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Melissa Hong
Melissa Hong

Nice salty waffles with sweet vanilla ice cream + caramelized banana, Milo crumbs & Milo syrup! Great combination. Would be more awesome if the waffles is more crispy!

Welcomed me as I stepped in were interesting flavours that are really naturally refreshing especially on a hot afternoon, beautifully painted wall and smiles from the staff. It was such a great experience to visit this another gelato haven! 😍😘💕
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If you're looking for homely food made with passion, you might just find it here - from homemade pastas to sausages.

Thank you Terrence, TPGA and the rest of you who sacrificed your Monday morning to listen to me talk non stop. Its been a pleasure!

Nothing compares to a handmade confection picked up at a homey bakery, better yet, while you're doing good at the same time. As part of giving back to the community, youths with disabilities from Rainbow Centre go on attachment with Out of the Cake Box, who help to nurture their talents in baking. Freshly baked daily, you should order the Takoh Belle ($50 for whole cake /$6.50 per slice). It's a delectable baked cheesecake that is infused with fresh pandan extract, topped with a frothy sweet corn mousse and a sturdy coconut custard. There's a lot going on, but thankfully the flavours are well-balanced, never overwhelming and it all comes together beautifully — just be sure to get every layer of the cake in a forkful! Pro tip: Keep your eyes peeled for their elusive Mango Sticky Rice ($48.80 for whole cake / $6 per slice) that is only available when Thai honey mangoes are in season!
Avg price: $10 per person
Photo by Burppler Hilary See

The place was hidden away in a semi-industrial area, cosy, quiet and vintage-y, enjoyed by the likes of us. The servings were generous and savory. Had avocado latte, BIG breakfast and salmon pasta. A good place for hearty brunch, gatherings and dates. Will return for other fare.

Not a coffee person, this is creamy with vanilla infused keep me going. Maybe cuz there isnt much coffee taste. -M

Located at Duxton Hill, MavRx (stylised with a capital R) is a small hole-in-the-wall joint that serves nothing but coffee. This minimalist, VERY Instagram-worthy shop boasts monochromatic decor and wooden benches for seats. When available, always go for the Chocolate Coffee Cone ($8) — essentially a piccolo latte in a sturdy waffle cone that you can nom on once you're done with your coffee. The chocolate coffee cone comes in three flavours — white, milk and dark chocolate. Otherwise, order the super fun Cold Brew ($5). Served in a large syringe that you can "inject" into your cup of ice, it's great for a mid-day caffeine boost or a pitstop after dining nearby!

At this choux shop, no frills are wasted on decor. Any bling is provided by the choux. Notable for their couture good looks and fabulous flavours (which include Apple Cinnamon, Dark Chocolate, Lemon Meringue, Lychee Rose, Matcha Azuki, Raspberry, Tiramisu and Vanilla), it's no surprise that each choux will set you back around four to five dollars. But I must say they're ideal for an afternoon treat, a unique gift for someone special, and are the perfect addition to any celebration or event.

🗒 Vanilla ($4), Lychee Rose ($5) , Lemon Meringue ($4), White Coffee ($4.50)

Matcha Cold Milk was a little too milky, and the Valrhona Dark Cocoa isn't coffee. Creamy White was not bad though.

Fluffy pancakes w gula melaka, warm banana slices and fresh coconut cream to end off the day's tasting. A refreshing change from the usual pancake flavors in the market and the components also happens to be what I love which makes it even better! I would recommend this to end off a meal because its delightful yet not overly sweet.

There's two sorts of good food out there — a group that is so delicious you just end up making sounds at the table and the other just makes you yell expletives at the table while you attempt to regain composure at the table. This is both; the latter starts as soon as you dig in — the glutinous rice layer is sticky and firm without being too oily, being much of the same deal as the usual Kueh Salat I often have here. The durian curd was uh-ma-zing; its a step up from the original and already-very-good Kueh Salat — I would say it's almost akin to having a Durian Pengat. Smooth, pungent, rich and fibrous, I have nothing but endless praises for this — an absolute indulgence. I used to think it's always a little crazy for people to go for this at $13, but having it now, Kueh Salat/Durian Salat will never be the same after this one ...

With each cake like an artpiece, it takes a Burppler about 20 shots before willing to dig in. Each mouthful tastes like heaven, and every single detail is meticulously taken care of, contributing to the burst of sensations on the tongue. Don't miss their playfully named G-Spot chocolate cake, or the awesome-sounding Triomphe caramel cake. * Tip: If you specially request for the rare 3D latte art from the head barista, you might just be lucky enough to get it ;)

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