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High Life

High Life

Featuring YY Kafei Dian, Pete's Place (Grand Hyatt Singapore), Real Food (Orchard Central), mezza9 (Grand Hyatt Singapore), Wah Lok Cantonese Restaurant, Rise (Marina Bay Sands), East Ocean Teochew Restaurant (Ngee Ann City), Madame Fan, 10 SCOTTS, Hua Ting Steamboat
MichelleLIN  T
MichelleLIN T
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Quite an interesting dish with a contrast of flavours and textures but the portion was too small .

Fried enoki mushrooms over a bed of grilled eggplant and sautéed spinach and held together by the burrata.

Nice but not outstanding enough for the prices you pay .

I had higher expectations .

This was one of the best toufu dishes I have eaten in a Long Long while.

Homemade tofu mixed in with fish meat and then cooked with plump shiitake mushrooms and crunchy abalone mushrooms.

Such a complex tasting dish although made with very simple ingredients .

A theatre - dining concept by London based restaurateur, alan yau - If the ambience and deco isn’t enough to draw you , the food will .

Absolutely blown away ....

I arrived without much expectations because from the reviews , I thought this place was too much of a “ FANfare “ .

Live jazz singing set in a colonial setting ? What ?
Can they serve up anything good ?

But I was blow away by the fine execution of the dishes.

The ribs were well marinated , tender and off the bone and devoid of any porky smell.

You eat them effortlessly .


While most places would cost the fish with a thick amour of flour - hyatt does it the champion way .

Just a light crips exterior to hold the fish together and then cooked within an assortment of finely diced peppers and pineapples - I couldn’t find any fault with the dish .

The crunchy textures of the peppers juxtaposed against the extremely fresh and firm fish -
I couldn’t stop popping one after the other into my mouth .

Kudos to the Chef 👨‍🍳!

I couldn’t get enough of this simple beef stir fry .

Full of work hei but the beef still boasting of tenderness and juicy- ness. How is this even possible ?

The best part is that the dish was not drenched in excessive sauce or grease like how most other places would do it .

There was just a right balance of sauce to dish ratio and seasoned to perfection - not too salty 😊

I haven’t had a beef dish this good in years - not even at the up class canton restaurants I have tried in singapore so far .

Exceptional execution .

Eating rice at a champagne brunch ?

Yes - you heard me right .

This braised rice topped with generous fried scallops , minced prawns , mushrooms and char siew was over the TOP in taste and texture .

Most would usually avoid the carbs in buffets but this was so addictive .

The rice has a firm bite and the sauce had such an umami-fic appeal . It’s a cross better fried rice and lotus leaf rice if you know what I mean .

Excellent execution by an excellent team of chefs .

The Sunday champagne brunch at mezza9 is a grand affair .

Marine lobsters , high quality sashimi , roasted beef , lamb , cheese cuts , champagne of course ... you name it ....

Somehow my heart still gravitates towards the Asian fare.

The Chinese kitchen at the Sunday brunch is my most preferred kitchen. All the dishes are perfectly executed. Especially this seafood white beehoon. Adorned with extremely fresh seafood ,a rich stock and eggs - this was similar to fried Hokkien prawn mee except that it is much lighter on the palate and of course boasting of the natural sweetness of seafood instead of being overshadowed by “ pork lard “ ( which the usual fried Hokkien prawn mee is susceptible to ) .

It’s the way I like my noodles to be cooked and since yellow noodles are not my thing , a 100 percent thick bee hoon option was perfect for me.

Smooth , fresh , healthy and very very yummy.

I wonder if this dish could be on their alar carte menu so that I can drop by anytime I have a craving for these noodles again.

Sundays are meant for brunch !

Had a lovely brunch buffet with mummy - some Mother Daughter time with great food and great ambience.

Great pizzas prepared with a traditional oven . Well balanced between being crisp and slightly chewy.

Pete’s Place reminds one of my favourite Italian places because it holds so many good memories .

The world may change but Pete’s Place remains unchanged .

10 Scott’s high tea

I love 10 Scott’s version of coconut scones.

So insanely moist and light inside and with a good crust on the outside.

The coconut taste is subtle and not overpowering. You get to Condiments such as coconut butter ( for more coconuty goodness ) , toasted coconut flakes ( and yet even more coconuty goodness ) , kaya , homemade raspberry conserve and clotted cream .

So simple but so good .

Succulent grilled free range chicken that’s so tender and juicy .

Accompanied with a crisp and fresh papaya salad .

A must order at mezza9.

Ordered the sushi and sashimi platter from mezza9.

A little disappointed with the quality of salmon.

It wasn’t that it wasn’t fresh but it was just the sheer average quality of the salmon - these taste like the ones I could typically get from sushi tel .
Other than being soft - the salmon lacked flavour.

The sushi rolls at the side were equally disappointing . The rice lacked flavour and the rice was clumpy and overall lacked the freshness and wow factor that I would expect from mezza9.

Needs major improvement .....

I dream of food .

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