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Featuring Lola's Cafe, Meat n' Chill, Foxhole Cafe, Nunsongyee (The Midtown)

Tuck away in a corner of Hougang, the newly opened Nunsongyee located at The Midtown, serving a wide variety of Bingsu, ranging from the classics Pat Bingsu to some exotic yet interesting and unique flavours was my first stop for dessert. They have many outlets located across the island, this one was their newly opened one. When I arrived, I decided to order their Thai Milk Tea Bingsu, which was their promotional item at that time. The place was relatively small, capable of sitting around 20 people, so if you want to come and enjoy their Bingsu, do come early as it may be pack. The wait for the Bingsu was relatively okay. When my Bingsu arrived, all I wanted to do was to dive into the Bingsu, as it was covered with a generous amount of nuts and the ice cream on top was huge! The sauce was also quite unique as it was not the normal condense milk you would usually get. The ice cream was very nice as it has the right balance of sweetness with the flavour of the Thai Tea. The cake was also very nice as it was fluffy and cheesy. The cake was slightly too sweet for me, but I am sure for people with a sweet tooth, it is just nice. The nuts were also a nice mix with the crushed ice and Thai milk tea. Overall, the Bingsu was very nice as all the components in the Bingsu worked well with each other, I guess the only downside of this Bingsu is that it is on the pricy end, but I would say it is value for money. So what are you waiting for! Come down and visit NunSongYee.

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This is my second time coming here, I was super satisfied by the quality, price of the food and the ambience at this place during my first visit. As usual, the staffs here were very friendly and I was greeted as soon as I went in. As I have tried their steak before, I decided to try their ribs since I have heard a lot of good reviews about their ribs. First impression of the ribs was that it looks damn delicious, the meat looks like it will fall off the bone easily. I wasn't disappointed when I start to pull the meat off the bone, it was very very well cooked and was extremely tender, the meat totally fall off the bone easily. The meat was also very flavourful, every bite that I took, I could taste the sauce used. This place is definitely a go-to place if you want to find quality steak or ribs with affordable prices. Overall, I would come back again to try more of their dishes!

Last time i was here i ordered their 500g steak, which was actually pretty incredible for that price point. Today i am back to try their other steaks, namely their ribeye with red wine sauce. The wait was relatively acceptable, and the setting of the restaurant was very cosy and had a very farm feel to it, i guess thats why they call it meat and chill HAHA. Anyways back to the steak, first impression of the steak was that it maybe a little bit too raw as i could still see blood flowing out, requested for a med rare steak, but it was more on the rare side, but its fine the steak was still very nice. The ribeye was very tender and the red wine sauce helped with bringing out the ribeye's natural taste, which was pretty awesome. Btw if u order fries, screw the chilli and ketchup, just dive right into the red wine sauce! I swear the red wine sauce is very good, i even had it on my mashed potatoes 😂. But honestly, overall this place standards did dropped a little in terms of their food. Not saying it has gone terrible but it has dropped a little. But still do come down and have a try, its value for money, the food is decent, and place is cozy! What else can you ask for! Come down to meat n chill!


A quiet place tuck away at hougang. If you're looking for a place to chill and have a good time, i would recommend this place. They have a small menu, considering it is quite a small place, but still offers a wide range of foods, from croissants to burgers and many more! My friend and i decided to get their set meals which was $25.90 Nett. Each set came with a main, drink and soup/dessert.
The first set we got was the beef burger, orange with passionfruit drink and mushroom soup. The beef burger was very good, it was very juicy and well cooked, the cheese and pineapple compliments the burger very well. The drink was okay and the mushroom soup was well seasoned.
The other set we ordered was their beef lasagna, tea and cake of the day "which was btw called ugly cake haha". The beef lasagna was relatively okay, the layers were pretty well layed out and could taste each and every layer. The tea was just normal and the cake was very nice, although it looked really sweet it was just nice.
Overall very good experience with this place, would recommend it if you want somewhere quiet

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I heard from my friends that lola's cafe is an awesome place to visit for brunch. So, i headed down to check it out myself. The place is quite a small place, so if you would want a good seat you would have to wait or come down early. The ambiance of the place feels very hip and pop, very suitable for dates. We ordered their famous ultimate croissant, lola's full work and honey paprika crispy wings. The wings were very nice and packed with flavours, they were crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, and they were cooked to perfection. As for the croissant, it was well baked, the egg was well seasoned, and the ham smoked nicely. Although the egg is nice, but it was a bit too oily for my liking. As for lola's full work, what you see is what you get. The bread was toasted nicely, the ham was the same as the croissant, the sausage was very nice, it has a lot of flavour in the stuffing. As for the egg that came with it, it was just a bit too oily as well and the white sause that came with it was a bit too strong till it broke the egg's taste. Overall i think the wings were good and the rest were just decent.


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