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Modern Chinese/ Chinese

Modern Chinese/ Chinese

Featuring Swee Choon Dim Sum, Tai Cheong Bakery (Holland Village), alittle tashi, Little Bastard, MYO restobar, Chin Lee Restaurant, Mak's Noodle (The Centrepoint), Kai Xiang Seafood Restaurant, Orchid Live Seafood Restaurant (Yishun), Jiang-Nan Chun (Four Seasons Hotel Singapore)
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu

Again, consistency. Some were slightly chewy, while others were divine. Those release juices like roasted duck, with a crispy skin to match. Must order if youre a Fan of large Intestines, and pray both skewers deliver

P. S. Min order of 2 skewers for almost everything, some are min 5. So bring a group here else you dont get to try so many things.

P. P. S. The spices are all the same. Cumin, chili flakes i think? (theres some heat to it), garlic. Idk if it gets boring due to the change and textures Of diff skewers, and honestly it's really good so idts

I have to admit the consistency is so bad haha but on the other hand, it lets you try a myriad of textures. Some texture were exactly like mochi, some exactly like jelly bean, one super soft and another one rather hard. Loved it, definitely order even just for the chance that there will be a texture u like, not to mention the beefy flavour and the spices

Disclaimer: so this is from shuang shuang Noodles beside the kai xiang seafood stall but in the same hawker centre

Chong qing xiao mian uses a different mala Base from their mala hotpot, so not to worry and think you're just getting a bowl of mala hotpot Base Noodles. That said it's usually very spicy so i ordered less spicy but then it wasnt spicy as all. I say go for the usual spice level. The Broth was made with a lot of spices, and taste pretty authentic. They also add the braised Beef sauce and thats where they get the body of the sauce from.

Braised Beef was pretty flavourful and very soft. I really didnt expect such a standard cos usually it's dry and tough

Shredded Pork was normal. Nothing bad, abit on the mild Side if anything

P. S. Their toppings are ridiculously generous. I really doubt if they make money. They literally give the normal portion on the Noodles even if u add it as an add on.

The Intestines were not bad with spices and chili, somehow even though it's heavily spiced u dont feel that way, and u can still taste the soft intestines

Pork ribs were tender and is the normal hongshao kind(not to be confused with the soy braised kind of the same name)

Finally their dan dan mian had this sauce at the bottom of the bowl that was predominantly sweet, but was so so good. It's really fragrant, to the point where thats a taste by itself. Noodles were really soft, and while that's my thing not everyone would like it like that. The Minced Meat were q flavourful but it's really the sauce that makes it such a flavour bomb

Pork Rib was had the profound and familiar porkiness that some places have as well, idk what they do im guessing it's some sort of brining. Could be more tender though

The sauce had all the makings of a lip-smacking rendition, with Spring Onion oil and soy sauce, unfortunately it really smelled much better than it tastes. The chili was q lacking as well, being spicy and sour but doesnt rlly add much flavours.

Dont order the kway teow here as it was so limp despite eating it within 2 mins of taking away.

Broth was decent, rather sweet but nothing to shout about either

Overall, despite all the bashing, it's still an above average bowl. But for 7bucks, it's too much

As someone who doesnt like pepper overpowering other flavours, i quite liked the mild pepper taste of the filling. Surprisingly the exterior was really good, it's this Thin layer of crisp compared to the usual thick crunchy polo buns, with a prevalent sweetness that isnt too much. Surprised by how much i like it, but still not as impressive as their roasted duck

Took me a rlly long while to realise but if youre able to dine somewhere nearby, take away saves 10% svc with minimal impact on taste(except that it's not very environmentally friendly) Idk how many people will ever find the right situation to use this observation but I guess it's a life hack??

Anyway i was really impressed with the duck. Skin was reasonably crispy and when u bite into it, the beautiful juices gush out. Yeah it's expensive but i feel the taste really does justify it(tho i wont decide if it's worth it or not). Flavour was good too, however the same cant be said of the Char siew. It's got this serious bite which actl seems planned or maybe left out a little long, it's not tough nor under cooked. Flavour was mild and complex but the texture really killed it.

Broth was good, with a moderately intense flavour while still being drinkable to a certain extent. The spice wasnt shy by any means from the first sip, though it keeps growing until it almost necessitates a gulp of water between bites. Beef was very tender and pretty generous in portion. The Noodles however, were too thick and slightly hard, uncharacteristic of knife-shaven noodles. Dont upgrade for sure. liked it overall, but not something ill travel for.
P. S. somehow the soup splatters easily(cos of the Noodles) so wear a dark shirt

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The only reasonably priced item on the menu seemingly, and boy was it good. The duck skin was so friable and crisp, I've never had anything like this before on a duck. The sauce was also lightly herbal so not as to distract your taste buds from the excellent duck, though the plum sauce was v fragrant. Definitely one of the more unique ducks, and highly recommended

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A break from the usual peanuts, this was good but just good enough to leave u wanting more, thus making it a great starter

How lucky are we to have a high quality Fish Replacing the Noodles lol. Fish was well cooked, coated in a sauce that is a tad similar to chili Crab. Nothing special, but simple and delicious. Really goes well w rice

P. S. There were other items in the menu but i didnt eat them so not gonna review

Super Thin and soft with an amazing chew, i would describe it as a cross between Bak Kwa and pork Jowl. Smoky flavour was absolutely amazing too, more like a snack than a meat in the best way

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Would travel for food

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