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Restaurants / Casual Diners in Singapore

Restaurants / Casual Diners in Singapore

Eateries for your get-togethers or date nights
Wan Ling Yeo
Wan Ling Yeo
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Considering this as a healthy take on burgers, I would say that it's done pretty alright. The steamed prawn patty is bouncy, much like an in-between of otah and fishcake. The creamy and mildly-spiced laksa yogurt sauce complements the patty well - I only wished there was more sauce drizzled on top (currently, it was only spread on the bottom bun). Thanks to the crunchy kale and flaxseed-topped steamed bun, the otherwise soft burger would be lacking in textures.

The only gripe I have with this dish is the charred edamame. I guess this is when food should remain as how it is - I very much prefer the Japanese way of boiling and lightly tossing the edamame in salt to this charred and spicy version.

Got this with another main at the price of one thanks to Burpple Beyond!


This is the most number of shrimps (I believe there are at least 30) I've ever seen in a pasta dish 😱 but who's complaining when you get at least 2 shrimps for every twirl of pasta 😌 The truffle scent is subtle, but I like that it wasn't overpowering (hence jelat). Break the yolk and give it a good toss, it'll add a nice creamy coating to the angel hair that I'd have preferred firmer!


Gave up trying to take a glamorous shot here because it's going to get messy anyway. The captain's boil comes with Sri Lankan crab, tiger prawns, Venus clams, Loligo squids, bratwurst sausages, corn on the cob, potato and onion all boiled till cooked and served with three dipping sauces - lemon garlic butter, Thai green chilli and regular red chilli. However, I wouldn't recommend this dish because the seafood weren't fresh enough to be tasty on their own - they were really plain and needed the help of the dips. Would get the seasoned seafood next time!


Got 2 for the price of 1 thanks to Burpple Beyond!

Pardon the bad photo, but each bag of pasta has more seafood than it looks! While the linguine isn't al-dente, they're sauteed in a tasty sweet & sour brown sauce that's absolutely fragrant once the staff cut open the bag. The tiger prawns and venus clams were fairly fresh, but the sauce really took the show 👍

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I felt like I've stepped into a safari the moment I entered the restaurant - plus points for the effort put in to create a beautiful dining scene!

First thing first, their burgers are HUGE so you're definitely the most out of your money. Second, they're definitely not compromising on the quality, for something as finicky as a grilled chicken breast burger is done extremely well.

The Adliger ($16) sees a really tender and juicy chicken breast paired with brie, grilled vegetable tartare, rocket leaves and some sauce that I couldn't figure out but it tastes great. The only downside was that the ingredients don't stick together well, resulting in a messy affair.

The Birkenwald ($17) fared better in terms of the ease of consumption. Despite it being well-done, the flavorful beef patty isn't overly tough and had a good bite. It also pairs beautifully with the sour cream-scallion sauce.

Both burgers go well with their softer sourdough bun, but consider their multigrain if you prefer a denser bread to chew on! I'd recommend sharing the sides ($6) as well - they are super generous with it!


An aesthetically-wow dish comprising chicken kebab, lamb chops and beef kebab, this is an obvious choice for first-timers or people who likes variety. However, I would advise against because the only tasty component here is the tender and flavoursome chicken kebab - the lamb chops and beef kebab are on the tougher side so you don't really get to enjoy the spice-infused meat. The saffron rice is decent, but the aromatic rice that came with the Egyptian Fish Singary was better.


That's a hefty price to pay for a dish, but boy this is good stuff. Premium pricing aside, this dish is pretty humble - oven-baked deboned whole red snapper topped with simple ingredients like onions, carrots and baby shrimps. It's nothing over-the-top, just downright delicious and hearty as the fish is fresh and the earthy spices on point. It also pairs really well with their chilli and aromatic basmati rice.

Note: This dish is great for 4 and requires a pre-order!


The set includes your choice of soup base (chicken, coconut, or dual), two sides (beef, pork, seafood or mushroom w/ tofu) and a vegetable platter. Both the soups are clear and light on the palate, with the coconut being refreshing too. As the restaurant serves Hainan cuisine, expect a different variety of dipping sauces from your usual hotpot eateries - they serve two types of chicken rice chilli, dark soy sauce, minced garlic, cilantro and lime. They aren't bad, but I felt that they go better with chicken rice rather than hotpot ingredients.

That being said, I really enjoyed the soups I almost polished everything off.


Was slightly taken aback when this arrived on the table because it just looks like a bowl of random things thrown in, but don't be fooled. Underneath the crunchy crumble lies tender apple wedges swimming in a pool of sweet crème anglaise, with distinct five spice flavour that takes a while to register. An interesting twist to the traditional, cinnamon-spiced apple crumble!

It looks like a mess, but I assure you the taste isn't. This is a deconstructed Tiramisu with more components added in - a fudgy cookie-ish brownie sets the base for a scoop of strong coffee ice cream, with pieces of finger biscuits and coffee gelee, and finally crowned with Kahlua-spiked mascarpone cream generously sprinkled with crumble. IT'S SO GOOD.

(Part of Burpple Beyond's 3-course set.)

Oh.So.Tender. The 12-hour braised short rib needs no knife nor a second hand, because a single fork is sufficient to tear the meat apart. Deep in flavour with a strong beefy taste, it's either a love or hate with this one. Paired with charred broccolini and curry mash, which I found really interesting, this is a dish worth compliments.

Honestly, this is the best piece of pork I've ever had. It was cooked to a perfect medium-well with an awesome marbling that rendered a melt-in-your-mouth sensation, coupled with the meaty parts that gave a nice chewy (but not rubbery) bite - truly, a wagyu of pork. The sweet pommery mustard glaze and tangy mash were nice additions to the already-amazing pork, oh I miss this pork already.

I would give this dish a full score if not for the three stalks of raw vegetables that didn't do so well with the pork.

(Part of Burpple Beyond's 3-course set.)


I bake at @ourfirstbake 😊

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