Kopitiam and Hidden Gems

Kopitiam and Hidden Gems

List of under discovered places more known by locals through word of mouth.
Boon Wai Hoong
Boon Wai Hoong

Wow this is made from semolina and almond flour.

Taste buttery and fluffy. Yum.


Pretty hidden place behind bendeemer mrt station.

Ordered the Chicken Buah Keluak and Pork Pong Teh without rice ($8). They are pretty tasty.

Quite the hidden gem. Will visit again 👍


Klang style Herbal Bak Kut Teh that comes with lots of ingredients! Comes with ribs, small intestines, tofu skin, pig tripe and liver.

Look at that medium liver 👀


Found this stall serving pretty decent western food in Liang Court.

The beef stew comes with boiled vegetables and the truffled mushrooms comes served with a soft boiled egg. Both came along with mash potatoes on the sides

Taste good and is pretty affordable!

This stall had traditional vibes to it that makes you wanna give it a try.

Ordered the large Braised Platter ($8) and large Pig Organ Soup ($5.50) to try out.

The braised platter comes with generous servings of large intestines, belly cuts and pickled vegetables. The large intestines tasted clean without any tainted smell / flavor to it. Belly cuts tasted light without being too heavy.

The soup comes with generous serving of your assorted parts. Soup is very comforting and light ad well. Makes you wanna gulp down the soup.

Should give this place a try!


Possibly a contender to 88 roast. The roast pork is crispy and flavorful. The char siew is dry on the thin sides but still tasted very good.

Gotta try with 88 roast side by side.

🤔 They are supposed to be closed on Mondays though.


Looks like a normal chinese-western chicken cutlet but is actually a serious competitor to Colin's right opposite.

Food are cooked to order and be prepared for a queue during peak hours.


Surprised to see a more dedicated western food offerings in a coffeeshop. Comes with 2 sides and rosemary sauce. I chose boiled vegetables and sunny-side up.

That is alot of cheese stuffed in it. Look at the oozing cheese!

Priced at around $6, it is definitely worth it. Give it a try!

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This Chee Cheong Fun (Rice Noodle Roll) comes with fried fish cake and crispy 齋鹅 (Vegetarian Mock Geese) drizzled with sweet sauce.

Having the extra ingredients makes this dish more special and worthwhile. Food for simple day.

Good dish to try out if you are new to Singapore local cuisine.


Comfortable tze char place at OCC. Food are pretty decent here with the right expectations.

Great hangout place for family weekends!


Saw this listing on Burpple before. Was passing by and decide to give it a try.

Relaxed environment and good extraction. It on my goto list next time!


Probably one of the best ambience for coffee. Spacious and equipped with nice furniture.

Really nice place to go if you just want to sit down and relax.
Very good for small group meetings.

Coffee is decent. Will come again for the environment.

Android Engineer @ Burpple. Keeping our fellow engineers awake with Kopi.

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