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Can Eat Again

Can Eat Again

Featuring Burnt Ends, Park Bench Deli, Maxwell Food Centre, Aloha Poké (Amoy Street), Amoy Street Food Centre, Nanbantei Japanese Restaurant (Far East Plaza), Sum Yi Tai, Ji Ji Wanton Noodle Specialist (Hong Lim Market & Food Centre), Healthy Soba IKI, Fu Lin Bar & Kitchen
Andrea Cheah
Andrea Cheah
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salted egg salmon skin, curry fish balls and maple char siew :) ❤️👍🏼😋😋😋😋 #gcexlosers #sumyitai #sumyitaieats

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Went to Hong Lim Food Centre and craving for Cantonese Delight's curry chicken cutlet noodles so bad but they were closed today. Perhaps I should have went for their wanton mee but all I had in mind was fried chicken — the ones were sadly fried some time before and were a tad dry and had a batter that was a little bit on the thick side. Noodles were decent tossed with the black sauce, but I guess I would perhaps try their wanton mee another day to be a little bit more fair ...

Egg tart with thick tart based! The tart tasted just right, not too sweet! I love the tart base as it compliments well with the soft filling. Yummy ($1.20)

Silky smooth chee cheong fun and yam cake tossed in sweet sauce and home-made chilli. This is one of the best comfort foods!

#1-30 luan jie mei shi 銮姐美食

Original intention was to eat Cantonese delights but they were closed.. And this was the longest queue out of those that were still open so gave it a try! The noodle is different (not mee kia) and I thought the sauce was quite salty! It is just good that there's really a lot of ingredients for $4! #honglimfoodcentre #burpple

Yet another donburi option in CBD, DOCO (@thefishshnack X @soicocosg) currently offers two specialty rice bowls - Sh-nack Don (Grilled Beef) & Sh-ken Don (Honey Miso Chicken). And without a doubt, I chose the former cause beef is life. Nicely grilled, the Sh-nack Don comes with savoury slices of beef topped with a runny onsen tamago and cajun fish sh-sprinkles on a bed of warm Japanese rice. Though a little dry overall, the crunchy bits of spiced/seasoned skin lent an element of saltiness and worked nicely with the tad sweetness from the tender marinated meat. At $8.90, it is certainly a decent lunch item and an intriguing way of getting your crispy fish skin fix.

📍International Plaza 10 Anson Road #01-16 S(079903)
⌛Mon - Fri , 11am to 6pm

Have been hunting for a good one like the ones I had in Seoul a few years back, and this is definitely the closest. Light but fragrant and I’m not sure if you’re supposed to mix it but it does get a little thicker towards the end.

Not in atas (expensive) places but just good old fashioned hawker centres. Feeling alittle "meh" but just had to have this.
Very generous portions of beef. Nice and tender. A tinge of wokhei... could be abit more wokheish. Gravy thick, gooey & not over starchy. Kway teow big and flat & not in small small pieces. Very decent plate of beef horfun and only at $4.50.
At least my craving was appeased.
Stall name : Good Day

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Gluten free soba, made in-house with high quality ingredients imported from Japan; Healthy Soba Iki has quite a wide variety of local-inspired/ Japanese, cold/ hot soba. If soba is not your thing, there's always the option of rice bowls.

This is my favourite of the night from the cold Soba section. Served with avocado, eggs, tuna and salmon chirashi with a refreshing cold dip - mix in the wasabi for a bit of flavour and a slight spicy kick. Soba had a good bite to it!

Thank you @healthysobaiki for having us and #burpple for the kind invite.

Despite it unassuming appearance, this old school French Toast was eggy with a good char from using a grill, a switch from the usual pan-fried French Toast. Paired with their sweet, eggy and aromatic homemade kaya (which tasted akin to Tong Ah's, with similar texture and consistency) which was sandwiched between the French toast layers and served in a generous helping by the side, it was a true match make in heaven. The auntie saw how quickly I wiped out the kaya on the first piece of French toast, so she immediately offered to refill. (so kind of her!) The family which runs the shop are incredibly friendly, and their coffee here is pretty famous too, so do get a cuppa to give you extra energy to fight the day!