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Local Flavor

Featuring JB Ah Meng, Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodle, Changi Village Hawker Centre, Springleaf Prata Place (Thong Soon Avenue)
Ida C.
Ida C.

Our staycation in Changi Village was as delicious as it was dangerous to our waistlines...

The standards at this hawker center are incredibly high and you can almost go to any stall and be guaranteed an excellent dish!

We really enjoyed this hokkien mee... very friendly cashier and such a generous shake of the lard container... my hero!


My new gold standard for prata...

Meet the Springleaf Plaster Prata featuring: perfect prata (light and crispy while still chewy in bits), fresh real cheese, and runny egg...


I'm pretty sure it even works on breakups...

It definitely works on this special prata with milk and sugar... crispy, chewy, sweet and messy... it's like a love affair on its own that never has to end...


The first time I had maggie goreng, I was 3 sheets to the wind and it was love at first bite, but this hangover hedge does not require hard liquor to taste awesome... even first thing in the morning, it can be a beautiful companion to greet the day with...

Just don't get it confused with a healthy breakfast... this one is pure indulgence!

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It's really hard to manage your expectations for JB Ah Meng because everything around the experience, from the Michelin love to the enormous crowd queuing for a table to the happy faces chomping away at tables practically bowing under the weight of generous platters of colorful shiny food, collectively projects one thing: the food is most likely awesome! And​ luckily, it really lives up to the hype!

So throw caution to the winds, order recklessly, and don't miss this delicious crab, wonderfully firm and sweet and enhanced by the white pepper sauce!


Awesomely fresh and tender clams with great flavors! Don't miss these if you manage to score a coveted table


The crowd at Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodle on a weekday lunch is very interesting... You've got star collecting tourists, you've got star collecting residents (guilty), you've got regulars and then you've got another extra 10 or so assorted others waiting in line, which all adds up to about a one hour wait... If you're lucky, one of your friends may have arrived early to get in line, and if that happens, then you better make sure you come early enough to chope a table because the crowd is fierce! It took about 10 minutes of deliberate hovering just to score some seats! It was a great experience though and I would advocate for getting the large ($8) portion with the wavy yellowish noodles dry with soup on the side... The texture of the noodles are great with a really interesting mix of flavors and the pork is amazingly soft... Crispy fish bits add to the conflagration of textures and flavors! Broth is incredible and bursting with bone stock flavor!


I've been going to this stall at Lau Pa Sat forever, and it used to be for the standard breakfast noodle sets, which are good on their own, but the other day, I saw a girl picking up her order of Wanton Mee and I knew I had to try it! Love at first bite! The noodles are perfectly springy and never lose that beautiful chewiness right through to the last bite, the seasoning oils are perfect, the wontons are delicious and the greens are cooked just right... But the piece d'resistance? The very very crispy, very very satisfying chunks of fried lard... Hallelujah, can I get a witness?


Ida C.

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