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Featuring Japanese Curry Express, The Salted Plum, Umi Nami, Salmon Samurai (100AM), Tie Fun Wan, Whale Lala Cafe, Duckland, Hawker (Esplanade Mall), Birdfolks, 51 Soho
Alicia Kho
Alicia Kho
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Delicious pork chop — grilled to a nice char and tenderness. Fried rice was rather average though, a little on the oily side. Still a nice meal to have if you’re around Beach Road.

Tucked away in a row of industrial shophouses in Tai Seng, this quiet cafe serves up pretty delicious lunch sets! Mushroom aglio olio was al dente and generously laden with meaty, well-seasoned mushrooms, whilst the Louisiana grilled chicken rice was excellent too! Wholesome portion of chicken grilled to a nice crisp on the outside whilst retaining tenderness. Appreciated that the brown rice was neither mushy nor dry, but had a nice bite and was seasoned in this fragrant slightly nutty and sweet sauce. Yum! Office folks around the area should really consider the lunch set here. Consists of a main and coffee/tea of choice.

Casual skewer kiosk at the food basement of Causeway Point! The set comes with regular chicken, chicken ball, pork zigzag, fried kimchi-stuffed dumplings and a choice of ramyeon, regular rice or seaweed rice. The chicken skewer was grilled to a nice tender char, and the chicken ball was juicy. Pork zigzag was a little tough, but flavour was there. Appreciated that the rice was mixed with seaweed, which provided a nice savoury touch.

Final verdict? Somewhat on par with ToriQ quality and price wise, but with a Korean spin. Would recommend this if you’re looking for a quick takeaway option around here.

Most memorable of the bowls that we tried. Beef was tender and flavourful, but probably needed to be less done. Nice touch with the onsen egg, which always ties a rice bowl together. Overall a decent bowl, but not something I would return specially for.

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Had the American poke bowl here, which is essentially Pink Fish’s take on a Hawaiian poke in a creamy chilli marinade. Salmon sashimi was fresh, no complains there. Felt that the greens were thrown together a little haphazardly and could’ve been tossed in that slightly spicy, creamy dressing a little more evenly though. Flavours worked well in this, but would’ve really liked a more substantial portion of salmon!


Albeit the slightly steep price, every component of this dish was executed to the tee. Use of pearl cous cous was very interesting, not at all like the regular mushy cous cous you’d usually get. Every mouthful was flavourful and retained a nice bite. And that salmon! Magnificent is the only word to describe it — pink on the inside, whilst maintaining a crisp pan sear on the outside. Nice use of the zingy pickled cucumber to tie this together.


Didn’t have much expectations, so this turned out to be surprisingly good! Trust TungLok group to produce consistent fried rice. Fragrant short grain rice that was not at all dry. Enjoyed the liberal use of spring onions. Tender cubes of duck. Overall a pleasant dish I wouldn’t mind ordering again.


Salmon Samurai is truly a godsend around Tanjong Pagar — where else can you find such well-seasoned and fresh cubes of sashimi, alongside bases like brown rice mixed with furikake or soba noodles in sesame sauce at $9.90? Even the one or two token leafy greens that come with every bowl are ensured crisp and fresh. For the amount of effort that this joint forks out to ensure the small details don’t go unnoticed, the prices offered here is a definite steal.

This place is quite the hidden gem! Looks and feels abit dodgy as it is primarily a karaoke bar at night, but the food served here during its lunchtime concept is quite decent. Though a little dry, the chicken was seasoned nicely and the sambal chilli was fragrant. Rice could be a tad more lemak, but appreciated the use of long grain rice here. Plus points for the crunchy ikan billis as well!

If you work around the area, this is a good quick lunch option away from the office lunch crowd. Use Burpple Beyond here for 1-for-1 Nasi Lemak (they have other main options like fish, chicken, beef and the rather interesting fried lotus too)!

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Chanced upon this fried chicken concept while I was hunting for bagels at this newly opened mall. Impressed by this meal, as I wasn’t expecting much, given that they’re more known for their fried chicken.

Tender, moist and well-seasoned (the chilli in this dish is rly potent, so make sure you can take it) sous vide boneless chicken thigh which went well with the slightly tangy cilantro lime rice and runny onsen egg.

Yum! Only gripe was that portions were a little small, but that’s not gonna stop me from going back.


Better than the McDonald’s version. Sweet sambal chilli sauce that complemented the thick and juicy chicken patty, which was seasoned with turmeric. Rice could be more fragrant as I felt that the lemak coconut flavour was lacking. Good option if you need to catch a quick bite but still want something filling.

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Essentially reconstructed chicken rice in the form of a burger. Fragrant rice and tender chicken.

Put spicy fud in mouth pls

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