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Related To Bread Or Bread-like Dishes

Related To Bread Or Bread-like Dishes

Featuring Brawn & Brains Coffee (Guillemard), Firebake - Woodfired Bakehouse & Restaurant, The Bakery by Woodlands Sourdough, Two Men Bagel House (Novena), Free The Robot Coffee, Sacha & Sons, VXX Cooperative, Kith (Park Mall), Dutch Baby Cafe, Marché Mövenpick ([email protected])
Neko Cat
Neko Cat

Smoked fish special only at the Novena outlet and not at Icon Village! I preferred the coffee at iCon village but this is great too.


Simple and good, not too sure about the coffee here. Have tried their breakfast plates too (salmon, cheese and muffin) great if you are hungry!

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Just alright.. tried their bakery a few times but it’s great if you’re hungry at night (buy before going home) and do not want to have an oily supper.


$8 for Avocado and feta. I think it’s a great price point + the ingredients were really fresh!


A first for me with Gluten free bread, the sandwich was okay... the buttermilk pancake with maple syrup was better. Order plain without toppings.

Great Bfast set as the milk bun was so yummy! Totals up to about $6-ish.

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Love the tuna sandwich (although $15), kept me very full and definitely prefer the Winsland II location to Millenia walk.

It was my first time at Dutch Baby cafe and we ordered two to share. This was one of the flavours which I preferred over the other - salted caramel banana as the salted caramel seems a little too overpowering where the flavours were just nice for this.

The berries may seem a little sour to some! Dutch baby pancakes are definitely more "eggy" than the usual pancakes that we are used to but because it's baked in the cast iron pan, the middle of the pancake is moist while the edges are crispy. Yum! It came up to about $30 for 2 pancakes.

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Cluny court's branch would be more accessible - coming out from Botanic Gardens Mrt.

So far I've tried their Ploughman sandwich, chicken sandwich, raspberry twist bun, sticky bun(cinnamon roll!), multigrain loaf and their scrambled eggs on toast, this place never disappoints. The baked goods are priced really reasonably too, am looking forward to try their pizza! (Available after 12 noon)


Ordered 2 breakfast plates - one was with a portobello and the other with Kurobota ham. (Appearance and taste wise- it looked like any other ham.)

Everything here is self service from the moment you head in.
1. Find your own seat
2. Order at the counter
3. Retrieve your glasses of water if need be.
4. Floor staff and cashier staff seem a little tired and they weren't smiling or seemed helpful towards the patrons. It can appear as a turn off for some customers.

The coffee was so-so and some of the food appeared on our table barely warm. The place is beautiful but I'm not sure if I'll be back for the food and service here.


My new favourite! when I come here the next time, was recommended by the lovely lady at the counter to order the pastrami. Was deciding between the beef pastrami or the pepperoni, I usually order the grilled chicken and avocado when I eat here.

Drinks wise I think I'll still stick to my favourite cappuccino, one of the best I've had is from Brawn and brains.


Bread lover.

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