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High Life

High Life

Featuring Hvala ([email protected]), YY Kafei Dian, Real Food (Orchard Central), mezza9 (Grand Hyatt Singapore), Rise (Marina Bay Sands), SBCD Korean Tofu House (Millenia Walk), Hua Ting Steamboat, Pita & Olives (PasarBella @ Suntec), mezza9, Mezza9
MichelleLIN  T
MichelleLIN T

MBS rise still serves one of the best breakfast buffets in town .

Huge variety of breads ( not that anyone would care besides me 😅), good quality sausages and meats .

Service with a smile as always .


Crispy peanut pancakes

Best crispy peanut pancakes - like a breath of fresh air - different from the usual thick doughy ones .

These are crisp, slightly chewy with a good bite but still very light .

One of my favourite stations in the buffet is the desert station .

All the Kuehs featured are handmade by the hotel chefs. Special mention for the Pulut Tai Tai - fragrant steamed glutinous rice topped with homemade Kaya - so very very addictive .

Probably one of the last standing places you can find a good Apom berkuah.

Apom berkuah is fluffy pancake like dessert made with natural fermentation so it has a tinge if slight “ sourdough “ type of tang .

These days - most places use instant yeast in place so the fluffiness remains but lacking a little in the tangy-ness.

But no complaints , the versions here are one of the best and the accompanying banana gula Melaka sauce is so addictive , aromatic and goes so well with the pancakes.

Pipping hot sauce over fluffy pancakes .
Sedap !

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Tried hvala again but with oat milk instead this time .

Much much better . The oat milk did not overshadow the matcha unlike their brand of dairy 🥛 milk .

Pretty small cup for the price so it’s a once in a while indulgence .

This flash field yellow fish is part of the complimentary side dish that is served for every main dish ordered.

Unassumingly delicious .

This is my third posting of sbcd and I just posted 2 reviews on this place 2 mins ago and I can’t believe I have issues recalling the name - scbd ? Sdbc ? Hahahahah....

I now call it the homemade toufu stew Korean restaurant .

This was the only restaurant bustling with activity on a sunday evening at Millenia Walk .

This grilled unagi in hot plate came as part of a combo meal. Served with your choice of toufu stew hotpot and rice and free flow side dishes.

The unagi was fresh and meaty . However , the marinate could have been slightly lighter - best to share otherwise it would be an unagi overload .

Service was excellent and friendly and food was fresh .

Worth a visit .

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I can never get the name of this Korean restaurant right - hahaha but nevertheless the food is amazing .

The beef toufu stew is a must get . Pair it with a Side of hotplate meal or fish for a fuller meal .

The toufu is silly and the beef chunky and juicy . I like the flavour that the house made chilli powder imparts to the hotpot fish - it’s not the usual kind of “ msg - laden “ broth that your drink at most Korean outlets- rather , the ones here are more subtle in flavour and the natural sweetness from the pork broth shines through . The broth is not salty at all - amazing .

If you like Ma- Po toufu - this is a watered down and less greasy and less spicy broth based option .

Perfect when you need a hot meal to warm your tummy .

The combo set comes with plain hot stone short grain rice and free flow side dishes including one serving of a crispy small yellow whole fish which was extremely delectable.

One of the best Kim Chi pancakes I have ever eaten .

Crisp outside and moist inside .

Most importantly full of authentic Kim Chi flavour and not greasy .

Must must must try .

Extremely fresh and flaky grilled pollock sitting on a bed of creamy beans .

Just lightly flavoured - so the sweetness of the fish really shines through .

It would be full marks if there were an assortment of grilled vegetables to make this a more balanced meal or a side of tomato salsa to round this dish off .

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Crab galore

You can have all the chilli crabs that you Want -
And of course with fried buns.

One of the highlights of straits kitchen’s dinner buffet .

Where better to have your reunion dinner ? 🤩

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This is good enough for you to visit straits kitchen again and again .

I could say the best goreng pisang I have eaten -

Yam , sweet potato, banana and of course Bian Gao .

TOP with the delectable coconut soft serve 🍦. . And drizzle with gula Melaka ....

If this isn’t bliss - what is ?

Toast to 2020 - I see exciting things coming 🤩

These juicy morsels of meat were a delight.
Crisp on the outside and moist on the inside
However , prices are expensive .

One bow of rice costs 1.20 .😔

I dream of food .

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