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Featuring Dumpling Darlings, Eat 3 Bowls, FOOK KIN, Yuki Onna (Far East Square), Sanpoutei Ramen (Holland Village), RVLT, Tongue Tip Lanzhou Beef Noodles (Tiong Bahru Plaza), Master Tang Wanton Mee, Ming Chung Restaurant, Le Shrimp Ramen
Alicia Kho
Alicia Kho
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Liberal amount of ingredients, including prawns, thickly cut chicken breast slices, bamboo shoots and lava egg. Broth was just the right amount of spiciness, but I felt that the consistency was a little too thick, which made it rather cloying towards the end.


Very light and refreshing broth — use of yuzu peel was surprising and quite interesting, but not really for me. Udon was nice and chewy. Give this a go if you’re looking for a light meal here.


Broth was rich and flavourful — loved it! Lava egg was up to standard, pork slices were generous, but mediocre taste-wise. Nice bouncy chewy udon. Be prepared for a long wait for your food though.


My fave pasta of the lot that we tried. Beetroot pasta in a shape slightly reminiscent of macaroni was al-dente and slicked nicely in a fragrant, herby pesto sauce, mushrooms were super juicy and huge, and adding miso corn bits to this dish was genius! Have it a slightly sweet and crunchy edge to balance out the other elements.


Blue pea pasta had a nice bite, and I liked that there were many crunchy elements in this, including the fish roe, lapcheong bits and prawns. Not too oily as well. Just felt that the prawns could’ve been bigger/juicier to justify the price of this dish.


For a place that specialises in fusion pastas (handmade), I felt a little underwhelmed by the pasta itself; granted it was cooked al-dente, but it was way too thick and perhaps less round? Also, the flavours in this dish were a little overwhelming for me — everything was very flavourful, and there was no acidic element to cut through all the greasiness at all. Supreme meat lovers will love this, but it’s not for me.


Been wanting to pay this la mian joint a visit for some time, and finally did so since I was around the area today.

Dish came with mala paste sitting atop a deceptively plain looking broth base. Don’t be fooled by its humble appearance though, as the broth was so intricately layered and complex! You can tell that the soup has been simmered for a long time, what with that poignant beefy essence despite its clear colour. Mixing the mala paste into the broth also lent it an extra dimension, best described by that distinct and fragrant mouth-numbingness that you would expect of the potent spice, yet without being too spicy. So delicious, this broth!

For noodles (there are 8 types of noodles you can pick from, with varying thickness), I opted for the thinnest option available. La mian was well-executed — QQ with a nice bite.

Overall a great meal! Just wish that it could’ve come with an option of spring onions and maybe a thicker cut of the beef slices to give it more bite. Those tweaks would’ve made this dish perfect. Nonetheless, a great option if you’re looking for a light meal around the area. Also Halal-friendly.

Oh my loooord, the mee sua was so good! Soft and slightly starchy but still managed to retain a nice bite. Intestines were a little on the fatty side, but it was cooked well too — didn’t retain a gamey smell. The noodles here are a little thicker than the ones you get at Shihlin’s (snack stand), which I really love. Lu rou fan was melt in your mouth and absolutely gorgeous too! Apart from the shredded chicken bowl, which was quite ordinary, everything in this set was good — I would recommend first-timers who want to try everything to get it! Comes with a choice of beverage as well, super worth it.


Paradise Group strikes again, this time with a la mian X ramen X prawn noodle hybrid concept. Though a little pricey, prawn lovers will thoroughly enjoy this dish, featuring two fresh large prawns and a generous amount of bouncy shrimp paste balls. The broth was the the star of this dish — complex with a smoky wok hei depth, which really sets this bowl aside from the average prawn noodle. Yum!

Pasta was al dente, and generous amount of shredded crab meat. Nothing to shout about though, wish that the sauce could be less watered down. Nevertheless, still a good deal with Burpple Beyond’s 1-for-1 mains here!

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Liked the mouthfeel of the fettuccine, and loved the generous amount of clams provided in this dish accompanied by the briny tang of the shellfish reduction. Only qualm is that the pasta was a little overcooked, but still a good dish overall.


Every component was executed well — springy handmade la mian, fragrant and succulent mushrooms, runny lava egg, a generous amount of chives and shredded seaweed for that extra crunch and texture. There was a strong flavour of sesame oil that permeated every bite as well, which made it extra enjoyable.


If you’re spicy you’re probably up (or down) my alley

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