Got my hands on this during the wagashi fair a few days back. I think anything chewy and full of sweet carbs can make me very, very happy. I love how everything at the fair looked so delicate and there was even live demonstrations of wagashi making which was so fun to watch and drool over the Japanese handmade sweets.

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What an unexpected find! This tiny Korean rice cake shop is tucked away at a corner in Novena, which makes it so easy to completely miss it when you're in the area. Because I went at closing time and this daifuku cannot be kept overnight (they must be consumed the day you buy them according to the owner) he gave me the last one for free as well. Thank you sooooo much :') I loved how the red bean paste isn't too sweet and the mochi itself has a wonderful texture that is just chewy enough without it being overly sticky that it sticks to the teeth, and the strawberry added just a tiny bit of tartness. But there was a overly generous amount of tapioca flour covering the mochi that every bite I took set flour flying in every direction and sticking on my face. But then again, good food sometimes gets messy right! Yay to another hidden find.


I'm obsessed with Warabi Mochi!!! It's very different from the regular glutinous rice mochi that is more widely available and sold at most places. The texture is slightly chewy, but it can melt in your mouth after a few bites. I liked both their flavours, but I'll recommend the Kinako for those who prefer the more traditional and sweeter version. If you like more bitter flavours, get their Matcha flavoured Kinako. (But if your indecisive like me, just get both!)


Handmade Mochi found in Liang Court's Meidi-ya. Freshly made everyday by a Japanese man himself, it was chewy and sufficiently (though not overly) sticky with a good bite! Finally some decent Mochi in Singapore, after many bad ones I've eaten just to satisfy my Mochi cravings. Only downside is they are pretty pricey, at $2.50 per Mochi, though for 3 it'll be $7!


Ongoing Japanese Food Fair in Isetan, which means you get to have delicious Mochi pancakes! Each pancake has the word '福' charred on slightly on both circular surfaces, which you can request to be heated if you're going to inhale it there and then. They also have other flavours like chocolate 🍫!


Huge sweet-tooth, and yes - I do attempt to eat dessert for every meal.

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