TinyTummy’s Taste

TinyTummy’s Taste

Featuring Koh Grill & Sushi Bar (Wisma Atria), Shukuu Izakaya & Sake Bar, Non Entrée Dessert Cafe, Omoté (Thomson Plaza), Chir Chir Fusion Chicken Factory (Jem), Tok Tok Indonesian Soup House (313@Somerset), Soup Restaurant 三盅两件 (Clementi Mall), Tea Plus, Tuckshop @ Solaris, Bismillah Biryani (Nexus @one-north)
Tiny Tummy
Tiny Tummy

Shiok Maki 1 is definitely the go-to sushi!
The fusion sushi roll comprises of thick torched salmon, cucumber with lots lots lots of tobiko and special shiok sauce (my fave). The sauce taste is like sweet thick mayonnaise. Opt for less tobiko if you are not a big fan of fish roe.

They will serve the sushi with ginger as garnish.

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The scallops (hotate) are super huge! They torched them for a while and served while still warm. The moment you bite the scallop, it melts in your mouth! Yummm... the scallop melts yet still juicy and crunchy, enabling you to chew them. The mentai sauce is a perfect combi as it gives you that ‘umami’ taste, preventing you feeling too ‘gao’ from eating those gigantic scallop


Favourite place for fish soup in One-North area. The fish is fresh and the broth is super good! I always asked for extra milk as I prefer to have my fish soup thick and milky. You can choose either white noodle or yellow noodle, either thick and thin. They also have rice option (additional $0.60)

The laksa fish soup is another recommended menu here.

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The chicken skin is crispy and the meat is tender. I really love the melted cheese! You have to eat this fast while it’s still warm, cause it becomes a little bit soggy when it is cold.

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Had this for the 4th time! The chicken biryani is consistently good; unlike the mutton one (sometimes mutton was tender yet another time was hard). The chicken is tasty and the spices taste is super strong; so be prepared!

They have 2 sizes - small ($6) and regular ($10). I always ordered the small one as the rice given was HUGE! I hardly finish it alone.

Come earlier (before 12pm to avoid the crowd)

BEST DISH! Eat it while warm with a bowl of rice! The tofu skin is tasty while the inside will melt in your mouth.

The most authentic soto (Indonesian soup) place in Singapore! Even the utensils are Indo-style - see that old school enamel plate, serving white rice with bawang goreng!

Ordered soto betawi (beef soup with coconut milk), the soup is thick with sweet yet savoury flavour. Added some drops of kecap manis and fresh lime from the condiments bar to add another layer of flavour. The soto portion is quite small, so best to add-on Bakwan Jagung ($1.60) or Bala-Bala ($1.60) as a side dish!

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Beyond imagination!
This dessert has successfully replicate the richness of nasi lemak’s flavour and texture.

The savoury ‘nasi’ is made of savoury coconut while combined with green pandan mousse sweet gula melaka inside. The toppings playfully explore different textures - the sleek sambal chilli (strawberry coulis), jelly-like hard-boiled egg (mango yoghurt) and crunchy ikan bilis, peanuts and kuning fish tulip (fragrant fried onion a.k.a bawang goreng).

You definitely don’t want to miss this sweet yet savoury ‘nasi lemak’ dessert! Available til 20 Oct 2019

Love their classic milk tea taste! It’s smooth and silky. The pudding texture is on the harder spectrum so we can chew it. The sugar level preference is only 3 though - 0%, 50%, 100%.

Other recommended flavours are avocado milk tea and yam (if you are a yam person).

Notes: Omote just launched their Menu 2.0 on 17 July 2019.

This menu is part of Omote’s 2.0 menu, under the new contemporary modern donburi, offering 3 variations of don:
1. Salmon Mentai - definitely my favourite part of the dish; the mentai sauce is super creamy while the salmon is torched in aburi style. It was executed well as the aburi salmon is still juicy and not too dry!
2. Cubed Salmon in Spicy Cheese Sauce - the wasabi taste is a bit strong for me. The salmon cubes are cold with crunchy texture.
3. Assortment Chirashi - Omoté’s classic dish which never goes wrong! The chirashi is fresh with generous chunks of salmon, tuna and tako.