Ramadhan Feels

Ramadhan Feels

As A Muslim, the month of Ramadhan is always a special time of the year - it's the month when all of us are blessed with the opportunity of ascertaining and increasing our steadfastness in our faith. 🙏🏽 In addition, I also look forward to the bazaars that open during the month! In this list, I go around looking for various creative concoctions that can be found only in there. 🙂
Zul Latiff
Zul Latiff

Demonic prices at the bazaar, even though they aren’t anything new. 😭 I must say however, that the Pancake Stack with Boba from Alley wasn’t too shabby at all. The thin trio stick of pancakes were cooked pretty perfectly, and paired nicely with the dollop of Chantilly cream and gobsmack of boba pearls. Sweetness wasn’t overbearing at all, which was the aspect of the dish that surprised me the most.

I have several gripes though:
• The price was absolutely not worth the portion I received
• The cream melted into an unrecognisable form as soon as the boba pearls landed on them, so you have to be lightning fast when getting photos
• The tea pancakes was devoid of any tea flavour

In spite of these though, I’m really not mad at it. 🤭 (6.7/10)


Remember just over three years ago when finding for churros was like mining for gold? 😹 These days, it’s everywhere, and especially rampant in the Bazaar Ramadhan. Loco Loco is one of the providers of this Spanish doughnut, and they’ve taken the concept and smacked some local flair onto it - not only do they have Ondeh-Ondeh churros, but also original ones that come with Chili Crab and Salted Egg Dip!

Frankly, I’ve heard some negative opinions about these, but I really don’t get any of that after I tried them for myself. It’s probably a case of people jumping on the hate bandwagon for anything remotely ‘hipster’ from the Bazaar Ramadhan.

While the churros had a nice balance of crunch in the crust and softness in the bread, it could have been a million times better if I’d opted for no dusting of sugar crystals. The amount of those on them…it kinda scared me, I won’t lie. 😩


I can't believe it took me so long to get to it, but I finally got around to trying Word's rainbow bagel beef burger which is questionably named, the Handsome Burg.

Don't be fooled though. Last year, they may have come up with one of the worst bazaar fares with the saccharine mess that utilises the rainbow bagel (at least that's what everyone said), but this year, they've stormed in with a mean comeback.

The beef patty was actually well-seasoned and made use of ground beef, the rainbow bagel was chewy and lacks any toughness. It's topped with tartar mayo too, which I thought was a bit strange but it wasn't bad at all. Nothing to note about the curly fries though, they taste just like how they look…if that makes any sense. 😧 The price though - hooo my God. Definitely wouldn't pay $10 for what it offers, but since it's sold at the Geylang bazaar and the rental fees are exorbitant, I'm going to try and shut one eye fully for it.

In a nutshell, I'm happy to say that the rainbow bagel is no longer a monetary ruse or a fad that is worthy of shame. It is, in fact, an item that has successfully redeemed itself, rose from the ashes, and is thus worthy of esteem. (7.3/10)


Wedged somewhere in the nucleated arrangement of stalls is Milk & Cookies, a stall that sells mainly…well, cookies and cold milk. 😍 They come in either Mini Size (cup size in pic, $8) or Jumbo Size (bucket size, $12).

Whatever portion you pay for, you'll find the cookies to be really soft, chewy, tinged with a little bit of crisp. It turns out they have a slightly bigger air pocket in them, which made them even better to bite when dunked in the cold milk. Really, the texture after one of them has soaked up the milk becomes soft to the point of being melty. Personally, I found it incredible. My only gripe is with the steep price, but then again, everything at the place is costly haha.

We're down to the last two days of the Bazaar Ramadhan sadly, but if it's any consolation, I'm glad I got to try this before it all ends. :') [7.5/10]


[Muslim-Owned] The Geylang Bazaar Ramadan sells more things than you'd expect, with one of them being ramen burgers from Ramen Craze! 🍜🍔

I got their Ramen Beef (or Chicken) Burger with Black Pepper Sauce (it was among this, Rendang & Sambal). It wasn't fantastic by any means. I mean, the ramen bun was a little mushy, which meant it was a little difficult to keep the burger together. And that made for a messy eating experience.

