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Featuring BrotherBird mochi & softserve co., Kane Mochi (Bugis+), Archipelago Creamery, HUSK, Nunsongyee (Bugis), The 1872 Clipper Tea Co. (ION Orchard), Patbingsoo Korean Dining House (Plaza Singapura), Nunsongyee (Bukit Timah), Hoshino Coffee (ION Orchard), Chocolate Origin (Bugis Junction)
Jasmine Lim
Jasmine Lim
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Tried the chocolate flavour and it is still as tasty as before. Full of cream fillings that worth the $1.9 per puff. However, you may not want to eat this as breakfast as it is quite jelat though. Is not the food problem but is my own body issue 😂😂

Tiramisu flavoured shaved ice that comes with a generous portion of red bean. Bite sized ladyfingers and panna cotta jegged up the overall presentation to deem it as a portion too huge for 2.

However, please do not be intimidated as the portion is really ok for 2 pax to share.

Taiwan's famous Yong Kang Street shaved ice treats.

A heap of shaved ice topped with yougurt and berry sauce together with banana slices, strawberry and blueberries. Light and refreshing appropriate as a post-dessert after a heavy meal.

Flavours: Pistachio almond/ Jasmine/ Blueberry/ Melon/ Banana milk/ Thai milk tea

The cheery colours of the mochi did manage to perk the mood of the eater!

Something light that i would recommend if ones need to satisfy their sweet tooth without being feeling too stuffed or bloated after eating.

Mixture of ice (ice cream) and fire (lava cake) 🔥❄️

The chocolate lava was quite chocolatey, mix with the vanilla ice cream at the bottom to balance up the sweetness from the chocolate. Suggest to finish off the cake first and leave the chocolate lava for the ice cream.

Taste is still as good as before. Ordered pistachio and pisang. 1 for 1 on Snatch app

First time trying their coffee flavour. Not too sure if they have dropped their standard but the espresso shot was a tad too little for the milk flakes.. And the overall taste was on the bland side though

Coconut water sobert was v refreshing and it comes with a strong coconut taste to my liking😁

Earl grey lava sauce that burst out from the mochi bomb was flavourful, even though it was mix with chocolate sauce

Unlike another bibimbap bingsu that i ate in another shop, you are unable to mix the "ingredient" together. Vanilia ice cream is used to create the egg white topped with peach "egg yolk". It comes with strawberry jam instead of the usual condensed milk for our pour shot.

One of my fav dark chocolate ice cream from all the dark chocolate flavour available in stall. Intense flavour and bitter without losing it sweetness 👍🏼👍🏼

Sea salt butterscotch tasted more like caramel instead. Taste wise was not that "salty"

The perfect match 👍🏼Matcha soft serve pair with houjicha ice blend