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zong teoh
zong teoh


This is the best chendol I’ve ever tasted in my life.

It’s ice blended with the right amount of syrup and creamer.

You will never forget this chendol stall.


$16. $4.50 for each scoop of ice cream, $6 for charcoal waffle, and $1 for salted egg yolk sauce (not in photo).

I didn’t know there will be salted caramel sauce to line the plate, so the salted egg yolk sauce feels too “extra” to be part of this dessert.

Charcoal waffle is way, way too crunchy.

Butter beer ice cream is good, love the light butter taste to it.

Smoked chocolate tasted like an average chocolate scoop, almost couldn’t feel the “smokiness”

Overall, it’s priced on the expensive range

$4.50 for one, $8 for a pair. It’s a shot of mojito inside a thin membrane using molecular gastronomy. Haha, search that up, some new food tech.

I’d rather order a glass of mojito, because it’s really nice and I want more than one mouth, than drinking from this membrane.

It doesn’t have that bursting effect like the Japanese fish roes.


$48++ (it’s a high tea set with two pots of teas)

Brought my SO to this place to celebrate her birthday. This place is filled with many other rich tai tais on a weekday afternoon. The furnishing is fancy and the smell of expensiveness permeates the entire spacious cafe.

For the food, there’s 8 types of savoury and sweet snacks. The sweets are on the meh and unexciting range, nothing out of the norm that will wow you. But the savoury snacks are really good and makes the high tea worth it’s value.

Pamper you and your SO once in awhile!


$48++ (high tea package with food and drinks enough for two)

This is rather meh and unexciting. While it isn’t bitter like any oolong tea, it doesn’t have any strong tea leaf flavours to it. And the wolfberries felt like an afterthought. It’s just an average tea, nothing exciting here.

Read more on the food in my next post.

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$48++ (comes with other food enough for two).
This is one of the most popular teas in Arteastiq, I’m glad I went with the waiter’s recommendation.

They add a dash of spice inside the lychee tea, i don’t know what’s that, but it makes the drink super nice. So I’m sure they added more to the lychee tea. The iced tea was refreshing and makes you want to drink more. It’s makes me want to come back to this place just to order this again.

More about the high tea in another post


$8.80, if you pair it with a cup of tea/coffee. MUJI is my go-to place for basic tees and other minimalist stuff. First time trying their cafe, and it’s surprisingly good! Worth a try 🤩

$5.90 one of the best matcha latte I have drank. It’s not too sweet, which I like 🤙


$6.90-$8.90. Gave a range because I can’t remember the exact price. The hot lava paired with salted caramel and vanilla ice cream is really good!

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Got this cos it was recommended on the menu.
But the taste is weird, I’m not even sure what it’s supposed to taste like.

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The ingredients blend well with the matcha ice. Worth it 🤙🤙



Slightly pricey for the ice cream and waffle are both good


Need to watch my waistline

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