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Featuring Kane Mochi (Bugis+), HUSK, Matchaya (The Cathay), The 1872 Clipper Tea Co. (ION Orchard), Nunsongyee (Bukit Timah), Ben & Jerry's ([email protected]), Hoshino Coffee (ION Orchard), The Lobby Lounge (InterContinental Singapore), eyescream and friends (Wisma Atria), Châteraisé (CityLink Mall)
Jasmine Lim
Jasmine Lim
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Wildberry Yogurt Milkshake

Thick consistancy milkshake with strong berries flavour taste. Milkshake was quite fulling even with the "petite" size.

Red Bean Ice Cream

$2.2 for a stick with quite minimal red bean filling. Will not recommend as the price did not justify for itself.

Matcha Ice Cream

Surprisingly affordable ice cream from a premium japanese pastry shop. $2.5 for a stick, is cheaper and more worth it than a magnum. Matcha taste was not as intense compared to some of its indirect competitor but it was intense enough to wow me with that price.

Matcha Latte (25% Sugar)

Not worth the hype imo.. The matcha was not that intense for me. Those with sweet tooth can go for 75%. Will not buy without the 1 for 1 koi membership promo!

Mochi Ice Cream

Ordered matcha, taro and pistachio almond flavour. Taro tasted quite normal, just like those ice cream waffles on the street.. Love the matcha n pistachio almond. Matcha flavour was quite intense. People with sensitive teeth please do wait awhile before putting the mochi into your mouth, quite hard as they just took it out fresh from the fridge!

Assorted Flavours Waffles Bowl

Matcha // Black Sesame // Houjicha

Not much of a wow factor to me. Matcha was ok, abit too sweet to my liking. Black sesame taste was quite strong. Still like houjicha out of the 3. One of the best choice from the shop. Able to taste all 3 flavours.

Chocolate Banana And Injeolmi

As good as always, just that the condensed milk was kind of more diluted than before.

Caramel Ginger Beancurd

Beancurd was soft, top with caramel ginger syrup added more flavour to the beancurd! Bear in mind that the ginger syrup does have a kick!

Pancake Soufflé

Bouncy pancake that is soft and fluffy. Really amazed at how the pancake is so soft despite the thickness. Drizzle with maple syrup to end it on a sweet note! (Not a cream fan!)

Royal Heritage High Tea

Bought the voucher from chope wow sales at half the original price. Non-refilable for all tier. Tried both the rasin and original scones.. One of the better ones around SG