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High Life

High Life

Featuring YY Kafei Dian, Pete's Place (Grand Hyatt Singapore), Real Food (Orchard Central), mezza9 (Grand Hyatt Singapore), Rise (Marina Bay Sands), Wah Lok Cantonese Restaurant, Hua Ting Steamboat, Pita & Olives (PasarBella @ Suntec), mezza9, Mezza9
MichelleLIN  T
MichelleLIN T

Straits kitchen serves up a good array of Indian 🥘 food and what better place to get a taste of a huge variety of poultry , lamb and seafood cooked in authentic Indian style .

My favourites are the dish curry , dhal and the charred garlic naan . The tandoori fish and chicken are also marinated till piquant and tender.

One of the key highlights of straits kitchen .

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One of the tastiest beef rendangs I have eaten as part of a hotel buffet.

The rempah is so fragrant and authentic . Just by looking at this makes me feel like going back all over again ... ....

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It is so hard to find good kuehs these days and I am glad straits kitchen dishes out a good variety and kuehs and mind you - all are of superb quality - almost like there was a nonya making these kuehs fresh in the kitchen 🤣.

All the kuehs were fresh , not too sweet and very authentic . Special mention must be made of the Puteri ayu which is the Pandan coconut cake kueh that you see on the TOP shelf , third from
The left . I used to be able to only find them from glacier - but the ones at glacier are sickening sweet and pretty dense and sticky .

These Puteri ayu are the best I have tasted with an authentic Pandan taste - very very light in texture and not too sweet. I wolved down 2 of these in a go even after a heavy lunch so you must know how good these are.


Best Satays in singapore

When I mention the goodness about straits kitchen , some would raise their brows and ask why would one pay 💰 that much just to eat local food .

But one bite of straits kitchen ‘s Satay and I kid you not - you might be made a convert like many of my friends whom I have invited .

The chicken satays here are in my opinion the best I have had in singapore 🇸🇬. Not exaggerating . After being disappointed with satays that I have tried in various “ famous stalls”- they were either too sweet , meat was not fresh , or not well grilled .

Tender chicken ✅
Very Fresh chicken parts ✅
Not so sweet glaze ✅
Well charred and well grilled ✅
Superb peanut sauce ✅

I used to like Punggol satay at Alexandra village but after a very bad experience with them some time back - lukewarm satays , can’t care less service by the ladies manning the stall and pretty stingy attitude over their peanut sauce ( not one drip more ) . I decided not to return again 😊

Try these satays at straits kitchen and you will know what I mean ... by best satays .

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Extremely delicious and earthy tasting home - made artichoke dip - a change from the usual hummus or pesto spread that are more commonly found .

The sourdough bread was lovely in texture with a light sourish tang which went beautifully with the artichoke dip .

Nothing Beats a good toasted bread and a homemade dip .

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An interesting combination of green tea sponge , chocolate dusted crispies , chocolate mousse and vanilla ice cream . The flower pot was made of praline 😊.

The whole dessert was consumable ( except the plate of course ).....

Pretty interesting combination .

Koma has such an outstanding ambience - I was swept off my feet the moment i pranced through the Long walkway leading to the restaurant .

Wait till you enter the restaurant - the vibes , lighting and deco will so captivate your heart that food is perhaps , secondary ...

I actually enjoyed this aburi dish - with a fusion undertone of slightly sweet and sour sauce .

Portion was on the smaller side but taste was 101 percent .

Weekends are made for these...

With a carrot cake that looks so unique - you’d know that this didn’t came from a central kitchen in Bedok .

Whilst most Chinese restaurants get their support of dim sum from a central kitchen . Kai duck does them fresh .

Lightly pan fried radish cakes generously filled more with radish than flour and then served with a drizzle of sweet chilli - almost “ pretending “ to look like an okonomiyaki 😂

Excellent execution and beautifully presented .

Kai garden specialises in Peking duck / canton / Sichuan dishes with a slight fusion twist .

Same same but different .

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Why would you get monday blues with a pita so good .

The best homemade pita I have eaten thus far . Crisp and fluffy with a good texture and bite .

For those of you who know bread - this pita was literally alive . It seemed to take on a life of its own - integrating the taste of the falafel , the homemade parsley chutney and the beautiful creamy hummus.

The falafel had an interesting texture ( almost tasting like there were corn grits inside ) , was well seasoned without being too salty Nor greasy .

The stall owner was nice to give me a dallop of homemade chilli paste to go with my meal .

I was fed , nourished ... ...
This was so amazingly good .....

Blessed to be in a multi cultural country like singapore where you get a melting pot of cultures and of course - food 🥘

Topped luxuriously with cherry tomatoes and a dollop of homemade pesto.

Free flow bread of your choice .

Part of 10 scotts tea buffet .

As part of the international seafood night buffet .
Extremely extremely high quality sashimi.

I would say better than some high end Japanese restaurants.

This alone makes it all worth while .


One of the best renditions of mapo toufu that I have eaten .

Perfectly silken toufu , aromatic spices and the whole dish came together very well without being overly salty or greasy .

The best part is that this feels very much “ home cooked” too .

Check our card /Amex discounts that are available to make your bill a little more manageable .

I dream of food .

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