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Cafè & Chill

Cafè & Chill

Great food and great places to sit back and have a nice chat
Denise Talia Abigail Lim
Denise Talia Abigail Lim

Orchid Vanilla Tea ($8.50) is a new experience for tea lovers. It has a velvety mouthfeel and a soothing taste. It is certainly a must-try if you love vanilla very much - the flavour and aroma really comes through. [9/10]

Chicken and Mango Chutney Sandwich ($16.00) is one of the best sandwiches I ever had. The chicken was very well seasoned and the choice of bun - ciabatta bread was an excellent choice. However, I could not detect much of the mango chutney which was a little disappointing. Aside from that, it is very enjoyable and rather filling to say the least. [6.5/10]

The staff in the cafe are really friendly and extremely helpful. It was a delight to be served by them. [10/10]

If you are looking for the following:
• A place to relax away from the bustling city
• A place to study + free wi-fi

This is the place for you!

Cold Brew ($6.80) was surprisingly good. It’s better than Starbucks and Coffee Bean to be very frank. It comes separately with milk and syrup but personally, the coffee is great on its own. It has a great balance of bitter and sour with a chocolaty undertone. [9/10]

Ebony Forest ($6.50) is basically a black forest cake roll. It’s nice but not mind-blowing. However, the cake is rather dense for a cake roll so if you like light cakes, this may not ‘take the cake’. Other than that, it’s good. [5/10]

Lemony Garlic Prawn ($14.90) was spectacular. They are very generous with the prawns which is rare for many restaurants and delectable. [8/10]

Teriyaki Chix Spaghettini ($12.90) is a unique fusion dish but Lemony Garlic Prawn wins. [6.5/10]

It may seem like the portion is small because it’s in a jar but it’s just right!

If you’re looking for unconventional pastas, you can add this place to your list! It may be a bit of the pricier side but you can book a table through the ‘eatigo’ app and get a discount!

House Pancakes ($14.00) and Truffle Egg Mayo Croissant ($11.00) are so worth the price.

House pancakes were light and fluffy but jam packed with flavour on top of espresso butter, maple syrup and strawberry coulis. Not many places in Singapore serve a decent stack but this one - I would come back for another round. [9/10]

For Truffle Egg Mayo Croissant, it was nothing short of amazing. They are very generous with the egg mayo and the croissant is not very dense and toasted to the right texture. It may seem plain but trust me, less is more. [8/10]

However, when it comes to coffee, it is decent but not much different from other coffeehouses around town. Perhaps it’s just my coffee but it tasted rather flat and had a lack of depth in flavour that I would expect coffee to have. If you are not a fan of strong coffee, this may be your cup of coffee (cup of tea). There are better places for a good cup of joe if you are hankering after a good kick. [5/10]

Fortunately, no 10% service charge but the service is exemplary and pleasant. [9/10]


Sunny Lovin' ($13) consisting of two avocado toasts with salsa and topped off with two (rather large) poached eggs. However, poached eggs were a bit overcooked and egg yolks were not as runny. They were very generous with the avocado though! [6/10]

Chargrilled chicken ($16) had brioche, sunny-side up, chicken, feta cheese, baby spinach, fresh pea sprouts, and pomegranate bits with balsamic olive drizzle. A lot of flavours going on in this dish, maybe even too much... Baby spinach and fresh pea sprouts were very fresh and light. Eggs were reasonably well done. However, the chargrilled chicken was certainly the winner of the dish. A very generous serving of chicken, tasted a bit like Indian style food - mildly spicy. [6/10]

Roasted Almond latte ($7) and Hazelnut latte ($7) was excellent! Very flavourful and aromatic. [8/10]

Service Rating: Staff was very friendly and cheerful. [7/10]

This cafe gets really pack at brunch time so do make a reservation if you don't want the side facing the window glass!!


I love food. What more is there to say?

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