Korean Things πŸ‡°πŸ‡·

Korean Things πŸ‡°πŸ‡·

Featuring O.BBa Jjajang (Tanjong Pagar), Kim's Family Food (Lorong Kilat), SBCD Korean Tofu House (Guoco Tower), Bingki Korean Dessert Cafe, Super Star K Korean BBQ Restaurant (Tanjong Pagar), 2D1N Soju Bang Korean Restaurant (Tanjong Pagar), Nunsongyee (Bukit Timah), Ming Jia Korean Food, O'bean Organic Soya Vegetarian Place (Tanjong Pagar), Han Ka Ram Korean Restaurant
Phoebe Ting
Phoebe Ting

Kim’s on Lorong Kilat is hands down my favourite spot for Korean food. Doesn’t matter it’s an absolute trek to get there. The budaejjigae here is my fave thing on the menu, followed by various BBQ items and their pancakes. Most importantly, their banchan game is super strong. Refill please!

Was tipped off about this place that is super popular among those working in the area. This was my second attempt to come because the first visit scared me off with the MASSIVE queue - and I totally understand why! Such great value for what you get. I went with the samgyetang (it was a rainy day). It came with half a little chicken, a choice of rice or glass noodles and little dishes on the side. So belly warming and tasty and for only $12.


Bubbling stew with lots of tofu and assortment of meat like beef, clam, prawn, squid and most importantly, an egg. What made this so worth it was not only the contents of the super hot bowl, but also the massive portion of rice and the banchan included in the set. Well worth the price and quite satisfying! Also a great place for groups!

A decently priced Korean BBQ joint with tasty meats. Wouldn't say it's my faaave though. The seafood & chive pancake wasn't great. The banchan selection was not bad though - we ate them all. Happy to take suggestions for amazing Korean BBQ places if you've got one to recommend!


How is this completely vegetarian? It was so dang good. Probably one of the better army stews I have had in a long time. Aside from the one soy-cake (like a tempeh "fish"cake thing) give away - everything else seemed so legit. The thing that confused me most were the sausages and faux luncheon meat because they were so... real. The stew was thick and creamy (from milk) and so flavourful. My fave order of the night.

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Back at it with yet another round of bingsu. It was only ok, I preferred the red bean one that we had the last time we came here. Somehow the mochi this time was quite firm and took a lot of effort to eat. Maybe just a one off!

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Marinated beef ribs ($28 for 180g) and beef deckle ($29.90 for 180g)

I've had Korean BBQ at Super Star K before and it was quite decent - this was no exception. We ordered the fatty beef deckle (slices of unmarinated meat) as well as the marinated beef ribs. The ribs in particular were super tasty.

This was quite average. The taste of the ramen noodles (and I mean the noodle itself, not the soup) was quite strong mainly because the soup wasn't very flavourful. It was quite thin and not very stew-like. I did, however, appreciate the generous pieces of luncheon meat and sausage - there was a lot of it.

I suppose my search for the perfect budae jigae continues.

Decided to break away from my standard order of injeolmi bingsu and went with the smoky nutty flavour of the Snowflake Black Sesame bingsu. It was very nice - finely shaved milky ice, generous blob of red bean paste, lots of toasted almond slices and mochi pieces.

I think the injeolmi is still my fave but I would defo have this again. πŸ‘πŸΌ

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I'm not really a fan of complicated bingsus and favour the traditional flavours more. We went with the injeolmi bingsu from the snowflake range. A bowl includes a big mound of finely shaved milk ice, topped with soy powder and sliced almonds. Injeolmi is Korean muah chee - of the tteok(bokki) family - and is buried in and around the bingsu for a QQ surprise with every mouthful. This made for such a refreshing treat on a humid evening.

Aside from serving high quality bingsus, Nunsongyee is open 24 hours a day (woo supper!). I'll be defo be back!


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How massive is that pork cutlet?? The breadcrumb crusted pork was really nice - super crisp and juicy. 🀀 Also, so worth it for $13.90.

An all time favourite order, this seafood leek pancake was a big winner. Not only was it massive and well worth every penny, but it was crispy on the outside, chewy inside and chock full of squid and prawns. This little resto tucked away in Bukit Timah Plaza is such a gem.


I think there are very few things that a bowl of soup cannot fix. That, or gin.

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