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Jasmine Lim
Jasmine Lim
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Rainbow bagel slab with beef patty and melted cheese. May have look scary with the colourful bread as sometimes colourful = poison 😂

The beef patty was quite juicy, and topped with a layer of cheese to give another enhanced flavour. But the bagel was mehz, just think bread lol.

Btw, this is a pop up store at a charity carnival.

From a chicken specialty shop, they did quite a good job on their beef as well. Cooked at medium and comes with a side of cajun fries!

👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 thumbs up to this craze of the yr. Fried coconut rice bun was an interesting invention from the chef and it did comes with a very distinct flavour of coconut. The sambal chili was not too sweet but the sweetness was there to bring this deconstructed local delicacy to another level.

Together with the spam fries at the side, please have this while stock last 😁

Another nice combination of sweet n savoury. Nicely coated chicken with the fragrant salted egg yolk sauce goes fairly well with the sweet pandan waffles. You don't even need the condensed milk at the side. 😂

This was quite a disappointment as i have high expectation for this dish. The rendang beef did not goes well with the chili and cheese. The flavour did not mix well together hence it turns out to be quite a let down. Nevertheless, it is a good try.

It came with a soft and tender pork with some brocooli at the sides and bacon bits. Really like this dish as the pork is roasted well without any "chao ta"

Not too sure on the type of sweet potato that they use. However, there wasn't much sweet potato taste. Would rather order their normal skinny fries and is much cheaper.

Nice presentation with good portion of all necessary macros. Grains was a mixture of barley and quiona.

Portion was big, chicken was quite soft and tender. Downside was the overall is still too salty

Instead of having the whole shank, lamb meat was peeled off the bone and layered it over the toast, topped it with poached egg and hollandaise sauce! Lamb shank was really tender without any unpleasent smell.

Brochie toast topped with smoked salmon and poached egg. Healthy option, order it without the hollandaise sauces.

Salad at the side to provide fiber and colours to the plain dull main.

Pan-fried mackeral paired with french bean and roasted potato. Comes with a lemongrass side sauce. The mackeral was slightly fishy but thankfully the lemongrass sauce was able to cover it.