But, for what it was worth, it was a refreshing change from the staple of rainbow food items, and it's only $4! 😛🔥 (7/10)

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[Muslim-Owned] A funnel cake was one of the last things I expected to see at the bazaar, but call it a lucky night as I chanced upon Broke Buddies who were selling them at four different flavours. 😜

I got the Apple Caramel flavour which is really self-explanatory in what it is made up of. And it was great - a huge snaking piece of fried batter dusted with confectioners sugar and a pool party of applesauce, finished with a dollop of ice cream diving into it.

However, this proved to be a rather heavy fare for the bazaar's hot and humid environment. That's mostly directed at the monstrous portions, next in line being the sickly thick sauce which had one too many doses of sickly-sweetness. I shared this with a friend, so it was still manageable really. Otherwise, this would probably be a no-go if I'd tackled this solo. 😧

Still, I'd give it to them for being the only stall that's bringing these eye-catching funfair food to the table. The endgame of it is really not to create a gourmet impression, but rather, to fill the stomachs of bazaar-goers and keep them happy. I think they did a fairly good job on that! 😙 (7/10)


[Halal Ingredients] Snagged one of these at the Geylang Bazaar the other day. It was…pretty average tasting - the baby potatoes, the sausages, the melted raclette cheese (straight from the wheel weew) and the oregano garnishing. All of these resulted in a pretty oily fare that was quite muddled in its attempt to marry the various flavours, and thus failed to make an impact at its selling price of $12. 🙁 Ah well.

To be fair though, I enjoyed the cheese as it was thick, gooey and chewy. I just think this food would've worked in a cooler environment where a hot meal would be perfect! I'd go back for seconds at an actual outlet if they ever open up one! 🙂 (6.1/10)


Momolato makes another appearance at the Ramadhan Bazaar this year, selling Seasalt Hokkaido Milk Softserve which you can get in a charocal cone or white cup for $3.90 (if my memory serves me well).

It is a simple, sweet, milky, treat for the merciless heat that is encapsulated by the bazaar tentages. However, on that same note, it melts incredibly fast - which is kind of a good thing because it means they omitted stabilising agents during the preparation of this. You'll just have to be prepared to wipe your hands often haha.

I must say - the softserve this time, lacked a marginal swipe of salty taste compared to the previous year's. It really would've complemented the Hokkaido Milk flavour, and made the treat feel complete. 😕Ah well. Still, that didn't bother me so much. Didn't change the amount of love I had for it. 😘 (7.3/10)


[Halal] At the Ramadan bazaar that's happening at Our Tampines Hub, the stalls there sell mostly traditional Malay-Muslim cuisine, with a handful of them selling atypical products. One of them is the @egg_quarters.

They specialise in Tamago Waffles (waffle on popsicle sticks) and even Tamagoyaki! Oh wooooow believe me – I was legitimately thrilled to finally find a place that sells a halal version of them. I got myself the Cheezy Chicken Ham Tamagoyaki, among three different flavours, which was only $5. After preparing the egg roll and laying it in the paper tray, they proceeded to top it with shredded cheese, nori flakes and ebiko, and then lightly blow-torch it.

The result was quite fantastic. Beyond the inviting get-up, was a chunky, satisfying bite after another. Every component of the dish contributed to the satiating savoury taste, in spite of each of them being mild in taste. The inherent sweetness of a tamago was latent in taste, but thankfully, it wasn’t to the point of vestige. It was honestly delicious for the most part.

To sum it up, this is a steal! I mean it’s going for $5, and it truly rises above the plethora of visually striking edibles that are fighting for attention at the Geylang Bazaar. Can you really say no to such a glorious creation? (8/10)


As the month of Ramadhan has finally arrived, so has the Geylang Serai Bazaar which sees a multitude of budding entrepreneurs having a go at introducing their dandy and unique edible creations.

One of them happens to be Fairyfloss, who also made an appearance at Artbox Singapore a few weeks ago. I had their Charcoal Planet Ice Cream Bun, which is essentially a bright blue Cookie Monster-flavoured ice-cream, sandwiched between a charcoal black bun which is then pressed by a waffle-maker that has a bowl-shaped mould.

This was…not out-of-this-world. In fact, unfortunately average. But I've already expected that for most of the stalls; photogenic and considerably priced, but gastronomically underwhelming creations. There's one thing can assure you though - it's not something that you'll throw away after a bite or two. (6/10)

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All things good; all things food 🥳

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