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Featuring iO Italian Osteria, Chinatown Complex Market & Food Centre, Maxwell Food Centre, The Masses, LE Cafe Confectionary & Pastry (Middle Road), Amoy Street Food Centre, Heap Seng Leong Coffeeshop, Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory (Raffles City), Grand jeté cafe & bar, Waa Cow!
Andrea Cheah
Andrea Cheah
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My first thought on seeing this starter on the menu was how unique could this chawanmushi-like dish be. But have you seen potato chips on steamed egg before? No I haven't and I am impressed. Scoop a little of each ingredient and have them at a go to discover what a medley of flavors is really like. The Ikura and Tobiko gave a popping sensation with umami taste, in addition to the crispness of the potato chips and sweet savoriness of the silky steamed egg. Just that the combination of both ikura and tobiko could get a lil salty. A slight nutty taste from Buerre Noisette could also be picked up. Most unique steamed egg I have ever eaten!

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Heard it’s opened by Xinde Yap. I always watch Dee Kosh’s videos (Super hilarious), and he’s one of the guys there that does the flirty stuff with him. 😂

Different generation already. I missed being a XDD.... Xiao didi. LOL.

Tom Yum pasta for set lunch affordably priced at $9.90, and it tasted not bad too. Young people nowadays really adventurous, can act YouTube open shop. I got to learn from them.

Silky smooth chee cheong fun and yam cake tossed in sweet sauce and home-made chilli. This is one of the best comfort foods!

#1-30 luan jie mei shi 銮姐美食

Egg tart with thick tart based! The tart tasted just right, not too sweet! I love the tart base as it compliments well with the soft filling. Yummy ($1.20)

Not too sweet and best eaten chilled, gather all your friends to buy the box of 8 right now!! Only in stores after 1230pm!
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Mixed box of 8 includes original (2), longan, grass jelly, peanuts, red beans, egg white and gingko nut & white fungus flavors. My personal favorites are the original & egg white!

salted egg salmon skin, curry fish balls and maple char siew :) ❤️👍🏼😋😋😋😋 #gcexlosers #sumyitai #sumyitaieats

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For an indulgent, creamy treat, head to this new stall in the basement of Raffles City. Famed for their range of delicate cheese cookies, Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory also serves up really amazing Hokkaido Soft Serve (from $4). Burppler Natalie Wong loves that the ice cream is smooth and creamy, while Burppler Yvonne Lo compared it to Japanese cheesecake in ice cream form. Yum! It can be a tough choice deciding between the Cow Cow Milk ($4) and Cow Cow Cheese flavour ($4.50), so consider getting the Cow Cow Twist ($4.50) for a combination of both. Alternatively, get the best of both worlds with the Cow Cow Sundae ($8.50), which sees your choice of soft serve topped with a cheese cookie and a slice of pillowy cheesecake.
Pro tip: The stall has a selection of cookies, cheesecake and roll cake for sale — perfect for bringing with you for house parties.
Avg Price: $5 per person
Photo by Burppler Natalie Wong

Don't know what else to say but f awesome lean but juicy hugeass tonkatsu. The bread's a wee dry, mayo coming on a little too strong, but just $14.80 for such yumminess in the middle of Orchard? If that ain't a steal I don't know what is.


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Go big or go home, they said. And big is definitely the way to go here, because big gets you a fat & fluffy bao dripping with juices. There's (half) an egg, mushrooms, Chinese waxed sausage, and chunks of chicken and pork in there. It's a little sweeter than the usual, but that's partly why I like it.

Apart from a variety of handmade baos like char siew, kong bak pau, red bean, etc, there are also interesting variations of dim sum such as the Century Egg Siew Mai ($1.80) in the background. Regular and salted egg versions also available. Tastes pretty decent, but definitely not the highlight here. Save your calories for the super big bao & more Jalan Besar eats instead.