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Modern Chinese/ Chinese

Modern Chinese/ Chinese

Featuring Tai Cheong Bakery (Holland Village), Yàn, Li Bai Cantonese Restaurant, Cookhouse by Koufu (Jem), Mak's Noodle (The Centrepoint), Ah Yat Seafood Restaurant (The Grandstand), Beng Hiang Restaurant, Chin Lee Restaurant, Food Emporium (Changi Airport Terminal 4), Kai Xiang Seafood Restaurant
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu


Idk what it is, it's like tau suan but barley. Not bad, it's v viscous almost like jelly alr haha.

Same standard as their 农家小炒肉, crispy pork that's salty enough. Delicious!! This is the usual standard of saltiness for proper Chinese dishes

It's okay for 6nett, the tofu is abit firmer than what's supposed to be. The sauce also just has a bit of numbness, otherwise it's not rlly redolent of mapo tofu sauce, average.

Like the capsicum sauce that's q full of flavour, and this thing has quite a bit of heat.

But, don't get their chicken dishes. It's chicken coated in sauce, not cooked in the sauce.

PSA tea goes for 4++ per pax. Abit ex but service was excellent, very attentive and prompt in helping us refill our tea whenever they catch us empty haha

Kurobuta was vv tender, despite not being dredged in flour. Quite savoury but safe, the laoganma(Chinese chili oil mix) was rather muted save for the fragrance. Restaurant kinda dish, I would prefer much much bolder flavours. Still, props to their execution

Cod was amazing. It's marvelous how different it can taste under the skills of a good chef. The olive veggie was very light but enough to add umami and fragrance, rightfully the cod should be allowed to shine here. Great dish

1.5hour wait, so make a reservation and tell them about it in advance

The rice was not bad, there's a chew and bite to it and the 锅巴(soccorat) is the clean yellow colour kind. Personally I prefer the insanely crunchy burnt ones a la new lucky but this one is hard to fault

Overall, it's a premium version, but otherwise not stellar

OH SIKE that's what I would have said if not for the sauce. Damn that sauce is something else. It's so unassuming but so good, and it's not very different from the norm either. It's got this oil-like consistency to it, and a strong humble umami. Power!

The toppings are solid. Intense flavours, the poultry was abit too salty though. Personally didn't like the fermented sausage cos there's this bitterness and alcohol kick to it, but the lup Cheong was the best I've had. Not quite sure what the last meat was, some kind of pork.

Toppings were pretty generous despite what it seems for 4 pax, because of the saltiness we actually had quite a bit of it left over after finishing the rice

Definitely can't argue with the quality, but whether u enjoy every component is really up to the individual

Even better than I remembered, it was v crunchy and smokey too. Not too sweet either

Tldr MUST TRY!!!!!!

One of my favourite memories in Shanghai is eating this dish, as the mutton was quite literally as fresh as you can get, if you catch my drift. Deeply flavourful, with accompanying spices, makes it a rice killer. I really didn't like the vibes(drinking and smoking at the table) but I inevitably turn up for every gathering there due to this dish. I'll admit I haven't really ordered this dish much in SG(if at all), but this is almost as good as the ones I had in Shanghai. Worth a trip down, no wonder it's so packed at night

Damn this was good. It's really sweet obviously, but somehow it wasn't too cloying. Insane crunch from the sugar, and it pulls v far, so high fidelity to its name. Dad said it takes a lot of skill to make this dish since it's easy to burn the sugar. First time trying it and definitely highly recommended, but probably get it only as a group of 4 as the portion is generous

Chicken wings were less crispy than the previous time, but still damned good

Lamb was stunning as well, good balance of fat and meat, deep flavour, and amazing rub which complimented the lamb well

Would travel for food

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