Modern Chinese/ Chinese

Modern Chinese/ Chinese

Featuring Tai Cheong Bakery (Holland Village), Yàn, The Frontier (NUS Science Canteen), Mak's Noodle (The Centrepoint), Cookhouse by Koufu (Jem), Chin Lee Restaurant, Food Emporium (Changi Airport Terminal 4), Kai Xiang Seafood Restaurant, MYO restobar, Dian Xiao Er (Jem)
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu

The preserved olives was just a hint, not bad fried rice. Grains were well separated, it wasn't greasy, there's a lot of small ingredients, and good enough to eat on its own yet light enuf to go with gravy

Small portion but enough. It's deep fried, basically like ikan bilis and sauced up. Very addictive. Seemingly small portion but enough for probably even 4 to share. Just don't treat it like a main lol.

The pickles were mild but very noteworthy

Solid dish. Well deboned, kind of crispy(the hard kind). The ckn was good on its own and the mild chili beside added a lot of dimension, for it was tangy, grassy, and carries a bit of heat all at once. My friend absolutely loved the chili and proceeded to wipe the two small dishes clean

Quite a big portion, good for 2 pax.

Their small spicy is actually pretty spicy already. Don't go for medium unless you really love heat

I tot how good can it be but turns out it's really not bad. The ckn was very tender and well cooked, a bit unexpected from the general vibes of the place. Even though the sauce seems like some normal soy based braising sauce, actually has its own character and is pretty addictive. The ckn isn't marinated or steeped in the sauce, so be sure to mix well w the sauce before eating

There's also onions and stuff inside

Make no mistake, this ain't no juice. It's super satisfying, almost like a milkshake

Yunnan's drinks are stellar and I'm glad I bet on them and ordered this. The avocado layer was creamy, not the watery diluted stuff u get elsewhere. Jackfruit puree was utterly spectacular as well, so intense without being overly sweet. Mix both for something that's utterly delightful

This is the standard portion(serves 4), not the one pax portion.

This is a case of you're paying for premium quality ingredients. Even it's only around 15? bucks more than the original ckn soup, the taste is profoundly different. 4 types of mushrooms go into the soup: cordyceps, matsutake, bamboo mushroom, and red mushroom. My first time trying matsutake and I'm absolutely blown away, the depth of flavour is incredible. Best chicken soup I've had in memory. Don't skimp if you're already here, the original, while good, doesn't begin to compare.

Btw after takeaway the flavour deteriorates quickly, finish it on the spot

PS even though mushrooms stole the show, the ckn is very good with their chili sauce as well. Make sure you debone the ckn and mix well, then it's very satisfying

Served with crispy rice. I felt the meatballs weren't impressive for their standard but the soup was solid. A brilliant hue of orange, it's creamy and the seafood taste is strong. Rather decadent, with the bouncy whole prawns. I suspect there isn't a single hawker paofan that comes close to this version, would love to be proven wrong

This is how it looks without the oil. It's really not that scary despite the fiery looking oil

There's potatoes, some kind of green bean noodles?, And celtuce I believe. There's some heat but overall it's a rather comforting dish actually. Pork had a nice texture as expected

Yeah it's expensive but it's worth it. This is ridiculously good, not only from the mushrooms but every aspect from the spices, textures, and skill. Hand cut mushrooms were unbelievably thin(anyone who cut before will know), and slightly crispy. The garlic slices were very crispy too. It's not too spicy but the spices were scintillating. Utterly fantastic and an absolute MUST ORDER, no matter how u feel a plate of mushrooms shouldn't deserve 30 bucks

Would travel for food

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