup base is really thin and lousy

Potatoes. You can tell from the thinness it's going to be pretty damn good
Celtuce a rare ingredient in Singapore, and it was cooked perfectly
Beef tripe was examplary in crunch, excellent stuff

Pork stomach was well braised, some of their items are frozen to achieve the al dente bite when it's cooked, this is one of them
Kelp and black fungus were alright

Large intestines, it's not very fatty at all and there's a little bit of stench. Also I prefer it to be soft instead of having a bite

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