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Featuring Loof, Tom N Toms Coffee, Hong Jjajang, 4Fingers Crispy Chicken (Plaza Singapura), Tanjong Pocha
Jean W
Jean W

I had Tangjammyun (half noodles half pork). Noodles were flavourful and chewy, taste similar to what i had in Korea. Glad that they serve their tangsuyuk and the sauce separately as I prefer to dip my pork into the sauce. When we visited about few months back, they served free steam egg and ice lemon tea. Not sure if they still do now. #tb

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I like my korean chicken wings but i dont like how the chicken in 4fingers is always too salty. Tried at ion and tamp too but their seasoning is always way too salty to my liking! Not sure if im just unlucky tho because i always hear good reviews about 4fingers from my colleagues. Not trying again unless i get a free meal 😅

Waffle-Cut Kimchi Fried Fries ($11) was marinated with Honey Soy Glaze, Garlic and Sesame which was an unusual flavour for fries. It tasted great with the same tang of Korean Fried Chicken and their serving size was perfect for us!

We love the environment here, an open-air rooftop bar with ample space and chill vibes with varieties of drinks and food to choose from. Definitely not the cheapest place for drinks but more of a place to try out unique drinks flavour!


📍 Tanjong Pocha
60 Tanjong Pagar Road
Singapore 088481

Since we were in the vicinity of Korean food, we decided to look for a store that serves army stew. When at Tanjong Pocha, we were sold when the ahjussi said "we have 10 side dish" while we were browsing the menu. With the shop being filled with Koreans, we knew that the food can't go wrong here!

We had sides while waiting for the main and to be exact, there was 10 side + Seaweed soup which was Jae's favourite among all. Refills was free and we got an extra serving too! The army stew was pretty basic, with ingredients like luncheon meat, sausage, deoboki, ramen and lots of cabbage bubbling in the thick and spicy broth. Kae almost couldn't helped himself to slurp from the pot.

Although we were there for army stew, they had BBQ sets for 2-3 pax priced less than $50 which we contemplated on but decided to go with army stew since were not that hungry and probably wouldn't be able to finish the set.

The army stew costs $25 before Service charge & GST


$8.10 for toasts and tea, Even before the toast was served, we could  smell the aroma of garlic inside the cafe! The toast was crispy on the outside yet fluffy inside and was cut into half with cheese in the middle. The garlic and butter was spread evenly which wasn't overly greasy and was drizzled with honey, it was yummy! Although Jae was full, she still stuffed the toast one after another till the plate was empty. 7/10

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Jean W

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