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Desserts / Snacks in Singapore

Desserts / Snacks in Singapore

From cakes to pastries to ice cream, this list features everything you need to satisfy your sweet tooth!
Wan Ling Yeo
Wan Ling Yeo
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Upon receiving the box, I was already blown away by how huge and heavy (not to mention pretty) these croissants are. Mochi croissants are definitely a first - these are flaky and buttery on the outside, while having a delightful chewiness on the inside. The filled ones gave a boost of sweetness too, making them much more indulgent.

It's hard to pick a favourite, but I'd have to go with the Ferrero Rocher for its rich chocolate filling and crunchy hazelnut bits. The Lemon Curd was a close second as it is zesty, tangy and buttery all in one! One thing to improve on, though, is the consistency in the filling amount - the Earl Grey and Salted Caramel unfortunately had just a tiny blob of filling.


The heritage-inspired tea set sees your usual pastries infused with local flavours - savoury bites at the bottom tier, nonya kueh at the middle tier, fusion sweets at the top tier, along with pork satay and green bean soup. Items like chilli crab pie, otah mantou, kaya coconut tart, durian dome and pandan scone sound enticing, but they honestly weren't very impressive (either the filling lacked flavour or the texture was off). I only found the satay to be rather tasty - they're juicy and the peanut sauce is decent.

This set is meant for two, but two of my friends and I were absolutely stuffed after finishing all the food.


I really love these baked donuts from Kakuida's. They're cakey and fluffy - almost like a good muffin but slightly chewier. I don't think there's a huge distinction among the 4 flavours (original, matcha, sweet potato and chocolate), but the ones with chocolate chips sure had a nice touch of sweetness. Pro tip: if you're not having it at the time of purchase, pop it in the microwave for a good 15-20 secs and you'll be greeted with pillowy-soft donuts again 😋

This is the place to go if you're up for some potent tea shots. The matcha soft serve has distinct bitter notes, while the houjicha offers a deeper flavour with stronger fragrance - thanks to the roasted tea leaves! Its texture is icy and more sorbet-like, so you may be disappointed if you're looking for a milky/creamy soft serve. The salted rice cracker is an unusual and odd pairing; a wafer biscuit or mochi may be better choices!

Nonetheless, I love the depth of the tea flavour and I'd want to try the ceremonial matcha sometime! P.S. The lattes with handwhisked matcha seem to be a crowd-favourite here.


This is the most expensive, but also the most legit, herbal jelly I've ever eaten. The jelly on its own is herbal-y and slightly bitter, so the accompanying honey water is a real saving grace. Get the cold version to beat SG's heat!


Yassss the popular bbt chain that makes their own unique pearls finally opens an outlet at AMK! The sweltering heat called for a refreshing drink, so I choose the pink cactus pearls to go with a fruit-based tea and I think I found the perfect combo 😍 The drink was a mixture a bittersweet and sour (thanks to the grapefruit pulps and yakult), while the pearls were fruity and super chewy!

If you're up for something creamier and bolder on flavour, their nutty black sesame pearls will go very well with their milk-based drinks. The prices are a little steep though, so this will probably be something you treat yourself once in a while.

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This is my favourite item from Breadtalk, and probably the only thing I'll buy from there. The vanilla chiffon cake sandwiches a perfect egg and melted cheddar, making this sweet yet savoury. It's great as a snack, but you'll probably need two of this for a heartier meal.

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Triple Chocolate, Oreo, Chocolate Walnut and Salted Dark Chocolate - these pre-cut, assorted brownies makes the perfect "cake" for any gathering or special occasion. Crackly top with a decadently chewy interior, they're definitely one of the best chocolate fudgies I've had.

Eggs, milk, flour, butter and sugar - the only five ingredients you need to make this traditional delicacy a tasty treat at any time of the day. At only $1.50, the egg tarts here are available in two types of crust: the shortcrust pastry and the puff pastry. It's difficult to take a stand because I love both equally, but I'd say take the shortcrust one to savour more of the custard and the puff one to enjoy more of the crust. I also appreciate that the custard is just mildly sweet, but I'll totally head to Tong Heng if I really want something sweet.

What seems like a Portuguese egg tart isn't quite so when one bites into the shortcrust pastry (as opposed to a puff pastry). The crust was dry and lacked the buttery aroma, but the sweet and eggy custard saved the day for this pricey tart. Tong Heng's egg tarts remain a first place in my heart!


Softer than a tutu kueh, with chunks of fragrant gula melaka with each bite, these putu piring are a delightful and nostalgic treat especially when paired with those slightly salty dessicated coconut. Do support this family-owned business if you haven't!

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Tong Heng has recently gone through a re-branding phase to become more modernised and fashionable, so do look out for their presence on social media, shop interior makeover and new packaging in bright yellow and trendy designs! I won myself a box of 6 egg tarts in their recent giveaway so thank you for the free treats (!!!), else it would've been $1.90 each (btw all their items are 20 cents more expensive now due to the revamp, but I guess people will still buy them).

I love their egg tarts for the extremely flaky crust exuding a strong fragrance with every bite, thanks to the use of pork lard (I only learnt about this fact recently). The custard is soft and eggy, but it's really overly sweet and that's the reason why I'll still rate them a 4.5/5. Nonetheless, these egg tarts are for you if you're a sweet tooth and they're still manageable if you only consume one.


I bake at @ourfirstbake 😊

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