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Snacks Affair

Snacks Affair

Always having room for snacks, even after an full meals.
Brenden Quek
Brenden Quek

Tauhuey is my ultimate comfort food and I found the reason for this special love over this bowl of Chen Shun Mei Tauhuey (probably the most life-changing Tauhuey yet). My mum took a lot of Tauhuey when she was pregnant with me, hoping to give birth to a beautiful Snow White. In fact, her wish for me to be fair (as opposed to tanned) was so strong, she almost named me 'xue er', which means snow in Chinese and has a similar pronunciation to my English name, Sheryl. But alas, I ended up with quite a natural tan, nothing like the Snow White she had hoped for. Nevertheless, her intensive Tauhuey eating habits while I was still in her womb probably fortified Tauhuey's position as my ultimate comfort food even before I was born. To me, Chen Shun Mei Tauhuey is the king of all tauhueys. Aside from the interesting day where I discovered the reason for my love for tauheuys, I feel it boasts the best taste and texture. Velvety smooth soya beancurds drenched in pandan flavoured sugar syrup, this seemingly innocent Tauhuey is actually very addictive and my family just can't stop coming back for more. #hawkerpedia

I have been living in Haig Road all my life and this stall has been around since I was a little kid. My mom will buy this for me whenever I was sick. Till now, I still crave for it occasionally and I could easily get it since it's just below my block. This is my favourite childhood snack. From $1 for 3 pieces to $2 for 5 pieces, it's taste has never changed. The skin is thin and soft, while the generous amount of gula Melaka filling is gooey and not too sweet. The grated coconut is slightly salty to compliment the sweet taste, while the pandan leaves further enhance the fragrance. I hope this traditional Malay kueh will be passed on to the next generations.

Soon kueh and Beetroot Kueh ($1.20) each.


I loved bread & hawker food.

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